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Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The WorldTop 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World
00:12:10September 14, 2017, 4:27 am
Top 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In The World

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15 Things You Didn't Know About Gordon Ramsay:
15 Things You Didn't Know About Salt Bae:

In this video we'll try to answer the following questions:
• What's the most expensive restaurant in the world?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in Paris?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in Japan?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in Tokyo?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in France?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in USA?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in China?!
• What's the most expensive restaurant in Spain?!
• How much is a meal at Sublimotion?!
• How much is a meal at Aragawa?!
• How much is a meal at Ithaa Undersea Restaurant?!
• How much is a meal at Restaurant Plaza Athenee?!
• How much is a meal at Le Meurice?!
• How much is a meal at Kitcho?!
• How much is a meal at Ultraviolet?!
• How much is a meal at Masa New York?!
• How much is a meal at Maison Pic?!

Top 20 Weirdest Restaurants That Actually Exist In The World

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We all have our favourite restaurant to dine at: but just how weird do restaurants get? You'll be amazed, so keep watching to find out about the strangest restaurants in the world!
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Be Amazed at these 20 weirdest restaurants in the world! Dinner in the sky - More like a ‘mobile restaurant’ than an eatery in one specific location, Dinner In the Sky has become a very popular dining concept in the last few years. The Greenhouse restaurant, Amsterdam - Nowadays, the story and source of the food we eat is just as important as its taste. Cabbage & Condoms, Thailand - Mechai Viravaidya is an activist for contraception in Thailand, and he's known today as Mr Condom. Cannibalistic sushi in Japan - If you've ever wondered how Hannibal feels when eating a roasted human leg, Cannibalistic Sushi is the place for you. The Naked Restaurant, London - The Naked restaurant in London is exactly as it sounds: dining in your birthday suit. The Chillout Lounge - Now for a restaurant you'd think was built by accident. The Wizard of the Opera - This restaurant gives you the...

Fast Food Restaurants That Straight Up Cheat Customers

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When you go to a fast food joint, you're not asking for much: a fast, filling meal at a decent price, and… that's about it. But sometimes you don't even get that. So the next time you hit up your local drive-thru for dinner, take a close look at your receipt. Here's a look at some times that fast food restaurants cheated customers...

Burger King's Croissan'wich | 0:19
McDonald's Extra Value Meals | 1:04
Chipotle's calories | 1:48
Dunkin' Donuts' imposter ingredients | 2:41
Jimmy Johns' sprout fiasco | 3:44
McDonald's fry cheat | 4:23
Subway's great "footlong" debate | 4:48

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Lifestyle Lists and Features

This Is What Happens When You Stop Wearing Makeup

What Really Happens To Your Body When You Stop Drinking Alcohol?

The Most Incredible Tiny Houses...

00:04:40October 26, 2016, 11:00 am

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8 MOST UNUSUAL RESTAURANTS EVER! - Please Share, Like and Comment. Thanx))

Enjoy our top list of weirdest and strangest restaurants. Please subscribe for more amazing videos coming soon.


Our Top list of Weirdest Restaurants includes:
1. Devil Island Prison Restaurant - This restaurant was initially conceptualized to scare people from a life of crime
2. Underwater Restaurant - One of the world’s most beautiful and unique restaurants is the Ithaa Underwater Resort
3. Dinner In The Sky - Not exactly a restaurant, but a concept
4. Cannibalistic Restaurant - The idea of this restaurant in Tokyo came from Nyotaimori, an extremely rare practice of serving sushi from the body of a woman.
5. Izakaya Kayabuki - Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy dinner while interacting with real “monkey waiters”
6. Dining in The Dark - All the restaurant rooms are designed to be black with no lights within them
7. Disaster Cafe - this restaurant offers you an exciting experience, with its simulated earthquakes
8. Japanese Fast Food Restaurant - food chains in Japan are using very unusual marketing techniques to attract...

Gordon Ramsay: This Is My Philosophy On Restaurants

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This September Gordon’s flagship restaurant, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, will celebrate 20 Years and over those 20 years, it’s helped to elevate British Cuisine. Enjoy this look into one of the most important Restaurants he’s ever opened and the amazing team that keep it at its best.

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Restaurants chinois bon marché : que valent-ils ? - La Quotidienne

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En 2004, sur France 2, Envoyé Spécial glaçait les consommateurs avec un reportage sur les traiteurs asiatiques d’Île-de-France. En 13 ans le secteur a évolué mais les idées reçues sont parfois tenaces.

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10 Most Insane Restaurants You Won't Believe Exist

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10 Most Insane Restaurants You Won't Believe Exist, 15 Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist, 10 unbelievable restaurant, top, most, interesting, facts, interesting facts, rare, restaurant, eating, places to eat, dining, severs, girls restaurant, Restaurants You, Won't, Believe, Actually, Exist, You Won't Believe, Believe Exist, craziest, unbelievable, won’t believe actually exist, actually exist, believe, real, exist, odd restaurants, viral

10 Most Insane Restaurants You Won't Believe Exist
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Everyone loves food right? It’s especially awesome when you go out to your favorite restaurant to treat yourself to your favorite dish. It’s always nice to find a neat new restaurant and try it out, but you’ve probably never seen restaurants like these ones.

So let’s go and check out these 10 Most Insane Restaurants You Won’t Believe Exist.

10. Vampire Café - Want to experience a very special dinner with the mysterious atmosphere? Then you should check out the Vampire's café located in the middle of Tokyo, Japan.

9. Dinner in the sky - If you want to experience something cool and unique then visit the Dinner in the sky restaurant. Dinner in the Sky is a specialized events company that creates unique event experiences for those who want a view.

8. Dining Pod Tree restaurant in Thailand - The Dining Pod, a restaurant in the Six Senses Soneva Kiri resort on the island of Koh Kood, allows a small number of hotel guests to eat at tree-level with views of the forest and the Gulf of Siam below. Up to four people can fit in the oval-shaped steel...

Restaurant Sutiyapa | Ashish ChanchlaniRestaurant Sutiyapa | Ashish Chanchlani
00:12:39May 30, 2018, 6:32 am
Restaurant Sutiyapa | Ashish Chanchlani

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Presenting to you
The types of people you find in Indian restaurants
Based on real story of course!
Comment below which was your favourite scene and dialogues!

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Co starring : Akash dodeja, Kunal Chhabhria, Rohit Sadhwani, Anmol Sachar, Gulshan Ailsinghani, Tanish sirwani, Mamta kodwani, Simi hotwani, Divesh nainani, Mayur kakde, Ritesh sadhwani.

Shot & Edited by : Kunal Chhabhria
Assist. Editor : Divesh Nainani
Written and created by : Ashish Chanchlani
Assist. Director : Tanish Sirwani

10 Most Strange & Unusual Restaurants in the World

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Travel, resort, fine dining, stunning, view, airplane, dubai, shanghai, italy, leisure, luxury, culilnary, cooking, dining, restaurant, international, exciting, sushi, italian

From toilet bowl dishes to crazy robots, we're counting down the 10 most strange and unusual restaurants in the world. Hope you're hungry!

Our list:

10: Ithaa Undersea Restaurant
9: Modern Toilet
8: Cabbages &
7: Aquarium Restaurant
6: Yello Treehouse
5: A-380 In-Flight Kitchen
4: Robot Restaurant
3: ChillOut Lounge
2: S'Baggers
1: Grotta Palazzese


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Regional Fast Food Restaurants We Wish Were Everywhere

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One of the highlights of any U.S. road trip is hitting up fast-food joints along the way. These grab-and-go restaurants are built around their core communities, founded by people who are passionate about their product, and staffed by locals who make it all happen. Regional fast food restaurants make traveling in the U.S. totally delicious. But chances are, those flavors can only be found in certain parts of the country. Here are a few of the most uniquely regional fast food restaurants we wish we could dig into everywhere…

Friendly's | 0:26
Torchy's Tacos | 1:01
Pal's Sudden Service | 2:05
Shake Shack | 2:43
Taco Cabana | 3:25
In-N-Out Burger | 4:13

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Fast Food

Ex-Workers Reveal The One Item You Should Never Order At McDonald's

What Makes McDonald's Coke Taste Better Than Other Coke


The Top Five Secrets of a Successful RestaurantThe Top Five Secrets of a Successful Restaurant
00:02:36April 8, 2015, 5:48 am
The Top Five Secrets of a Successful Restaurant

Channel: Bloomberg & Total View: 108127

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Restaurant (Industry), Favorite, Cooking (Interest), Restaurateur (Profession), Restaurant Manager (Job Title), Chef (Profession), cooking, baccarat hotel, charles masson, Luxury Goods (Literature Subject), luxury

April 7 -- Charles Masson lives restaurants, from legendary years spent at New York’s La Grenouille to his current directorship of Chevalier at the new Baccarat Hotel. Here he reveals the five ingredients every great dining room needs to succeed. (video by Zach Goldstein, Paul Cavrel) (Source: Bloomberg)

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15 Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist15 Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist
00:06:56August 30, 2016, 3:00 pm
15 Restaurants You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Channel: Top Most Rare & Total View: 13525605

Add Date: August 30, 2016, 3:00 pm & Duration: 00:06:56

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Most restaurants are usually fun for the variety of delicious foods they offer, but there are some restaurants that spice up the way they serve that food.
Crazy Girlfriends:

We are also Here:

Furious World Tour | MOSCOW, RUSSIA - Street Food, Best WORLD CUP Restaurants, Bunkers & More!

Channel: Furious Pete & Total View: 147149

Add Date: June 22, 2018, 1:36 pm & Duration: 00:21:37

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Furious World Tour from Moscow, Russia! We for this food tour a couple months before the 2018 FIFA World Cup! We tried some street food, Moscow's best restaurant, the metro, expensive foods (caviar), cold war bunkers (that were 65m deep!) and some more crazy restaurants! If you're coming here for football, these are some restaurants you need to check out! If you enjoyed the video, then SUBSCRIBE and give a LIKE!

*This episode was dedicated to my inspiration Anthony Bourdain. He inspired millions to get out there and travel. See the world's cultures and foods. This has been my passion and I will continue to live my life this way as he had. Thank you for everything Tony.

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➢Biggest, Best & Most Famous eats in USA:...

How to Eat Correctly and Not Embarrass Yourself at Restaurants

Channel: BRIGHT SIDE & Total View: 536239

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table manners, how to behave, eating out, how to eat correctly, not to embarrass yourself at restaurants, etiquette rules, how to eat sushi, how to eat soy sauce, how to eat sashimi, Italian food, Japanese food, how to eat spaghetti, how to eat pizza, how to eat burgers, how to eat mussels, how to eat burritos, how to eat cupcakes, life hacks, etiquette lessons, basic etiquette rules, how to behave like a lady, society, social rules, human behavior

Every now and then we all order a dish at a restaurant and fell uncertain about how to eat it properly not to embarrass yourself. Table manners can be confusing, and it gets especially tricky when you order some ethnic dish, like Japanese, Italian, Mexican, or whatever your tastes may be. Perhaps this video guide will help you elegantly and neatly tackle any dish put before you in a restaurant!
Here are few rules that any fan of Japanese food has to know. Don't fill your soy sauce bowl to the brim. Ginger helps refresh your mouth and bring out the taste of the dish you just ate, so don’t place pieces of ginger directly on sushi. Eat it during breaks in between dishes. Too much wasabi robs this delicious Japanese dish of its exquisite taste. The golden rule with Japanese cuisine is that you should always use chopsticks or your hands, never use a fork.
Spaghetti seems impossible to eat neatly, but it’s totally possible. Just twirl a bit of spaghetti around your fork using your spoon or the edges of your plate until there aren’t any long “tails”.
The insides of burgers always want to slip out, making a mess of your hands, clothes, and everything else around. To avoid this sticky situation, simply cut your burger in half.
Since mussels are often served...

10 Verrücktesten Restaurants Der Welt10 Verrücktesten Restaurants Der Welt
00:08:19April 7, 2018, 2:03 am
10 Verrücktesten Restaurants Der Welt

Channel: Interessante Fakten & Total View: 1770940

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10 Verrücktesten Restaurants Der Welt, Verrücktesten, Restaurants, Der Welt, die 10, die 10 verrücktesten, die 10 verrücktesten häuser der welt, die 5, die 5 verrücktesten, Restaurant, der, welt, interessante fakten, interessante, fakten, Japans verrückteste Restaurants, taff, Video, Japan, außergewöhnlich, Show, Entertainment, Roboter, Mates, Mädchen, Service, Dessert, Tokio, galileo mystery, stefan gödde, aiman abdallah

10 Verrücktesten Restaurants Der Welt

Jeder liebt es zu Essen richtig? Es ist besonders toll, wenn man in sein Lieblingsrestaurant geht und sich sein Lieblingsgericht bestellt. Auch neue Restaurants zu finden und auszuprobieren ist immer schön.

Aber solche Restaurants wie wir dir gleich zeigen werden hast du vorher bestimmt noch nicht gesehen. Schauen wir uns jetzt also einmal die 10 verrücktesten Restaurants an von denen du uns kaum glauben wirst, dass es sie gibt.

10. Vampir Café - Möchtest du ein ganz besonderes Abendessen in geheimnisvoller Atmosphäre erleben? Dann solltest du dem Vapmir -Café in Tokio einen Besuch abstatten. Durch die Vampirdekorationen hat man das Gefühl in Draculas Haus zu sein. Die Wänder sing komplett mit roten Samt bedeckt und vermitteln so einen zarten Hauch von morbidem Flair.

9. Dinner in the sky - Wenn du einmal etwas ganz besonderes erleben möchtest, dann buche deinen Tisch für ein Abendessen im Sky Restaurant. Das „Dinner in the Sky“ ist ein Event, welchen von einem Unternehmen, mit Sitz in Belgien, organisiert wird.

8. Dining Pod Tree Restaurant in Thailand - Der Dining Pod, ist ein Restaurant im Six Senses Soneva Kiri Resort...

10 restaurants insolites où vous devez manger10 restaurants insolites où vous devez manger
00:07:15September 10, 2016, 6:04 am
10 restaurants insolites où vous devez manger

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le top, top, bonjour humain, bjr humain, restaurant insolite, restaurants insolites, restaurants bizarres, restaurants hors du commun, restaurants wtf, 10 RESTAURANTS INSOLITES où vous devez MANGER, resto insolite, Les restaurants les plus étranges du monde, étrange, restaurant original


Bonjour humain.

Du restaurant où vous mangez tout nue en passant par l’établissement 5 mètres sous l’eau, dans cette vidéo nous allons voir : 10 RESTAURANTS INSOLITES où vous devez MANGER.

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Chris_Zabriskie - Cylinder_Nine.mp3

English expressions used at a restaurant - Advance English lesson

Channel: Learn English with Let's Talk - Free English Lessons & Total View: 895308

Add Date: November 25, 2013, 8:43 am & Duration: 00:09:35

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English lessons, Free English, English lesson, English video, vocabulary, business English, Grammar, learn grammar, English speaking, spoken English, learn English, speak English, speaking English, fluent English, fluency in English, English training video, speak fluent English, accent training, American accent, British accent, US accent, UK accent, personality development, words, sentences, public speaking, presentation, soft skills, how to, phrases, idioms, listening skills

English expressions used at a restaurant - Advance English lesson
More lessons at :

There are many types of restaurant. In this lesson, Niharika will cover what you need to say in fine-dine restaurants, regular sit down restaurants, and luxury fine dining restaurants.This lesson teaches common words and expressions for describing food and drink, restaurant service and parts of meals.

Useful phrases :

1. Asking for a table

do you have any free tables?
I'd like to make a reservation
I'd like to book a table, please
I've got a reservation in the name of

2. Ordering your meal :

Could I see the menu, please?
could I see the wine list, please?

Do you have any specials?
what's the soup of the day?
what do you recommend?
what's this dish?

3. Making changes to the order

If you'd like to get the waiter's attention, the most polite way is simply to say:

Excuse me!
could we have ...?
another bottle of wine
some more bread
some water
could you make this soup 1 by 2?
Please see to it that the food is spicy/nonspicy

4. Problems with the food

this isn't what...

Restaurants be like (Feat. Berleezy)Restaurants be like (Feat. Berleezy)
00:04:03July 20, 2017, 12:00 pm
Restaurants be like (Feat. Berleezy)

Channel: Tutweezy & Total View: 3388915

Add Date: July 20, 2017, 12:00 pm & Duration: 00:04:03

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tutweezy, berleezy, berleezy exposed, spongebob, krusty krab, dollar menu, funny, comedy

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ऐसे होटल भी हैं (10 Amazing Restaurants)

Channel: Question world & Total View: 727795

Add Date: January 6, 2017, 12:44 am & Duration: 00:04:51

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amazing restaurant, top 10 amazing restaurants, DS music restaurant, devil island prison restaurant, modern toilet restuarant, dinner in the sky, nyotaimori japan, nyotaimori restuarant, stuppid restuarant, hindi knowledge, food on female body, dinner at nude girl, dinner with female, ajeeb restuarant, rajiv prajapati, question world, questionworld, questions world, questionsworld, duniya ke ajib restorent, duniya ke ajib restuarants, amazing restuarants

10 Amazing restaurants you won't believe. Today we will tell you there are some restaurants in the world which are really amazing it self,
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Odd News by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Hidden Secret Menus in Popular RestaurantsHidden Secret Menus in Popular Restaurants
00:06:05December 23, 2015, 4:00 am
Hidden Secret Menus in Popular Restaurants

Channel: TheRichest & Total View: 2827477

Add Date: December 23, 2015, 4:00 am & Duration: 00:06:05

Likes: 24687 | Dislike: 1038


Top10, Top5, List, Viral, Facts, most, best, food, fact, therichest, top, screenrant, burger king, mcdonald's, restaurant, dairy queen, dunkin donut, arby's, burger, sandwich, fast food, eating, recipe, ronald, secret, hack, menu, tips, tricks

10 Mistakes In Popular NETFLIX Series
Top 10 awesome fast food chain restaurants where you can order food that's not featured on the menu!
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We’ve all been there – perhaps you’re out doing some shopping or heading down the highway on a road trip and you get a craving for some food. You see a sign for a restaurant in a few miles and mentally prepare for what you are going to order. Unfortunately, your hopes are dashed when you head up to order because the item you want to get isn’t on the menu or has been discontinued. Defeated, you order something else close to what you originally wanted – but it isn’t exactly what you wanted. This scenario plays itself out all across the world on a daily basis. You missed the deadline for that special burger or the chain you are visiting doesn’t advertise that specific combo you want. Believe it or not, it may not be the end of the world.
Did you know that in many cases you aren’t limited to ordering only the items you see on the menu? In most major fast-food...

Inside The Best Restaurant In The World: Osteria Francescana | MR PORTER

Channel: MR PORTER & Total View: 903914

Add Date: June 15, 2016, 11:16 pm & Duration: 00:03:35

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modena, mr porter, massimo bottura, emillia romagna, italy, mens fashion, chef, worlds best, restaurant, Osteria Francescana, Giuliano Della Casa, best resturant, travel tips, pasta, best pasta, best chef

Meet Mr Massimo Bottura, the owner and chef of Osteria Francescana – recently named the number one restaurant at the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards.

MR PORTER travelled to the small city of Modena in the Emilia-Romagna region of central-northern Italy - home to slow food, parmesan cheese and fast cars.

We spent the day with Mr Bottura as he cooked us his signature dish, Five Different Ages Of Parmigiano Reggiano In Five Different Textures And Temperatures, relaxed in his house, and met up with local artist and friend Mr Giuliano Della Casa.

Read more about Mr Bottura and his cooking philosophy in The Journal:

Music by Let’s Eat Grandma – Deep Six Textbook

Connect with MR PORTER:


Enquête dans les arrières cuisines des restaurants chinois

Channel: Investigations et Enquêtes & Total View: 998478

Add Date: May 11, 2018, 8:30 am & Duration: 00:35:31

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reportage, documentaire, france 2, restaurant, chinois, hygiène, cuisine, ravioli, baignoire

Qui n'a pas mangé récemment dans un restaurant chinois ? En France, ils sont de plus en plus nombreux. Rapides et pas chers, ils attirent chaque jour des milliers de clients. Mais sait-on vraiment ce qu'on y mange ? Connaît-on la provenance des produits et les conditions d'hygiène dans lesquelles ils sont préparés ? Une équipe d'Envoyé Spécial à Paris, pour connaître la vérité sur les arrières cuisines des restaurants chinois. Un reportage à couper… l’appétit.

Auteur : Jean-Pierre Guillerez - Ghislaine Buffard

10 Unbelievable Restaurants from Around the World

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wackyuniverse, unbelievable, restaurants, around, world, amazing, unreal, floating, smallest, ever, very, top, incredible, travel, destinations, experience, waterfall, cave, unusual, strange, facts, most, list, dinner, cooking, craziest, best, greatest, monkies, visit, believe, beautiful, unique, Japan, Tokyo, Denver, mineshaft, perfect, cardboard restaurant, unique dinning experience

Amazing and unreal restaurants all over the world and here are a few like the Floating restaurant and the smallest restaurant ever!

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8- World's Smallest Restaurant –The restaurant is called “Just for Two,” and is pretty self-explanatory. It has only one table with room for, you guessed it! Two. If you’re lucky enough to be half of the duo dining at this restaurant then you are in for a treat. You will be feasting on a magnificent Italian meal, waited on hand and foot. Your privacy is important to the staff and the wait staff will only come if summoned by a bell. The restaurant staff aims to please and will even arrange private fireworks and chauffeur service upon request. You will pay for this kind of service though – this experience starts at around $325 per person.
7- MuvBox Shipping Container Restaurant– Daniel Noiseux is the owner of the Muvbox – a restaurant located in Montreal, Canada. At first glance it looks like a plain rectangle, but once the rectangle is unfolded it turns into a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating and a canopy. Noiseux fitted a kitchen and seating for 28 diners into 28 standard...

5 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants!5 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants!
00:04:07December 1, 2015, 9:30 am
5 Of The Most Expensive Restaurants!

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Kunio Tokuoka, Kitcho restaurant, Restaurant (Industry), Cooking (Interest), Kitcho Kyoto Japan, Restaurant Le Meurice, Restaurant Le Meurice Paris, Alain Ducasse, Masa, Masa Restaurant, Masa New York, Masa Takayama, Maison Pic, Maison Pic Restaurant, Maison Pic Velence, Anne-Sophie Pic, Jacques Pic, André Pic, Aragawa, Aragawa Restaurant, Aragawa Tokyo, Tajima cattle, most expensive restaurant, luxury restaruants

According to the Guinness book of world records, the Sobrino de Botin restaurant in Madrid Spain is the oldest restaurant in the world still in existence today.

It opened all the way back in 1725.

While many traditional brick and mortar businesses are struggling due to the rise in eCommerce, restaurants however are vastly unaffected.

In this list we'll be showing you 5 of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

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Frisch auf den Tisch? Die WAHRHEIT über Restaurants! - DOKU 2017

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TOILET Restaurant and Hello Kitty - The CRAZIEST Restaurants in Taiwan!

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restaurants portrayed by spongebobrestaurants portrayed by spongebob
00:01:36September 22, 2017, 1:02 pm
restaurants portrayed by spongebob

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restaurants portrayed by spongebob, spongebob, squarepants, rokamo, portrayed by spongebob, portrayed

going to try to stick to a friday/sunday upload schedule for the portrayal videos, maybe on saturdays too

Restaurant StereotypesRestaurant Stereotypes
00:04:34September 1, 2014, 2:56 pm
Restaurant Stereotypes

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Going out to eat? Not without these guys, you're not.

Watch DELETED SCENES from the video!

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00:11:48October 25, 2017, 9:00 am

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00:07:13October 24, 2016, 2:30 pm

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This Is One of the Smallest Restaurants in New YorkThis Is One of the Smallest Restaurants in New York
00:02:31January 23, 2018, 11:00 pm
This Is One of the Smallest Restaurants in New York

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great big story, gbs, lag, documentary, docs, Queens, New York, New York City, Indonesian, Indonesian cuisine, Indo Java, Flushing, Cuisine, Food & Drink, Warung Selesa, Biography & Profile, grocery store

Every Tuesday, Indo Java in Queens, New York, turns into the hottest spot in town for traditional Indonesian cuisine. And the best part? You’re always guaranteed the best seat in the house. With only one table, Warung Selasa is one of the smallest restaurants in the city, located inside a tiny, two-aisle grocery store. Owned and operated by Dewi Tjahjadi, Warung Selasa has been spreading the flavors of Indonesia in Queens for the past 10 years.


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TOP 5 Restaurants That Are Still Open | Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon, Gordon Ramsay, Ramsay, Ramsey, Chef Ramsay, Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, gordon Ramsay it’s raw, gordon Ramsay best insults, kitchen nightmares full episode, kitchen nightmares watch online, gordon ramsay likes the food, gordon ramsay donkey, gordon Ramsay idiot sandwich, gordon Ramsay steak, gordon Ramsay caviar, Gordon Ramsey, kitchen nightmares still open

We're hearing great things about this new 'audio' fad. Thought we'd try it out.

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