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Why We Should Be Urban FarmingWhy We Should Be Urban Farming
00:10:10September 1, 2015, 3:05 pm
Why We Should Be Urban Farming

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why we should be urban farming, urban farming, food waste, Agriculture (Industry), urban agriculture, future of food, food, Craig Benzine, Wheezywaiter, PBS Digital Studios, Joe Hanson (Person), mike rugnetta, sci show, crash course, agriculture, hank green, organic, local, city farm, the resource center, chicago, the good stuff, soil, food preservation, climate, pollution

We are running out of space for farmland and a third of all food that is produced is wasted. Ken Dunn has been called the greenest man in Chicago and he's on a crusade to turn our food waste into productive farmland--right in the middle of the city!

Special Thanks to:

Ken Dunn, David Durstewitz, Lindsay Roadruck, and Jide Oke

The Resource Center Chicago

Danielle Nierenberg

The Plant: Growing Off Grid (old Good Stuff video about another cool farming operation in Chicago)

Future Of Food Videos:
Can We Make Meat Out Of Plants? - http://bit.ly/1hwhYHo
Why You Should Eat Bugs - http://bit.ly/1Jg4IBf
Are Vertical Farms The Future Of Agriculture? - http://bit.ly/1hExTE6
Why We Should Be Urban Farming - http://bit.ly/1VuLlsl

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See How Urban Farming WorksSee How Urban Farming Works
00:17:27March 17, 2017, 9:53 am
See How Urban Farming Works

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PFR, Prairie Farm Report, urban farming, farming, farm, garden, gardening, moose jaw, rural, green sister gardens, fresh, local, buy local, locally sourced, green sister, green thumb


Keri Fox grew up on a traditional grain farm in southern Saskatchewan, Canada. After becoming an electrician and operating her own electrical contracting business fora few years she yearned for a more fulfilling career. After doing a fair amount of research and traveling, she found her passion by establishing a urban farming operation in the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada home to about 35,000 people. She calls her operation “Green Sister Gardens” as all her produce is organically grown. Keri shows viewers how she acquires backyard space on residential lots to grow her produce from April through to October. Tour various sized lots and see Keri planting, tilling and harvesting crops and see how she packages her products for sale to both the local restaurant trade and people at large. Keeping with her'green' theme Keri uses pedal power to pull at modified little trailer as she travels to her garden lots. Aside from crop sharing some of her production with the property owners she also sells fresh produce at the local farmers market. You can also meet Kirby Froese one of the many people who provides Keri with a backyard in exchange for fresh produce. Keri says she is able to make a modest living doing...

00:17:44November 11, 2016, 6:00 pm

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gardening, how to, growing, urban farming, spin farming, vegetables, greens, growing better, high yield crops, get started, sustainable, fertilizer, soil, local, permaculture, off grid, homestead, kelowna, curtis stone, curtis, green city acres, profitable farming, the urban farmer, suburban farming, convert lawn to garden, canada, urban agriculture, market gardening, high-density cities, farming, organic, garden, farm, farm without land, food, grow, sustainability

The risks and rewards of urban farming in high-density cities.
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Urban farming: Creating tomorrow's food | Sriram Gopal | TEDxNITKSurathkal

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TEDxTalks, English, Global Issues, Agriculture, Big problems, Entrepreneurship, Farming, Future, Innovation, Science, Technology

With rising populations, the manner in which we farm must imbibe technology to feed this aggressive demand. Hear from an entrepreneur who is pinning his hopes on an urban farming revolution, as presented at TEDxNITKSurathal. Sriram Gopal is the founder of Future Farms, a company focusing on the nascent field of hydroponics and aquaponics and in developing farming technologies suited for tropical climates.

In the current scenario of depleting water resources world over, hydroponics has an advantage over traditional farming since it consumes about 90 per cent less water, requires no pesticides, and provides better yield.

Sriram is pinning his hopes on an urban farming revolution, where the new-age farmers would be people who would be comfortable handling the computers and sensors that are part of the hydroponic set-up, and rooftops in the cities would be the harvest field. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx

The rise of vertical farming - VPRO documentary - 2017

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vertical farming, the rise of vertical farming, urban farming, food flats, urban agriculture, Aerofarm, vertical farming documentary, vertical farm, vertical agriculture, Technology, Backlight Technology, Technology documentary, documentary, vpro documentary, vpro documentaries, vpro backlight, Free documentary, subtitled documentary, documentary subtitles, docu

Food flats and vertical farming as an alternative to our inefficient food system: in order to do vertical farming in a sustainable way, we must integrate the food production into the urban infrastructure for a significant part. At present, our food system is inefficiently organized: our food travels many kilometers, uses a lot of water, is wasted and pollutes the environment. Nevertheless, the 7 billion inhabitants, often living in large cities, need to be fed. Food flats and vertical farming in urban agriculture are important alternatives to our current inefficient food system.

Original title: Boer zoekt voedselflat

To produce sufficient food for the estimated - nine billion people in 20 years, experiments with vertical farming, rooftop gardening and even sea-farming are being conducted. Food is inefficiently hauled around the world to feed cities and to provide people who live in places where no food can be grown. Two-thirds of all available fresh water is now being used for food production. Two thirds of all water pollution is caused by the use of pesticides. In order to reduce the amount of foodmiles, the distance that takes food between place of production and consumption, and prevent waste, vertical farms are emerging worldwide.

The American...

This Farm of the Future Uses No Soil and 95% Less Water

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vertical farming, agriculture, sustainability, technology

Watch the next episode about San Francisco becoming a zero waste city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cg3OA1s8-SI&list=UUJsSEDFFnMFvW9JWU6XUn0Q
As urban populations continue to rise, innovators are looking beyond traditional farming as a way to feed everyone while having less impact on our land and water resources. Vertical farming is one solution that's been implemented around the world. Vertical farms produce crops in stacked layers, often in controlled environments such as those built by AeroFarms in Newark, New Jersey. AeroFarms grows a variety of leafy salad greens using a process called "aeroponics," which relies on air and mist. AeroFarms' crops are grown entirely indoors using a reusable cloth medium made from recycled plastics. In the absence of sun exposure, the company uses LED lights that expose plants to only certain types of spectrum. AeroFarms claims it uses 95% less water than a traditional farm thanks to its specially designed root misting system. And it is now building out a new 70,000 square foot facility in a former steel mill. Once completed, it's expected to grow 2 million pounds of greens per year, making it the largest indoor vertical farm in the world.

For more on AeroFarms: http://aerofarms.com/

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How to Make $100,000 Farming 1/2 Acre You Don't OwnHow to Make $100,000 Farming 1/2 Acre You Don't Own
00:26:27January 22, 2016, 11:45 pm
How to Make $100,000 Farming 1/2 Acre You Don't Own

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urban farming, urban farm, how to start, how to, start, starting, gardening, gardener, garden, organic, organic farming, make, money, farm, farming, agriculture, landscaping, grow food, job, find, create, income, make money, make money gardening, make money farming, make a living, living, how to start a farm, farm without land, farming without land, land, lease, leased, leasing, no money, profession, business, small business, acre, sell produce, vegetables, fast turn, farmers market

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ interviews, Curtis Stone, a Urban Farmer who is makes $100,000 a year. Curtis farms in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada on a total of 1/3 acres, most of which he does not own.

In this episode, you will learn about the concepts of decentralized farming on small urban farming plots. You will discover how you can grow a high volume of plants in a small amount of space that will net you the most income, but more importantly build a better community, and help educate others about real, local food.

In this episode you will learn some of the best crops to grow that will enable you to maximize your income and how you can start making money farming in just 30 days.

You will also discover many hints and tips how Curtis has successfully built a farming business by not owning any land in the beginning and starting with a low investment of just $7,000.

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Bisnis Urban Farming Anak Muda - Big Bang ShowBisnis Urban Farming Anak Muda - Big Bang Show
00:12:37January 31, 2017, 3:01 am
Bisnis Urban Farming Anak Muda - Big Bang Show

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Kompas, Kompas TV, Berita Kompas, Kompas News, Pagi, Siang, Petang, Breaking News, Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia Satu, politics, news, youtube news

Hadir juga bisnis urban farming yang dikelola oleh pemuda bogor, bisnis tersebut adalah TAN-EUH. Selain itu ada sebuah platform bernama IWAK yang menghubungkan para investor dengan petani ikan lele di Desa Nganjuk Jawa Timur.

Organic Urban Farming on a 1/2-Acre Property - Urban Abundance

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gardening, permaculture, growing, food, small scale, town, urban, 1/2 acre, abundance, happen films, living the change, urban gardening, urban farming, farming, vege gardens, vege, organic, organic growing, organic food

In the small town of Oxford, Kane and Fiona Hogan have transformed their urban 1/2-acre property into abundant veggie gardens. The aim of Urban Gardener is to build resilience and food security in their local community – both by growing food for people to purchase and by helping people to grow food in their own backyards.

Here is yet another inspiring initiative that brings together the essentials for resilience: good healthy food and strong communities. Check out progress at Urban Gardener on their Facebook page.

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The Plant: Urban Farming, Warehouse-StyleThe Plant: Urban Farming, Warehouse-Style
00:02:27June 1, 2015, 2:21 pm
The Plant: Urban Farming, Warehouse-Style

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the plant chicago, urban farming, urban farming aquaponics, urban farmer, off the grid farming, off the grid, Urban Agriculture (Organization Sector), aquaponics systems, aquaponics made easy, Agriculture (Industry), news, aj+, ajplus, al jazeera

Urban farming with indoor aquaponics is how Chicago's the Plant is fostering new businesses. For the workers, it's all about embracing something new. From Yana Kunichoff, Ben Kolak and David Nagel in Illinois.

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Urban Farming Homsteading, Aquaponics Philippines, MADE Growing Systems July 2012 Update

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agriculture, aquaponics, aquaponics farming, aquaponics fish tank, aquaponics systems, aquaponics systems design, aquaponics systems diy, aquaponics systems for home, aquaponics systems for sale, aquaponics systems for sale commercial, aquaponics systems philippines, diy, fiber glass, fiberglass, fish, garden, gardening, philippines

Modular Aquaponics Design and Equipment

MADE in the Philippines

Help fund our farming experiments:
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MADE LIS Update:

Visiting the urban farm of LIS

MADE Cascade System Update:

Cherry Tomatoes


Channel: Urban Farmer Curtis Stone & Total View: 350569

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Urban Farming, SPIN Farming, Urban Agriculture, Urban Farming How to, Small Plot Farming, Profitable Urban Farming, Profitable Small Farming, Bio Intensive Farming, Agriculture Urban Farming ((TOPIC NAME)), Food Pedalers, Vancouver Urban Agriculture, Vancouver Urban Farming, Commercial Microgreens, Microgreens, Commercial Urban Farming, Vancouver, Chris Thoreau Urban Farmer, Urban Farming Coop, shipping container, urban agriculture, high yield crops, profitable farming

SMALL & PROFITABLE MICROGREEN FARM IN A SHIPPING CONTAINER! SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2d7dQgd Subscribe: http://bit.ly/curtisstonesub | Follow my IG: @greencityacres
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Chris Thoreau’s info
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About Urban Farmer Curtis Stone:
Curtis Stone runs a commercial urban farm called Green City...

Look What Came out of my Backyard Garden - Urban Farming

Channel: VeganAthlete & Total View: 84981

Add Date: May 21, 2016, 7:31 am & Duration: 00:06:27

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Garden, Gardening, Urban Farm, Urban Farming, Backyard Garden, Backyard, Gardener, Vegan, Vegan Athlete, Vegan Garden, Tempe, Arizona, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Buckeye, Goodyear, Phoenix, Jake Mace, Harvest, Urban Garden, Urban Gardening

Look What Came out of my Backyard Garden - Urban Farming. Please support human equality and human rights for EVERYONE! Today I pulled an amazing bountiful harvest from my garden! Tomatoes, Peaches, Moringa Beans, Artichokes, Sweet Peppers, Plums, Kumquats, and Acerola Cherries (Barbados Cherry). Enjoy! https://youtu.be/RKNgb9HGDNc

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Urban FarmsUrban Farms
00:06:39January 21, 2015, 7:32 pm
Urban Farms

Channel: KCETSoCalConnected & Total View: 270954

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Urban Agriculture (Organization Sector), Farm (Building Function), Dervaes Family, food, Organic Food (Industry), urban homestead, Vegetable (Food), Fruit (Food), Flowering Plant (Organism Classification), fresh eggs, Chicken (Animal), diet, family-owned, city farm, green, KCET (TV Station), Garden, SoCal Connected, Cooking, Flowers, Diet (Industry), Val Zavala

Watch and read more here about Urban Farms: http://bit.ly/1KR4fFs

Growing one's own food in urban areas can seem like a far-fetched idea. But not for one Pasadena family.

The Dervaes family has been growing their own food for more than a decade. They've been at the forefront of urban homesteading by growing thousands of pounds of food annually in an average-size backyard.

"I brought the country to the city rather than having to go out to the country," said Jules Dervaes, the man behind the self-sufficient farm he created with his three adult children.

The Dervaes' urban homestead is sustainable and dense. They grow and raise 400 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and edible flowers that amount to about 6,000 pounds of food a year, enough to feed the family with surplus left over to sell. Fresh eggs from chickens round out their diet.

The family-owned city farm is the talk of the town for many local chefs looking to cook up a tasty meal. The family makes roughly $20,000 just from selling their freshly grown produce. They use the money to buy staples that they can't grow like wheat, rice, and oats.

Reporter Val Zavala visits the Dervaes' homestead to find out what inspired Jules Dervaes to go green in the extreme.

00:09:42January 27, 2017, 5:56 am

Channel: Gocin Graphic & Total View: 1314

Add Date: January 27, 2017, 5:56 am & Duration: 00:09:42

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PROGRAM RIDWAN KAMIL "URBAN FARMING" kampung berkebun urban farming rw.04 kelurahan, padjadjaran, kecamatan cicendo, kota bandung

#bandungjuara #urbanfarming #ridwankamil

NYC startup takes on urban farming | Curbed Makers

Channel: Curbed & Total View: 19406

Add Date: March 14, 2017, 5:00 am & Duration: 00:02:17

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curbed, tours, square roots, brooklyn, urban, farming, shipping, containers, kimbal musk, tobias peggs, real estate, vox media, apartment hunting, apartment, renting, roommates, roommate, living, city living, home owner, home, home improvement

Farming in city parking lots is possible. Here's how Square Roots is doing it in Brooklyn, NY.

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Urban Farming: 3000lbs of Food from 100 Square Feet.

Channel: Food For Thought & Total View: 56543

Add Date: April 10, 2016, 12:10 pm & Duration: 00:11:21

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Raising meat rabbits, 3000lbs Food, 100 square feet. Urban homestead., Urban, urban homestead, food

In an urban homestead, raising meat rabbits will give you the opportunity to produce over 3000lbs of meat in only 100 square feet of space in one year. The product of the rabbits is manure gold that will help you produce the most wonderful vegetables from your garden.


Quitting Your Job To Farm on a Quarter Acre In Your Backyard?

Channel: Epic Gardening & Total View: 327049

Add Date: November 16, 2017, 7:55 pm & Duration: 00:33:14

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epic gardening, hydroponics, urban farming, urban gardening, aquaponics, nature's always right, farming in your backyard, farming in backyard, backyard market garden, market garden in backyard, farming on a quarter acre, backyard farming, quitting your job to farm, 1/4 acre garden, quit job to farm

My friend Steven Cornett just quit his job. He quit so he can start his NEW job...farming in San Diego on a quarter acre in his backyard.

His farm is called Nature's Always Right, because he believes that the best way to grow is to study natural systems and emulate them in his urban plot.

In this video we do a DEEP dive into every aspect of his farm as well as where he's at in the journey. I HIGHLY encourage you to go subscribe to his channel for more urban farming goodness!

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Singapore urban farming provides sustainable solutionsSingapore urban farming provides sustainable solutions
00:03:11November 17, 2016, 12:00 am
Singapore urban farming provides sustainable solutions

Channel: CCTV English & Total View: 2706

Add Date: November 17, 2016, 12:00 am & Duration: 00:03:11

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China, China news, news, CCTV News, News Desk, China Central Television, CNTV


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Urban Farming, SPIN Farming - Small Plot INtensive Urban Farming Production System to Create Income

Channel: Urban Farmer & Total View: 24439

Add Date: May 3, 2016, 11:10 pm & Duration: 00:09:16

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urban farming, urban farm, how to, start, starting, gardening, gardener, garden, organic, organic farming, make, money, farm, farming, agriculture, landscaping, grow food, make money, make money gardening, make money farming, make a living, how to start a farm, farm without land, farming without land, business, small business, acre, sell produce, vegetables, fast turn, farmers market, latitude33, raising chickens, backyard chickens, breeds of chicken, raising goats, aquaponics, SPIN Farming

Urban Farming, SPIN Farming - Small Plot INtensive (SPIN) Urban Farming Production System to Create Income and Replace your Job

SPIN-Farming Basics http://amzn.to/24pi0aM

Learn how to make $100,000 a year farming land you don't own in Curtis Stones "The Urban Farmer" http://amzn.to/1TpwsEA

In this video we meet Mark Voss from Voss Organics for a tour of his urban farm in Madison WI.

Mark first started out farming in 1993 on rented land and then purchased a home with a large lot and decided to become an urban farmer.

His urban farm business encompasses a 400 square foot hoophouse (greenhouse) and 300 square feet of certified organic raised beds on a city lot. He has since expanded his operation to 3 of his neighbours backyards and now makes a generous living as an urban farmer.

His markets include farmers markets, premier food cooperatives and restaurants.

Mark holds a BA in economics from the University of Illinois, is also an educator and is now using SPIN farming to not only farm but to train others.

SPIN farming stands for Small Plot INtensive and it is a urban farming system that makes it possible to earn significant income from land under an acre in size by growing common vegetables. ...

My 5 Most Profitable CropsMy 5 Most Profitable Crops
00:12:07June 6, 2017, 5:00 pm
My 5 Most Profitable Crops

Channel: Urban Farmer Curtis Stone & Total View: 812508

Add Date: June 6, 2017, 5:00 pm & Duration: 00:12:07

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gardening, how to, growing, urban farming, spin farming, vegetables, greens, growing better, high yield crops, get started, sustainable, fertilizer, soil, local, permaculture, off grid, homestead, kelowna, curtis stone, curtis, green city acres, profitable farming, the urban farmer, suburban farming, convert lawn to garden, canada, urban agriculture, market gardening, profitable crops, cash crops, make money, organic, garden, sustainability, farming, farm, farm without land, salad greens

These are the top 5 most profitable crops I've ever grown in my 8 years of farming. Check out the Greens Harvester: http://bit.ly/1W3nLGb Subscribe: http://bit.ly/curtisstonesub | Follow my IG: @greencityacres Watch more http://bit.ly/2rvW4h5 from Curtis Stone : http://bit.ly/2cmcFLe

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Can an urban farmer earn a living wage? | Teresa O'Donnell | TEDxHouston

Channel: TEDx Talks & Total View: 59232

Add Date: November 20, 2015, 10:52 am & Duration: 00:17:32

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TEDxTalks, English, United States, Global Issues, Farming, Food, Refugee, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainability

Urban farming is particularly interesting in a city with so much available space. In Houston's Plant It Forward Farms, refugees are given access to acres of land that they maintain and manage. Several of these plots have gone on to provide sustainable income for these families, and have gone on to become community centers for neighbors to come together and celebrate these previously empty spaces, and the people who have given them a new life.

Teresa O’Donnell wants to live in a city with a farm in every neighborhood. She sees refugees operating these farms and becoming a bit like rock star urban farmers in their communities. And as executive director of the Houston-based non-profit Plant It Forward Farms, she is working towards these goals, one plot of land, one farm and one American Dream-seeker at a time.
Plant It Forward was formed in 2011 as a social entrepreneurial venture by the software company to connect the dots between unused land, refugee famers in need of acreage, and Houston’s need for locally grown produce. Plant It Forwards Farms has been highlighted in the PBS series, “Food Forward,” on PBS Local News Hour, in the Houston Chronicle, and in Sugar & Rice and Edible Houston magazines, among other media outlets.
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Urban farming: How to start urban farming | Agriculture Philippines

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urban gardening, urban gardening in the philippines, urban agriculture in the philippines, urban garden, urban agriculture, #agriculturephilippines, agriculture Philippines, urban farming, agribusiness, agriculture, container gardening, agribusiness how it works, OFW, agriculture farming in the Philippines, agribusiness in the Philippines, #agriculture, agri business, crop production, agribusiness Philippines, container garden, agribusiness farming in the Philippines

Urban farming - how to start urban farming. Agribusiness How It Works.

Learn it from Joni & Susan Agroshop how to start planting vegetables using small pots, old bottles and trays for your own urban farming in your backyard.

Agribusiness How It Works Philippines. Agriculture and Agribusiness opportunities for the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) and their families. Instruct. Inspire. Succeed.

The urban agriculture revolution | David Gingera | TEDxManitoba

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This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. The food systems we use today are no longer able to meet our needs. By relying on our broken mainstream food systems, we are paying more money for lower quality food. And we're destroying our environment while doing it. The solution to our problems is to start growing food in cities. Through urban agriculture, we can grow healthier food, at lower costs, in a way that's better for our environment.

I run a company called CitiGrow. We help urban farmers find free space to grow food. We find creative ways to give property owners thousands of dollars in new revenue and costs savings by using their space for urban farming. And we give food buyers access to high quality, locally grown food. My job allows me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams while dedicating myself and my work to improving our food systems.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x =...

earthrise - Detroit's Urban Farming Revolutionearthrise - Detroit's Urban Farming Revolution
00:24:24August 18, 2012, 1:24 am
earthrise - Detroit's Urban Farming Revolution

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russell beard, gary wozniak, Earthrise, agriculture, economy, edith floyd, carolyn leadley, Mark Covington, environment, conservation, urban farming, aljazeera, detroit, us farming, michigan

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In the early 20th century the American city of Detroit was a booming industrial powerhouse and world leader in car manufacturing. But since the major car companies closed their factories, more than a million taxpayers have moved out of Detroit, leaving behind more than 100 square kilometres of vacant land, and nearly 40,000 abandoned houses. A group of visionary residents are now sowing the seeds of an urban farming revolution.

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Reel Time: Urban farming, malaking tulong para sa mga inang kapos sa buhay

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Aminadong kapos sa pangangailangan ang mga inang sina Ritchel at Gemma dahil marami silang mga anak na kailangang kalingain. Paano nga ba napagaan ng urban farming ang kanilang mga buhay?

Aired: September 9, 2017

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Ask The Urban Farmer -- HOW TO START UP your own backyard urban farm

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Urban Farming, Urban Farmer Curtis Stone, SPIN Farming, Urban Agriculture, Urban Farming How to, Urban Farming Questions, Small Plot Farming, Profitable Urban Farming, Profitable Small Farming, Bio Intensive Farming, Agriculture, Urban Farming Start Up, Urban Farming Getting Started, how to, garden, backyard garden, grow, microfarming, spin farming

Ask the expert. Curtis Stone takes your questions and passes along his knowledge on how to get your own urban farming operation off the ground.

In this episode Curtis tells you how to get started from scratch with your own urban micro farm. From market research and fastest turnover crop selection to urban plot selection. With 0.25 acres you can easily make $50,000+ a year.

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Ask your questions by emailing the Urban Farmer: [email protected]


Growing Roots - This Farmer Is Taking Root On Your Rooftops // Discovery on Viddsee

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This documentary showcases the people behind the urban farms that have been mushrooming amidst the glass and steel towers of Singapore’s central district. The film follows the trials and tribulations of Comcrop’s Allan Lim and his vertical faming venture, as well as the challenges and triumphs of social entrepreneur Bjorn Low and his bespoke farm-to-table approach. Can cutting-edge agricultural technology and an enduring Singapore spirit of community & collaboration start to influence Singaporeans’ approach to food sustainability? This film captures this changing mindscape.



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Farmin' in The Hood 2Farmin' in The Hood 2
00:16:04December 23, 2014, 11:50 am
Farmin' in The Hood 2

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homesteading, aquaponics, self sustaining, non profit, urban farming, tilapia farming, worm farming, composting, funny, city farming, The Urban Farming Guys, syuggnimrafnabrueht

Urban pioneers taking it to the next level with everything from Urban Agriculture to Robotics and Aquaponic fish farming. A 20K Square ft Laboratory that will change the game for the inner city youth of Lykins Neighborhood. https://www.facebook.com/UrbanFarmingGuys

Obsessives - Urban FarmingObsessives - Urban Farming
00:12:43November 9, 2009, 2:10 pm
Obsessives - Urban Farming

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Novella Carpenter started small, with some plants in an empty lot next to her house in Oakland. A couple of years later, she was tending to a full-blown farm, with goats, turkeys, ducks, pigs, and a robust garden. This video tackles questions of neighborliness (which is more offensive: police sirens or roosters crowing?), environmental poisons (raised beds are key), and the all-important slaughter question. The answer: Yes, she does (and yes, there is some bloody footage).

Urban Farming in Singapore | Outliers | Channel NewsAsia Connect

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it figures, outliers, Singapore, urban, farmer, bjorn, farming, vegetable, recycle, social, enterprise, artichoke, restaurant

Land-scarce Singapore is hugely dependent on food imports but one man is hoping to change that. Dubbed "The Urban Farmer", Bjorn Low set up a social enterprise to teach Singaporeans how to grow their own vegetables using simple recycled materials.

About the Series:

In statistics, an outlier refers to a person whose abilities, achievements, etc., lie outside the range of statistical probability. "Outliers" the series profiles inspiring Singaporeans who follow unbeaten paths, and deviate from societal norms.

Smart Farm: Urban FarmingSmart Farm: Urban Farming
00:02:34May 14, 2014, 2:00 pm
Smart Farm: Urban Farming

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kenyacitizentv, citizen tv, citizen weekend, Smart Farm: Urban Farming

You might be familiar by now with the backyard mode of farming that largely involves putting up a garden for the kitchen. On our weekly agribusiness segment "smart farm", Denis Otieno meets one farmer who opted to go past that boundary by literally turning her quarter acre piece of land on the outskirts of Nairobi into an animal farm.

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