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Tove Lo - Tove Lo - "Habits" (cover by Our Last Night)
00:03:21November 7, 2014, 11:59 am
Tove Lo - "Habits" (cover by Our Last Night)

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Tove Lo (Composer), Habits, Pop Music (Musical Genre), Music (TV Genre), Indietronica (Musical Genre), Night, Last, Our, trevor wentworth, matt wentworth, tim molloy, woody, woodrow, new, music, 2014, cover, rock, metal, Top 40 (Radio Format), Our Last Night (Musical Group), Rock Music (Film Genre)

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"Stay High" - Tove Lo - Against The Current Cover
00:03:20October 14, 2014, 3:30 am
"Stay High" - Tove Lo - Against The Current Cover

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stay high, Tove Lo (Composer), Stay High (Habits Remix), cover, lyrics, Kurt Hugo Schneider (Film Director), chrissy costanza, acoustic, remix, against the current

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Video by Manny Figs

Habits (Stay High) | Cover | BILLbilly01 ft. Violette Wautier

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BILLbilly01, Violette Wautier, Cover, Habits, Stay High, Tove Lo

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Special Thanks to Violette Wautier
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Tove Lo- Habits (Stay High)Tove Lo- Habits (Stay High)
00:03:44May 16, 2014, 10:03 am
Tove Lo- Habits (Stay High)

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sarah close, sarahclose1, girl singing, me singing, cover, tove lo, stay high, habits, habit remix, hippie sabotage, remix, all trap music, tove, queen of the clouds, album

I just released my first EP! Listen on Spotify: ... iTunes & Apple Music: Go to for merch, live dates and more!


oh em geeeeeee, i absolutely love this song! i love the remix and i also love tove lo. she is BRILL her EP is amazing and i constantly cook to it in my kitchen. Thankyou for 50,000 subscribers, thank you to all the people who share my videos! i am constantly in amazement and i wish i could go back to me in 2010 and show 14 year old me that yes i did it! i got past 1000 subscribers. Numbers are not what matter to me. Having 1 million subscribers will not make me love singing and making music any more than 1000 will. But it is so humbling and amazing to see how this tiny little thing has grown. My confidence and my own belief in my abilities has grown along side it! I am soooooooo thankful that words can not express it. I am so excited for the future, i have so much planned music wise i can't wait to start sharing my original music with you all oh...

Habits - Vintage 1930's Jazz Tove Lo Cover ft. Haley Reinhart

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Haley Reinhart (Musical Artist), Tove Lo (Composer), postmodern jukebox, habits stay high, american idol, singing, jazz, Can't Help Falling In Love (Composition), extra gum, sarah juan, tove lo cover, habits cover, tove lo habits, habits tove lo, tove lo habits cover, habits tove lo cover, tove lo, habits, tove lo cover habits, habits cover tove lo, cover tove lo, cover habits, cover tove lo habits, haley reinhart, haley reinhart habits, haley reinhart cover, tovelo

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We've received so many requests lately for us to do a video with the incredible Haley Reinhart...well, we were one step ahead of you all on this one. Here's Haley's PMJ video debut - watch her take Tove Lo's hit song "Habits" back to the days of Billie Holiday with her timeless, once-in-a-generation voice.

Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox:

Haley just started a YouTube channel, and she's going to be releasing songs from her EP - subscribe to her here:

The Band:
Haley Reinhart - vocals
Jacob Scesney - clarinet
Vahagn Turgutyan - guitar
Adam Kubota - bass
Chip Thomas - drums
Scott Bradlee - piano

Postmodern Jukebox’s Home On The...

Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo - Cover By Toby Randall

Channel: Toby Randall & Total View: 1470018

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THE MICROPHONE I USE (USA) - THE MICROPHONE I USE - Hey guys, thanks for watching! if you enjoyed my cover! please give it a thumbs up, and if you haven't already - subscribe! - :) This cover had NO vocal pitching effects or autotune or anything of the sort. The only effects added to my voice was reverb and echo :)

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"Habits (Stay High)" - Tove Lo [Alex Goot + Madilyn Bailey COVER]

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stay high alex goot, alex goot madilyn bailey, madilyn bailey alex goot, stay high madilyn bailey, madilyn bailey stay high, tove lo habits cover, habits tove lo cover, stay high cover, habits madilyn bailey, habits cover, habits acoustic, stay high official, habits tove lo lyrics, stay high, habits, alex goot cover, madilyn bailey, habits lyrics, habits piano, piano, official, piano version, acoustic version, acoustic, alex goot, cover, goot, tove lo

- This song on iTunes:
- Alex Goot original music:

"Habits (Stay High)" cover by Alex Goot & Madilyn Bailey.






Audio produced by Alex Goot.
Video edited by Alex Goot.
Filmed by Kevin Garrison |

Kygo - Habits (Stay High) (Tove Lo cover in the Live Lounge)

Channel: BBCRadio1VEVO & Total View: 1113972

Add Date: November 12, 2015, 12:00 am & Duration: 00:04:19

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Kygo, Tove Lo, Live Lounge, BBC Radio 1

Kygo covers Tove Lo's Habits (Stay High) in the Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1

The Voice 2015│Madeleine Leapern - Habits (Tove Lo)│Blind Audition

Channel: The Voice : la plus belle voix & Total View: 1780828

Add Date: June 27, 2016, 9:00 am & Duration: 00:02:24

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Tove Lo, habits, Madeleine Leapern, cover tove lo, cover habits, TF1, The Voice, The Voice France, The Voice 2015, The voice 2015, the voice France, the voice saison 4, the voice france saison 4, the voice la plus belle voix, the voice france 2015, Nikos Aliagas, Karine Ferri, Florent Pagny, Zazie, Mika, Jenifer, the voice France 4, the voice tf1, tf1, TVLPBV, cover Blind audition, audition à l’aveugle

Pour son audition à l'aveugle, Madeleine Leapern a choisi le morceau de Tove Lo "Habits". Un choix payant puisqu’elle fera se retourner Mika, Zazie, Jenifer et Florent Pagny. Elle choisira finalement comme coach Jenifer!

"Habits" (Stay High) - Luke Conard & Alyssa Poppin Cover

Channel: lukeconard & Total View: 724186

Add Date: October 22, 2014, 1:41 pm & Duration: 00:03:14

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Luke Conard, Official Music Video, Luke, Conard, Music, Video, music video, official, Lyrics, guitar, live, sing, singing, piano, acoustic, acoustic guitar, lyric, luke conard live, cover, Strings, Alyssa, Poppin, Alyssa Poppin, alyssapoppinmusic, Song, Full, Guitar Cover, New, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Album, Full Song, Sings, Acoustic Cover, Song Lyrics, lukeconard, unplugged, male, female, Karaoke, Instrumental, Dance, habits, stay high, tove lo, stay, high, gotta stay high

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Thanks for watching our Tove Lo "Habits" music video cover I did with Alyssa Poppin!
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Video directed and shot by:
David Aday
Business Contact: [email protected]

Production Assistant:
Chrissy Costanza

Dillon Eckes

Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo | Official Cover Video by Julia Sheer

Channel: Julia Sheer & Total View: 297537

Add Date: December 6, 2014, 10:51 am & Duration: 00:03:41

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julia, sheer, Habits, Music Video (TV Genre), Official, Julia Sheer, stay high, stay, high, tove lo, Pop Music (Musical Genre)

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Tove Lo: Habits (Stay High) - Lilly AhlbergTove Lo: Habits (Stay High) - Lilly Ahlberg
00:04:32February 13, 2015, 10:38 am
Tove Lo: Habits (Stay High) - Lilly Ahlberg

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mahogany sessions, ontsofa, sofar sessions, RODE, NT-1, chocolate, sex, acoustic, cover, guitar, lilly ahlberg, lily ahlberg, ahlberg, 1975, the 1975 cover, reload sessions, james bay, ebony day, the parades, parades, reload, sessions, fade, lilly ahlberg fade, live, cover 1975 chocolate, 1975 acoustic chocolate, tove lo, high, habits, tove lo high, tove lo habits, tove lo acoustic, tove lo acoustic cover, Australia, Sydney, acoustic session, acoustic sessions

Lilly Ahlberg performs her take on Tove Lo's 'Habits'.
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Lia Marie Johnson Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) CoverLia Marie Johnson Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) Cover
00:04:03September 13, 2014, 5:00 pm
Lia Marie Johnson Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) Cover

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Add Date: September 13, 2014, 5:00 pm & Duration: 00:04:03

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lia marie johnson, liamariejohnson, tove lo, stay high, habits, remix, cover, acoustic cover, legit lia, jc caylen, lifewithjc, jia, the fine brothers, thefinebros, youtuber react, teen react, kids react, mymusic, react to that, awesomenesstv, nickelodeon, atv on nick, sketch comedy, singer, vlog, music video, Acoustic, Guitar, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Guitar Cover

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Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo CoverHabits (Stay High) - Tove Lo Cover
00:02:59May 7, 2014, 9:20 pm
Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo Cover

Channel: Valerie Varela & Total View: 378177

Add Date: May 7, 2014, 9:20 pm & Duration: 00:02:59

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Habits, Stay, High, Tove, Cover, Acoustic

Haven't made a video in a super long time so here ya go :)
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Twitter/insta: @valerie_varela

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)
00:03:29March 17, 2014, 8:00 am
Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High)

Channel: ToveLoVEVO & Total View: 260644316

Add Date: March 17, 2014, 8:00 am & Duration: 00:03:29

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Get the new album, "Blue Lips [lady wood phase II]", here:

Vin Diesel Sings 'Habits (Stay High)' By Tove Lo

Channel: AdorableTV & Total View: 748133

Add Date: May 21, 2015, 7:38 am & Duration: 00:04:39

Likes: 7305 | Dislike: 238


Vin, Diesel, Habits, Stay High, stay, high, Tove Lo (Composer), Music (TV Genre), tribute, song, sing, sings, paul walker, Vin Diesel (Celebrity), Singing, paul, walker, brotherhood, cry, emotion

Vin Deisel posted a video to Facebook of himself singing Tove Lo's "Habits (Stay High)" as a tribute to Paul Walker. We don't quite understand how it relates to his friend and deceased actor, but we are sure glad he posted the video #JustSayin!

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) ACAPELLATove Lo - Habits (Stay High) ACAPELLA
00:08:21September 24, 2014, 4:49 pm
Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) ACAPELLA

Channel: Julia Westlin & Total View: 1876855

Add Date: September 24, 2014, 4:49 pm & Duration: 00:08:21

Likes: 21547 | Dislike: 1241


Tove Lo, Tove Nilsson, swedish singer, habits, Stay high, not on drugs, love balad, out of my mind, paradise, stranger, over, acapella, a capella, amazing, unsigned, singer, strong female vocal, swedish girl, beatbox, vocal, underrated, queen of the clouds, tremblebee, sweden, contest, gift, free, give away, lesbian, gay, cute, couple, challange, julia westlin, singer songwriter, unique, Hipiie sabbotage, sabotage, hippie, remixe, remix

Hi guys ! Don't forget to watch until the end, there will be a Contest/Give Away ! Let us know what you think with a comment and please give us your happy thumb :D ! Love

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Julia Westlin
P.O Box 1007
J0A 1M0 Warwick
Quebec Canada

Music Software: Steinberg Cubase 5
Microphone: Telefunken M80
Video Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Camera: Canon 60D

Vocal: Julia
Beatbox: David
Recording: Julia / David
Mixing: David MeShow
Mastering: David MeShow
Filming: Julia / David
Video Edit: Julia / David



[Verse 1]
I eat my dinner in my bathtub, then I go to sex...

Tove Lo "Habits (Stay High)" cover - Comité Des Reprises - PV Nova & Waxx

Channel: Comité Des Reprises & Total View: 1033675

Add Date: July 24, 2014, 9:04 am & Duration: 00:05:39

Likes: 13310 | Dislike: 82


Tove Lo, Stay High, Comité des reprises, Pv Nova, Waxx, Cover, Stay High (Habits Remix), Habits, Sweden

Reprise du titre "Habits (Stay High)" de Tove Lo par PV Nova et Waxx, issu de l'album "TRUTH SERUM".

Titre disponible en téléchargement :

Une nouvelle reprise musicale tous les jeudis à 18h !
Le Comité des Reprises est une organisation secrète ultra confidentielle composée de PV NOVA et WAXX. Leur mission : développer un programme de reprises musicales décalées afin conquérir tous les Internets mondiaux. Même le tien.

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Producteur // Baptiste Firroloni
Réalisateur // PV Nova
Agents du CDR // PV Nova et Ben Waxx
Auteurs // PV Nova, Ben Waxx

Responsable Juridique // Jean-Baptiste Morguet
Directrice De Production // Nabila Mahdjoubi
Assistant De Production // Sylvain "Rosehip" De Barbeyrac
Chef Opérateur...

The Veronicas - Habits (Tove Lo Cover)The Veronicas - Habits (Tove Lo Cover)
00:03:41November 17, 2014, 1:09 am
The Veronicas - Habits (Tove Lo Cover)

Channel: ShahbazM & Total View: 447747

Add Date: November 17, 2014, 1:09 am & Duration: 00:03:41

Likes: 4951 | Dislike: 188


Music (TV Genre), Tove Lo (Composer), Habits, Veronicas, Cover, Hit Single, Love it, so good, veronicas 2014, 2014, australia, melbourne, world famous rooftop

The Veronicas cover Habits on Melbourne's World Famous Rooftop!

More Performances HERE:

Tove Lo Habits (Stay High) Cover by Brandon Skeie

Channel: Mccorkel Alagon & Total View: 30999

Add Date: July 21, 2015, 7:44 am & Duration: 00:03:08

Likes: 575 | Dislike: 14


Tove lo, Stay high all the time, stay high, habits, remix, music video, cover, brandon skeie

Free Download on Souncloud: Thanks for .

last night i felt inspired.. & this happened. ♡SCREENSHOTS♡ if you take any screen shots make sure you tag @ShopJeen and i (@MahoganyLOX) i'm gonna .

Hey guys, thanks for watching! if you enjoyed my cover! please give it a thumbs up, and if you haven't already - subscribe! - .

Habits (Stay High) - Tove Lo - Acoustic Cover by Corey Gray - Official Music Video

Channel: Corey Gray & Total View: 141110

Add Date: December 13, 2014, 9:00 am & Duration: 00:03:09

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Tove Lo (Composer), stay high, habits, tove lo habits cover, acoustic cover tove lo, tove lo official music video, tove lo acosutic cover, tove lo lyrics, tove lo habits stay high cover, tove lo vevo, music video official, boyce avenue, corey gray, taylor made studios, KYS, keep your soul records, acoustic cover, Guitar, Guitar Cover, Cover Band (Musical Genre), tove lo habits remix, oliver nelson, lyrics tove lo

►Download "Habits" by Tove Lo :
►Listen on Spotify:

Hey Guys,

This song resonated with me so much. I’ve definitely felt like this before and sometimes I still do. I love the concept and covering it was a great experience. I hope you guys dig it! Let me know if you love it or hate it in the comments and please share the video on your Facebook and tag me in it!!



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Audio produced by Jake Coco and W.G. Snuffy Walden at Taylor Made Studios -

Video produced, filmed and edited by Julien Garros with Keep Your Soul Records:

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Mia Rose CoverTove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Mia Rose Cover
00:06:47November 12, 2014, 3:43 am
Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Mia Rose Cover

Channel: Mia Rose & Total View: 242588

Add Date: November 12, 2014, 3:43 am & Duration: 00:06:47

Likes: 3747 | Dislike: 96


Tove Lo, Habits (Stay High), Mia Rose Cover, Mia Rose (Musical Artist), Stay high edit.mp4, Pop Music (Musical Genre), Video, Acoustic Guitar (Musical Instrument), Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Habits, Stay High, Habits lyrics, Girl Singing, Tove, Album Music, Musician (Profession), Hey, you, Hope, enjoyed, this

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Mia Rose Cover


Hey you, I hope you enjoyed this :D
Can we get this video to 1,000 likes?!
Thanks for watching! I love you guys ❤



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00:16:32November 4, 2014, 7:29 am

Channel: Zephyr's Tune & Total View: 226747

Add Date: November 4, 2014, 7:29 am & Duration: 00:16:32

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cover, youtube, artist, Tove Lo (Composer), habits stay high

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Habits (Stay High) Tove Lo // Madilyn Bailey & Alex Goot (Acoustic Version)

Channel: Madilyn Bailey & Total View: 1058525

Add Date: October 19, 2014, 12:17 pm & Duration: 00:03:30

Likes: 22746 | Dislike: 273


alex goot, tove lo Habits, Habits tove lo, tove lo cover, Habits cover, tove lo Habits cover, Habits tove lo cover, Habits cover tove lo, Madilyn Bailey Habits, Habits Madilyn Bailey, Madilyn Bailey cover, Madilyn Bailey Habits cover, Habits Madilyn Bailey cover, Habits cover Madilyn Bailey, Madilyn Bailey Habits tove lo, Madilyn Bailey Habits tove lo cover, Habits tove lo Madilyn Bailey cover, Madilyn Bailey tove lo cover, tove lo Madilyn Bailey cover

Listen to my new single TETRIS everywhere! -
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Madilyn's Channel HERE:
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Hey YouuuuuuTubers

On my last trip out to LA I got the chance to work with the AMAZING Alex Goot and I had a BLAST making this video!! Tove Lo Rocks... I LOVE this song, and her new album is the bomb you should go check it out!!! I hope you enjoy our version of Habits!!


SNAP CHAT - MizzMadHatter


Audio produced by Alex Goot
Video edited by Alex Goot
Filmed by Kevin Garrison |

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Electric Guitar Cover by Kfir Ochaion

Channel: Kfir Ochaion & Total View: 61578

Add Date: March 7, 2015, 12:14 pm & Duration: 00:03:26

Likes: 1352 | Dislike: 7


Habits, Tove Lo (Composer), kfiro, kfir ochaion, Guitar, Cover

Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) - Electric Guitar Cover by Kfir Ochaion
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Tove Lo - Habits (Stay High) (Perfect Giddimani 'Stoner For Life' Cover)

Channel: GanjaMusicHD & Total View: 142453

Add Date: April 18, 2015, 11:00 pm & Duration: 00:04:18

Likes: 1741 | Dislike: 29


Perfect Giddimani - Stoner For Life, stay high, stay high all the time, Stoner, Tove Lo, Tove Lo Haits, Tove lo stay high, love to stay high, love to habits, Reggae remix, Tove Lo Habits reggae remix, Tove lo sty high Reggae remix, Ganja, GanjMedia, Cannabis, weed, Dub, Meditation Dub, Perfect Giddimani, Medical Cannabis (Industry), Dub (Musical Genre), Smokin, Juicy j, wiz khalifa, Chhief Keef

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Tove Lo - Habits - VEVO dscvr (Live)Tove Lo - Habits - VEVO dscvr (Live)
00:04:02April 17, 2014, 5:01 pm
Tove Lo - Habits - VEVO dscvr (Live)

Channel: Vevo dscvr & Total View: 3319484

Add Date: April 17, 2014, 5:01 pm & Duration: 00:04:02

Likes: 40861 | Dislike: 893


Tove Lo, Tove Lo Habits, Tove Lo Habits live, tove lo stay high, tove lo habits, tove lo not on drugs, tove lo flip, Tove Lo DSCVR, Tove Lo Live, Tove Lo Acoustic, VEVO, VEVO DSCVR, DSCVR, VEVO DSCVR Ones To Watch 2014, VEVO Ones To Watch, DSCVR Ones To Watch, Ones To Watch, Sound Poll, Music Ones To Watch, Music 2014, New Music Poll, Music Poll, New Music, DSCVR The New Wave, DSCOVR, DSCOVR THE NEW WAVE, Indie Music

Tove Lo - Habits - VEVO DSCVR (Live)
Tove Lo - Habits - an exclusive live performance for VEVO DSCVR, the channel for the freshest music. Catch exclusive live sets and interviews from music's most exciting acts of the year on the VEVO DSCVR channel now.

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Habits (Stay High) | Tove Lo COVERHabits (Stay High) | Tove Lo COVER
00:03:30December 6, 2014, 12:16 am
Habits (Stay High) | Tove Lo COVER

Channel: YoungRisingSons & Total View: 50506

Add Date: December 6, 2014, 12:16 am & Duration: 00:03:30

Likes: 805 | Dislike: 9


Tove Lo (Composer), Young Rising Sons, High, Habits, Music, Stay High

Official Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Label - Dirty Canvas/Interscope Records
Management - Shep Goodman ([email protected]) // Kirk Harding ([email protected])

Buy on iTunes:

Kelly Clarkson - Habits - Tove Lo Cover - Detroit MI 7/26/15

Channel: Jaclyn W & Total View: 50789

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kelly clarkson, fan request, tove lo, habits, detroit

Kelly Clarkson - Habits - Tove Lo Cover - Detroit MI 7/26/15

Tove Lo - Habits [Stay High] (Remix) by SoMoTove Lo - Habits [Stay High] (Remix) by SoMo
00:03:05October 12, 2014, 5:30 pm
Tove Lo - Habits [Stay High] (Remix) by SoMo

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2014-05-25, tove lo, somo, live, stay high, habits, all the time, love, singing, original, remix, hippie

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First video on the new tour bus! Come see me in a city near you:


Produced by Evenyre:

Tove Lo - Habits (Cover + ACPAD) - Charlotte & Robin

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Robin, Meys, ACPAD, Tove Lo, Habits, Guitar, Electronic, Fingerstyle, Cover, Stay High

"Habits (Stay High)" by Tove Lo
Arranged by Robin Meys
Performed by Charlotte Van Stappen & Robin Meys

I hope you enjoy that cover :D
The controller midi is an "ACPAD"

Be free to share the video, comment and subscribe to the channel !

Enjoy ! :)

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