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How To Win Negative People In Network Marketing?How To Win Negative People In Network Marketing?
00:02:41September 12, 2014, 3:29 pm
How To Win Negative People In Network Marketing?

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How To Win Negative People In Network Marketing?

Network Marketing Tips | How to Deal With Negative Family Members

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These network marketing tips will be very helpful to you if you're dealing with negative family members right now. For more network marketing tips, go to
Can you help negative family members? You've gotten involved in network marketing, you've discovered personal development and it's a great place to be. The sky has opened, the clouds parted and it's simply amazing because you now have hope for your future. You want to share it with those people in your life who you think could really benefit, those people that seem like things are terrible and they're negative and they're complaining and you know that they could be happier. Before you completely just lay into them with everything you've learned, take a step back. They may not take it as well as you think. I've got some great network marketing tips to help you win them over.

I made this mistake in the beginning. I thought network marketing and personal development was the best thing since sliced bread. I came home from an event and like crazy person, I gushed about how everything was so wonderful to my husband. He said, "Who are you and what have you done with my wife? Where is the person I married?" Shockingly, he wasn't as excited as I was, because he hadn't seen what I had. For...

MLM Recruiting Tips | Why You're Having Trouble Convincing People To Join

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Want to win the MLM recruiting "numbers" game? Find thousands of people to present your opportunity to with this free training:

MLM Recruiting Tips | Why You're Having Trouble Convincing People To Join

0:38 - This Happens To Everyone In MLM Recruiting
1:16 - MLM Recruiting Tips - Why You Can't "Convince" Anybody
1:56 - The Good News About MLM Recruiting
2:06 - The Key To MLM Recruiting
2:14 - The Difference Between Amateurs and Pros in MLM Recruiting
2:46 - How To Become A Pro At MLM Recruiting
3:07 - The Most Important Skill In MLM Recruiting
3:40 - Where To Get MLM Recruiting Training

- MLM Recruiting Tips - Customers vs Distributors

If you want to be really successful in your Network Marketing business, you can't just go after customers. You need to recruit other distributors. When you start focusing heavily on MLM recruiting, you will eventually come to realize that it isn't easy finding people to become distributors for your company.

- MLM Recruiting Tips - The Bad News

So why is it that you're having so much trouble convincing people to join your MLM? The brutal truth of MLM recruiting that you can't convince anyone to join. Not that it...

How To Deal With Negative People When Prospecting For Your Network Marketing Business

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how to deal with negative people

How to Deal With Negative People When Prospecting For Your Network Marketing Business

Rejection and negativity are things that network marketers face on a regular basis. Learn how to deal with negative people when prospecting them for your business. 0:56

There is a very common challenge many of us face when starting out - falling prey to negative people when prospecting. This negativity is capable of killing a dream just as fast as you had hopes of succeeding in this industry...and for many it is a hurdle that most don't recover from.1:18

So, how do you handle negative people when prospecting and building your business?

What Defines A Negative Person? 1:29

Negative people are friends, family, strangers, associates, or prospects that talk badly, or in a non-positive way about your dreams, goals and how you plan on accomplishing them.

Understand that sometimes the people you love the most and who we think would be most open to hearing about our newfound venture can be the most hurtful. They know us, they know our past, they know our characteristics more than any stranger, and it's that insight that can lead them to assume they can predict how much success (or failure)...

3 Tips to Overcome Unsupportive Friends & Family in Network Marketing & MLM

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network marketing tips, network marketing secrets, mlm tips, mlm secrets


Full Blog Post:

Tune into the video to discover my 3 tips to overcoming unsupportive friends and family members in mlm and network marketing.

I get it. It's hard to feel unsupported by the people we love most, but we don't have to let it influence our actions.

Watch the video!!

How to Convince People Convincing Skills in Hindi by Vivek Bindra

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Mr. Vivek Bindra, International motivational speaker, Leadership consultant& CEOCoach explains How to convince peoplein this video. No matter how persuasive you are, most people will not change their mind. The classic mistake most of us do is we try to convince people & want them to believe us. Mr. Bindra says if you wish to convince someone then never try to convince him. Understand need, interest & concern of the person, and when you understand their need, interest & concern he/ she will connect with you. Once you will connect with him he will be convinced automatically.This is the convincing formula of Mr. Vivke Bindra, to understand people....

NMPRO #183 - How to NOT annoy friends & family during the holidays

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NMPro, 183

I see so many people make the mistake of being "that family member" by pitching their product or opportunity constantly during holiday festivities.  Here is a better approach.  Question of the day (QOTD): Over the next two months, what is your favorite holiday?

The link for the December 16th Webinar is

Multi-level marketing - multilevel marketing: Shifting Retail and social media

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multi level marketing vs network marketing, say no to multi level marketing, multi-level marketing pyramid scheme, multi level marketing ppt, multi level marketing pdf, multi level marketing products, multi level marketing philippines, multi level marketing plan, multi level marketing pros and cons, multi level marketing plan example, multi level marketing quotes, multi level marketing qnet I am just curious ... have you realized that there is just a boatload of home business options everywhere online ... And it does not matter what niche you are in.

You could be selling weight loss products, low cost travel packages, or information training packages online.

So would it be OK if I gave you some advice? - To be first, or be different ... Do not go it alone!

Everyone says you just need to be a little smarter than the next guy.

Why will more people join Modere with you instead of someone else?

Because when you join with our team, maybe you will be just a TAD more successful at the end of the day then the others. There is an old saying; 'Working with a mastermind team gives you an edge.'

That is why you should join us fast, because we have a system and our team will help you succeed online ... with Modere we have more than just products ... we create meaningful experiences with our Social Marketers.

Network Marketing Do's And Don'ts For Pros And Novices.

Who do you think you going to blame if your network marketing plan fails? Hopefully you have prepared yourself fully for any...

How to deal with negative peopleHow to deal with negative people
00:01:32February 4, 2013, 7:25 pm
How to deal with negative people

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dealing with negative people, work with negative people, negative energy, negative family members, business coach, rene kamstra, business training, keynote speaker, business speaker, Coaching (Profession)
Discover the simple strategy to keep negative people in your life and how to turn it into a positive. Rene Kamstra shares with you her method of organizing people so that they help you to get to your success faster.

Eric Worre's Top 10 Rules For Success (@EricWorre)Eric Worre's Top 10 Rules For Success (@EricWorre)
00:37:49February 28, 2017, 5:00 pm
Eric Worre's Top 10 Rules For Success (@EricWorre)

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✎ Eric Worre's Top 10 Rules For Success: In this video we're going to learn how to improve our lives by analyzing our take on Eric Worre's rules for success.

If you loved this video, help people in other countries enjoy it too by making captions for it. Spread the love and impact.

If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy these other videos from Evan Carmichael:
• Warren Buffett's Top 10 Rules For Success -
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• Bob Proctor's Top 10 Rules For Success -

1. Be a right now person
2. Have goals
3. Create your environment
4. Evolve
5. Use your imagination
6. Take charge
7. Know your WHY
8. Focus on high value activities
9. Master your emotions
10. Find the reason to stay
-= BONUS =-
* Self-Educate

✎ He has retired from building as a distributor after earning over $15 million in his esteemed Network Marketing career. He has now dedicated his life to...

Avoid negative people.Avoid negative people.
00:04:56February 3, 2011, 11:58 pm
Avoid negative people.

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KOKO, Jim Koko, Motivational Drive By, Avoid, negative, people.

Avoid negative people.


intro music ...Millionaire by Queens Of The Stone Age

Are Negative People Keeping You From MLM Success?

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mlm, home, business, opportunity, network, marketing, leads, training, system

Achieving success in an internet marketing business can be very difficult if you are dealing with negative people (particularly family and close friends). This can be overcome by bringing in money soon after joining your business through monetizing your marketing.

You can learn more about "Who Is Scott Hubbard" by going to You can reach me toll-free at 877-878-4036.

How to Cope with Unsupportive PeopleHow to Cope with Unsupportive People
00:03:12February 25, 2014, 1:28 pm
How to Cope with Unsupportive People

Channel: Elinor King - Health and Happiness Coach & Total View: 47

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unsupportive family, why don't my family support me, healthy living, how to, how to be healthy, healthy dinner with family, health, elikingfitness, healthy eating

Do you find your friends and family don't support you in trying to live a happier lifestyle? In this video, I'm going to show you how you can get them on board. If you liked this video please subscribe to my newsletter where I share my very best tips on healthy living

Should I Do Multi-Level Marketing? My Husband is Skeptical.

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What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Support YouWhat To Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Support You
00:01:34November 23, 2014, 10:49 am
What To Do When Your Spouse Doesn't Support You

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unsupportive spouse, joe barclay
Does your spouse support you in your business? In this video, Joe Barclay shares the secret to winning over an unsupportive spouse.

You can read this and many more marketing tips at my blog at

Network Marketing Prospecting Tip - "Make No Your Vitamins"

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If you liked this network marketing prospecting tip, visit to make more sales in your business today.

So many people when they are doing network marketing prospecting can get easily discouraged if someone comes back with a negative response.

From "no I'm not interested", to "this is a scam", people can lose self belief or worse yet, feel a greater fear when prospecting in the future and not continuing to do it again.

Don't forget, when you are prospecting to grow your network marketing business, you are going to get a lot more people saying "no" then "yes!"

But do understand, no's are like stepping stones to yes because for every no you get, you're closer to the next person saying yes.

Does that make sense?

Also, see each rejection as having a monetary worth. This is because I used an example of someone who has earned 10 million in network marketing out of 280 team members. But for him to recruit those people, he spoke to about 2800.

Therefore each no earned him about $3500 before he reached someone who said yes :)

This is just a more powerful way of framing the situation. Good practice eh? :)

So the next time you are doing network marketing prospecting...

Why you must protect your energy and remove toxic people out of your life

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Network Marketing Training: What it Really Takes to Advance to Gold Director with Aimee Buhagiar

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Simon Chan, Aimee Buhagiar, Gold Director, MLM Training, rank advancement

To read the full story on how to become a Gold Director, go to:

Network Marketing Training: What it Really Takes to Advance to Gold Director with Aimee Buhagiar

Simon Chan interviews 5 Star Mastermind member, Aimee Buhagiar on how she became her MLM company's newest Gold Director. Very inspiring story on the obstacles that had to be overcome and also the creative strategies that were used.

How to Become Gold Director: Aimee Buhagiar's Inspiring Story on her Road to Gold
When I ask people what their goals are, one of the most common things they say is that they "want to go Gold" in the next 6 -- 12 months.

Little do they know what they are going against!

Being the Gold Director in my opinion is the toughest rank to achieve because it is no longer about your desire and work ethic.

Those are givens...

It is also not just about sponsoring...

Cause by the time you really have a chance to go for Gold, you know how to sponsor already.

Instead become a solid Gold Director requires TREMENDOUS Leadership and sacrifice.

Pay attention to Aimee's journey to become a Gold...

How to Deal with Haters in Network MarketingHow to Deal with Haters in Network Marketing
00:09:28December 16, 2015, 1:39 pm
How to Deal with Haters in Network Marketing

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how to deal with haters, how to deal with haters in network marketing, how to deal with negative people, how to deal with negative people in network marketing, dealing with haters, dealing with haters in network marketing, dealing with negative people, dealing with negative people in network marketing,, coach mike macdonald, mike macdonald, mindset
Dealing with haters can be frustrating in your business and knowing how to deal with haters is helpful to you and your new team members
When building your network marketing business from time to time you will encounter and have to know how to deal with negative people. Now keep in mind that most often you won't encounter many haters and knowing how to deal with haters is something you will use few and far between. Unfortunately it can hurt when it's someone you used to know well or someone that is close to you so knowing the mindset of dealing with haters is helpful. First off successful leaders don't let haters demotivate them, infact it's actually the opposite, whenever successful people encounter haters it fires them up and makes them more determined to succeed and do well. So one way how to deal with haters is to use their negative comments and ignorance to motivate you to more success.
Another way how to deal with haters and dealing with negative people is to know your stuff
You need to learn your industry and learn your company and get results on your product. If you have gotten results on your products for example and someone gives you a hard time, you know that your products work and help people. If you know your...

How to Start a Conversation with Friends Family About Network Marketing

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family, friends, network marketing, share There is definitely a good way and a bad way to share your network marketing business with friends and family, especially if you don't want to scare them off. Feel free to contact me directly at either [email protected]
or by phone 203-551-1840

MLM Training: How to Avoid Negative People and Negative Conversations

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Simon Chan, MLM Training, Negative People, Mindset, Positive, Leadership

Marketing, Content Creation, Analysis of Live Prospecting call

Members of Simon Chan's Coaching Programs have access to Simon Chan for advice and help with their network marketing business and MLM business.

Today's question comes from a member from Melbourne, Australia about how to avoid negative people and their conversations in the workplace.

To learn more about Simon Chan's network marketing Coaching Programs, please visit

Network Marketing Philippines By Robert KiyosakiNetwork Marketing Philippines By Robert Kiyosaki
00:04:17January 12, 2012, 6:29 am
Network Marketing Philippines By Robert Kiyosaki

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MLM Networking, network marketing philippines, vmobile technologies inc., vmobile loadxtreme, vmobile team magnetic titans, vmobile team titans Be A Winner In Network Marketing. We'll Teach and Show You How To Effectively Do This Business In Order For You To Have A Winning Results Even Without Chasing Your Friends And Family Members.

Visit Our Website And Get FREE 5 LESSONS on How To Be A MAGNETIC NETWORKER in order for you to finally achieve results.

Visit -

Don't let unsupportive friends or family hold you back!

Channel: Jen Zeh & Total View: 420

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Don't let unsupportive friends or family hold you back!

Show Me The MoneyShow Me The Money
00:03:01January 26, 2018, 2:09 pm
Show Me The Money

Channel: Eric Worre - Network Marketing Pro & Total View: 4755

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Eric Worre, Network Marketing, MLM, Direct Selling, Free Network Marketing Training, Network Marketing Tips, MLM Training Tips, MLM Training, MLM Tips, Network Marketing Training, Keirston Kirschbaum

Kierston Kirschbaum talks about how you can follow up with prospects who are concerned about money.

She says that when prospects say they can’t afford your product or opportunity, then you haven’t done a good enough job of solving their problem yet. That’s because if they truly felt that your product or opportunity was the answer to their problem, then they would find the money.

You can also help your prospects come up with plans to come up with the money they’ll need. Keirston likes to have them gather all of their friends and have them sell the product all at once. That way they get a commission check before they even have to pay for their product. It all depends on how your company is set up, but there is always a way.

Someone once said, “Whoever wants to be successful as much as they want to breathe, will be successful.” So, overcoming objections like this is a matter of asking the right questions and letting them know that you are on their team.

The issue of money is also going to come up with people already on your team. They may start saying things like “I’m not making enough money yet,” “I can’t afford to keep doing this business,” or “I can’t afford to go to the events or do the presentations.” You...

Dealing With Negative & Unsupportive Family [Talk/Rant]

Channel: Jessica Odermatt & Total View: 146

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dealing with negative friends and family as a vegan, negative family as a vegan, dealing with negative non vegans, non vegan family who doens't believe in you

Do you have someone in your life that is unsupportive of your beliefs, maybe to go vegan, your lifestyle, maybe a career path or what you do, or just doesn't believe in you? Well so do I. But here is how I deal with it and what you can do if someone is just always bringing you down.

★Learn how I earn a living working from my laptop, blogging and sharing my vegan lifestyle [Video] :

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One24 / Best Work from Home Business to Earn Residual Income

Channel: Jacira Minar & Total View: 78

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work from home, one 24 online, is one24 a scam, one twenty four, what is one24, 124, make money from home, natraburst, natraboost, Mark Seyforth, need to make money

Mark Seyforth also built a 100 million dollar company while still in his 20?s. Mark obviously knows what he's doing. Google Mark Seyforth and you won't find anything negative, which is a big positive for One24. Typically, someone involved in Network Marketing for over 30 years will normally have detractors - no matter how good they are!

The One24 compensation plan is absolutely unique. Everyone gets paid, whether they sell/refer or not! One24 pays 12 levels deep and a large portion of your earnings are based on the members who join after you!

One24 pays out 50% of sales, as opposed to the typical 24-40% redistributed by most Network Marketing companies. This means, with One24 there's more money to go around... and not just to the top producers.

One24 is a Rejection-Free Alternative

Another unique "twist" with One24 is that you invite people to visit your site for details on the One24 pay plan and great product. BUT THEY CAN'T JOIN!

Interested people can simply join a waiting list. Yes... a waiting list.

Each active One24 member can register only ONE new member per month (up to Gold Rush, more on that later). Everyone else has to wait. This blows away the tired and frustrating aspects of typical MLM...

Decision Making from Society, Friends, and Family Members - WATCH OUT!

Channel: Karam Khalil & Total View: 1394

Add Date: June 19, 2016, 10:44 am & Duration: 00:04:32

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Many people are living their lives based on others opinions, choices, and advice. That is the exact reason why many people are lost in life. This video will help you guys and girls figure yourselves out. I hope you benefit from this!

Comment down below what you feel is holding you back and your solution to it after watching the video. I would love to hear it all.

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Alan Walker - Fade [NCS Release]

Keep your head up.

FREE Network Marketing Training Book by Mike Healy

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FREE Network Marketing Training Book by Mike Healy

If you’re in Network Marketing and you’re struggling to recruit, struggling to get leads and have yet to build a team in the thousands and your last check… (if you even got one) wouldn’t pay for dinner out, then what I’m about to share with you is going to completely change your future.

In fact, if you’ll let me, I will teach you how to quickly generate leads, easily recruit, create crazy duplication, build a massive team, position you to win you companies contests and become the envy of your peers and much, much more.

Ultimately, I want to help you make a lot more money and teach you how to become a Network Marketing Rock Star.

My name is Mike Healy and I am the author of the book, Network Marketing Made easy and I have been making a very good, full time income for my family in the Network Marketing profession for more than 20 years.

I’ve recruited more than 1,100 personals in my career and I’ve built multiple teams in multiple companies in the tens’ of thousands.

More importantly, I’ve trained thousands and thousands of people world wide with my simple down to earth, easy to understand...

World ventures scam? Don't believe the Worldventures nonsense!

Channel: Alex Anderson & Total View: 175400

Add Date: August 27, 2013, 12:22 pm & Duration: 00:04:45

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world ventures, worldventures, world ventures scam, world ventures review, world vetures reviews, worldventure, world, ventures, scam, dreamtrips

There is no truth to the World Ventures scam claims it is a legitimate business. However most WorldVentures reviews will never tell you that only about 3 - 5% actually make real money with this business. This has nothing to do with the company, but it has everything to do with the distributors not learning the skills neccessary to succeed. If you want to learn what is really needed to succeed in network marketing visit

0:49 world ventures review begins
1:36 Truth about the world ventures scam
2:58 reason worldventures distributors struggle
3:55 solution for worldventures distributors

So if the World Ventures Scam is obviously not true, why are so many people searching for it and writing reviews on it? Well, in most network marketing companies the majority of people don't make much money, and some don't make any money at all.

Is it the companies fault? No! This has to do with the distributor and the distributor only! It kills me when I see people blaming their up-line, the company, the compensation plan and several other things for why they didn't make any money.

If you want to be successful in...

How To Believe in Yourself When Nobody Else Does

Channel: Jen Horning & Total View: 83

Add Date: June 3, 2016, 3:37 pm & Duration: 00:05:27

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How To Believe in Yourself When Nobody Else Does: I remember back when I first started in network marketing and I was all excited to promote my product, get my family members and friends to come to my home parties, and make a whole bunch of money! Then...FAIL. No one wanted to fact, they all stated very clearly that they HATE home parties and they'll only come to support me but I better not expect them to buy anything. Dreams shattered, right!? WRONG. Although it's been quite a few years since then, I've kept going. I haven't given up on my dream and that's where most people go wrong in this industry.

How To Believe in Yourself When Nobody Else Does

You see, when we have people who don't support us and are completely negative to our hopes and dreams for the future, it's kind of a downer right? It hurts and makes us want to quit. But only the strong keep going! Only the people who keep their eyes on the prize keep pushing through the doubts, the fears, and the negativity.

But...want to know the most important thing to all of this? If you want to learn how to believe in yourself when nobody else does, you MUST believe so strongly in yourself first.

This comes with time, but when you do you'll have such a strong...

Tips For Dealing With An Unsupportive Spouse In Your Network Marketing Business

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Tips For Dealing With An Unsupportive Spouse In Your Network Marketing Business


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