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Top 10 Most Valuable Collectible ToysTop 10 Most Valuable Collectible Toys
00:12:11March 15, 2016, 10:00 am
Top 10 Most Valuable Collectible Toys

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Quit digging holes in your backyard; if there’s a fortune to be found, it’s probably buried somewhere in your toy box! Join as we count down the Top 10 Valuable Collectible Toys. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Suggestion Tool►► Channel Page►►

For this list, to avoid defining the term "toy" too broadly, we're limiting our entries to items that are physically played with.

Special thanks to our user MikeyP for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at

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00:04:57May 7, 2016, 9:14 pm

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Top 10, 10 Most, most expensive, most expensive in the world, most expensive materials, most expensive substances, most expensive things, most expensive things in the world, most expensive things ever bought, most expensive things on earth, mind warehouse, your mind is my wearhouse

Gold means luxury, isn’t it? The precious metal is often associated with royalty and wealth. However, this metal is not
the most expensive substance in the world. Not even platinum. Try a new look at the most expensive materials by weight.

Price Comparison (World Most Expensive Things)Price Comparison (World Most Expensive Things)
00:06:15October 1, 2016, 3:47 pm
Price Comparison (World Most Expensive Things)

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price comparison, money comparison, most expensive car, most expensive, most expensive phone, gold iphone, gold iwatch, bill gates wealth, 26.9 nonillion, diamond exo planet, us national debt, entropia universe, money, most expensive diamond, most expensive painting, Interchange de kooning, homme statue, history supreme, most expensive yacht, size comparison, how big is one trillion, top 10 most expensive, antimatter price, cost comparison, cost of antimatter

3D animated comparison of some of the most expensive stuff in the world. And how much stacks of $100 you will need to buy that. From a $1 bill all the way to the value of Earth and beyond

PS: The Hand, Man and Bus FOR SCALE at $1M, 1B and 1T respectively are to show the SIZE (how big the pile of $100 notes will look like in real life) They DO NOT mean that a hand cost $1M!

Universe Size Comparison 3D:

Featured Comparisons
$1 note,
Starbucks Brewed Coffee,
Big Mac price,
Movie ticket price,
$10 note,
Restaurant Meal ,
Gold (1 gram),
No Man's Sky Game,
$100 note,
Average Suit,
Average Sofa,
Average Bicycle,
$1,000 stack,
High Specs Gaming Computer,
Plutonium (1 gram),
Average Grand Piano,
$10,000 stack,
Yubari King Melons (Most Expensive Fruit),
Average Car,
Diamond (1 gram),
Italian White Alba Truffle (Most Expensive Food),
Average US House,
Clive Christian Perfume (Most Expensive Perfume),
Painite (1 gram),
Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon (Most Ex Wine),
Club Neverdie, Entropia Universe (Most Ex Virtual Item),
$1 million,
Red Tibetan...

Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World!Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World!
00:12:22April 22, 2017, 6:00 am
Most EXPENSIVE Diamonds In The World!

Channel: Origins Explained & Total View: 2144468

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most, expensive, diamonds, world, in the world, expensive diamonds, most expensive diamonds, most expensive diamonds in the world, on earth, most expensive, diamond, luxury, money, diamond ring, ring, top, top 10, top ten, top 5, top5, list, facts, top most, precious, valuable, valuable diamonds, most valuable diamonds, rare, rare diamonds, rarest, jewelry, expensive jewelry, gems, stones, gemstones, you won't believe, million dollar, billion dollar, origins explained

Check out the most expensive diamonds in the world! You won't believe how much money the rare and valuable jewelry stones on this top list are worth!

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10. The Heart of Eternity ($16 million)
The stone that was made into the heart of Eternity Diamond was found at the world’s largest supplier of blue diamonds, the South African Premier Diamond Mine. Blue diamonds are incredibly rare with, on average, only one being found every year, and this one was an amazing find. The rough stone was 777 carats when it was dug up, and the owners waited until they had the perfect design idea before they started cutting it. The result was The Millenium Blue Diamonds- a series of heart, pear drop and oval shaped diamonds of which the Heart Of Eternity is the largest.
In recent years it has been on tour at various exhibitions, including at the Millennium exhibition in London in 2000, followed by the Smithsonian museum. It was reportedly bought...

10 Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found10 Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found
00:10:12April 15, 2017, 1:31 pm
10 Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found

Channel: Top 10 Trends & Total View: 1249112

Add Date: April 15, 2017, 1:31 pm & Duration: 00:10:12

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science facts, rarest, gemstones, minerals, ever, seen, rare, rocks, world, earth, expensive, facts, list, gems, jewelry, crystals, gem, precious, geology, all time, valuable, Black Opal, Jadeite, mystery, Alexandrite, discovered, unearthed, Benitoite, blue, Musgravite, Jeremejevite, Poudretteite, Grandidierite, Painite, Red Beryl, Ammolite, Tanzanite, Red Diamonds, diamond, largest, Top Rarest Gemstones, Minerals More Valuable Than Gold, top 10, 10 rare gems, most expensive diamon, diamon rare, top10, trends, viral, new

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Welcome fellow amateur geologists and Minecraft enthusiasts, today, we’ll be taking a look at ten of the rarest gems and jewels found on planet earth! Note: just because it’s found on earth, doesn’t mean it’s from it!

10. Tanzanite
9. Grandiderite
8. Black Opal
7. Taaffeite
6. Alexandrite
5. Musgravite
4. Painite
3. Serendibite
2. Red Diamonds, Pink Star Diamond
1. Jadeite

This mineral was first found during the mid-1960’s in the Poudrette quarry of Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec. However, it wasn’t until 1987 that the poudretteite was fully recognized as a new mineral. Even then, this mineral wasn't described in depth until 2003. As stated by several different sources, it’s believed that only a relative few will ever come into contact with this mineral and let alone ever even hear it mentioned.

This is considered to be an extremely rare mineral...

10 Most Expensive Things In The World10 Most Expensive Things In The World
00:05:55December 10, 2014, 3:38 pm
10 Most Expensive Things In The World

Channel: Top Trending & Total View: 19592844

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most expensive things in the world, 10 most expenive things in the world, 10 of the most expensive things in the world, most expensive things ever sold, most expensive things you'll never need, most expensive, expensive, 25 most expensive things in the world, most expensive things, most expensive car, most expensive hotel rooms, most expensive shoes, most expensive phone, most expensive virginity, girls sells virginity online, Marina Bay Sands, viral, new

Here are 10 of the most expensive things in the world.

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Music: Otis McDonald

10 Most Expensive Things In The World

00:05:29June 6, 2017, 11:06 am

Channel: #Mind Warehouse & Total View: 2092960

Add Date: June 6, 2017, 11:06 am & Duration: 00:05:29

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Top 10 10 Most #Mind Warehouse mind warehouse mindwarehouse, your mind is my wearhouse, dump site, found in the dump, #mind warehouse, mindwarehouse, 2017, best, objects found, mind warehouse, top 10, 10 most, your mind is my warehouse, mind tricks, top 5, puzzle, facts, mind, most, list, mind blowing, top 10 10 most #mind warehouse mind warehouse mindwarehouse, most expensive


Maybe you've have live something like this: you are going down the street, you suddenly look down and you find something interesting, like money or a phone. Did you know that you can find incredible and extremely valuable items even in a dump? And that is exactly the topic of today's video: we are gonna tell you how some people became millionaires after going through the trash. These are the 10 most expensive objects found in a dump.

The Most Valuable Gemstones Ever Found in the world & giant nugget 2017 new ✅

Channel: UW & Total View: 3390884

Add Date: January 25, 2017, 11:04 pm & Duration: 00:02:57

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new, Diamond, Gemstone, most expensive, expensive, most expensive diamond, found, find, jade rock, jewelry, auction, wedding ring, ideas, inspiration, mining, Africa, blood diamond, value, discovery, discovered, focus, the world, earth, cave, amazing, the most, the best, materials, much, more, gold, Valuable Gemstones, Ever Found, top 5, top 10, list, real, huge Gemstones Ever Found, giant, huge, gigantic, crystals, Gold nugget, silver, 2017, 2018

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5 Of The Most Expensive Items Sold At Auction!5 Of The Most Expensive Items Sold At Auction!
00:04:42August 13, 2015, 10:46 am
5 Of The Most Expensive Items Sold At Auction!

Channel: All5! & Total View: 308631

Add Date: August 13, 2015, 10:46 am & Duration: 00:04:42

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expensive auctions, expensive items, most expensive car, most expensive diamond, Auction (Industry), Pablo Picasso's Nude, Green Leaves and Bust, Nude, Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Hammer, Codex Hammer, Marilyn, Monroe's, Happy Birthday Mr. President, Dress, Lee Strasberg, Robert Schargen, 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa, Sergio Scaglietti, Wittelsbach diamond, Christie's auction house

We generally see an auction as a way to pick up a bargain,

But there some auction houses that sell such rare or valuable items, that they attract some of wealthiest people in the world.

When the richest bid against each other, the price an item can sell, can break records.

Here are 5 of the most expensive things sold at auction.

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5) Wittelsbach diamond

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, the Wittelsbach would make one heck of a BFF.

The 35.56-carat blue diamond dates back to the 17th century, when King...

Top 10 Most Valuable American Coins — TopTenzNetTop 10 Most Valuable American Coins — TopTenzNet
00:08:16January 30, 2015, 3:33 am
Top 10 Most Valuable American Coins — TopTenzNet

Channel: TopTenz & Total View: 421081

Add Date: January 30, 2015, 3:33 am & Duration: 00:08:16

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top 10, top10, topten, top ten, toptenzvids3, awesome, didn't know, american coins, valuable coins

Top 10 Most Valuable American Coins

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Top 10 American War Crimes

The history of American coinage is really the history of America itself, and the stories each coin tells are as varied and unique as the people who have used them. They are pieces of art in their own right, and a piece of Americana any person can own, which is what makes coin collecting such a popular hobby.

Text version:

Coming up:

10. 1794 Silver Dollar
9. 1870-S Three Dollar Gold Piece
8. 1873-CC Liberty Seated Dime
7. 1885 “Trade” Silver Dollar
6. 1849 Coronet Twenty Dollar Gold Piece
5. 1861 Coronet Twenty Dollar Gold Piece
4. 1804 Ten Dollar Gold Piece
3. 1913 Liberty Nickel
2. 1933 Saint-Gaudens Twenty Dollar Gold Piece
1. 1804 Silver Dollar – The Most Valuable Coin in America

Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the WorldTop 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World
00:01:49October 10, 2015, 12:03 am
Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World

Channel: AllTop10's & Total View: 717963

Add Date: October 10, 2015, 12:03 am & Duration: 00:01:49

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Currency (Dimension), Top 10, in the World, World Currency, Least Valuable, Finance (Industry), Economy, Trading, United States Dollar, Most Valuable, Currencies


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World's Top 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World

Other Titles:
- 10 Most Valuable Currencies in the World.
- Top 10 High Valued Currencies.
- Top 10 Valuable Currencies in the World by Exchange Rates.

Wikipedia and others.

- Currency exchange rates can be fluctuate.
- This list only based on exchange rate of listed Currencies in the video to "United States Dollar".
- Some other currencies can also be valuable except the countries listed in the video.
- This list is not based on most trading currencies.

In the Video (Ranks):

10 - CHF = Swiss Franc.
9 - KYD = Cayman Island Dollar.
8 - EUR = European Union Euro.
7 - JOD = Jordanian Dinar.
6 - GIP = Gibraltar Pound.
5 - GBP = Great British Pound.
4 - LVL = Latvian Lats.
3 - OMR = Omani Rial.
2 - BHD = Bahraini Dinar.
1 - KWD = Kuwaiti Dinar.

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Most VALUABLE Gemstones Ever Discovered On Earth!

Channel: Origins Explained & Total View: 152908

Add Date: May 31, 2017, 6:00 am & Duration: 00:12:23

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most, valuable, gemstones, ever, discovered, earth, most valuable, valuable gemstones, most valuable gemstones, most valuable gemstones ever discovered, discovery, discoveries, jewelry, gems, expensive, most expensive, expensive gemstones, gemstone, mining, painite, crystals, world, opal, diamond, expensive diamond, most expensive diamond, wedding ring, blood diamond, value, top, top 10, top ten, top most, facts, list, origins explained

Check out the most valuable gemstones ever discovered on earth! This top 10 list goes from the most expensive diamonds to other amazing discoveries in the world!

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#9 Painite
The name of this gem does not do it justice. Though it does resemble the impact it would have on your wallet if purchased.
Painite is a very rare borate mineral. Humans first documented its discovery in the 1950’s when a British mineralogist found Painite in Myanmar. The man’s name was Arthur Pain. When it was found out that Arthur had discovered a new mineral, the gem was named after him.
Painite is made up of calcium, zirconium, boron, aluminum and oxygen, giving it a complex and unique formula. To add to its peculiarly, it contains chromium and vanadium as well, though a very small amount. The gem is naturally an orange-red to brownish-red color much like topaz that is colored by iron. They are naturally hexagonal as well and are...

00:11:27December 2, 2017, 6:21 am

Channel: MAD LAB & Total View: 3594801

Add Date: December 2, 2017, 6:21 am & Duration: 00:11:27

Likes: 18602 | Dislike: 2944


12 Most EXPENSIVE and Famous FIREARMS of ALL TIME, Most Expensive, top5, top10, Western, Wild West, 45-caliber Colt, Wyatt Earp, O.K.Corral, Earp brothers and Doc Holliday, Smith & Wesson, Jesse James, Robert Ford, Bonnie Parker, Clyde Barrow, Henry rifle of 1860, History, iron frame, Theodore Roosevelt, Samuel Colt, Colt Walker, Clint Eastwood, Colt Paterson, Simon Bolivar, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, Abraham Lincoln


Hi everybody! Several shots are able to change the course of history – and the weapon itself may obtain a status of a really invaluable gizmo – and today, you’ll see for yourself. Starting with the attributes of the popular gangster duo Bonnie and Clyde, we will explore the Wild West and find out the price on pistols are made from a precious, 4 million year old meteorite. We shall finish with a literally priceless firearm – whatever price you’re going to mention, it’ll still be worth more! Here are top of the most famous and expensive specimens of firearms in the world.


Video 1

2. Forgotten Weapons

The most EXPENSIVE Materials on Earth!The most EXPENSIVE Materials on Earth!
00:12:48July 24, 2017, 8:00 am
The most EXPENSIVE Materials on Earth!

Channel: Pablito's Way & Total View: 3104131

Add Date: July 24, 2017, 8:00 am & Duration: 00:12:48

Likes: 6872 | Dislike: 2361


The most expensive materials on earth, most valuable materials in the world, most expensive things by weight, what are the most expensive materials, what are the most expensive substances, most expensive metals, most expensive jewels, most expensive substances, most expensive things, most rare crystals, most rare jewels, rarest substances on earth, rhino horn, truffles, painite, gold, plutonium, saffron, diamonds, jade, californium, antimatter, expensive, substances, materials, things, rare

What are the most expensive substances on earth?! Did you know that a kilogram of rhino horn is worth $65,000?! Or that a 59.6 carat diamond was bought for $71.2 million dollars in 2017? Find out about most expensive materials in this video!

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11 Most Ridiculous Purchases by Floyd "Money" Mayweather!

In no particular order, here’s a list of the most expensive substances on Earth!

10 – Rhino horn

Rhino horn is a prized horn that obviously comes from the Rhinoceros. Rhinos are...

Top 10 Most Expensive Stamps in The World | Most Valuable Stamps

Channel: WowList & Total View: 32130

Add Date: August 1, 2017, 9:29 am & Duration: 00:03:41

Likes: 157 | Dislike: 12


the most expensive stamps in the world, most valuable stamps in the world, world's most valuable stamps, rarest stamps in the world, most expensive used stamps, most valuable stamps, old stamps that are worth money, most wanted stamps, rare foreign stamps, rare stamps, valuable stamps, vintage stamps, valuable old stamps, world's rarest stamps, valuable foreign stamps, top value stamps, old rare stamps, stamps that are worth money, valuable stamps list

Although collecting stamps is a hobby that is what you prefer to earn, but you're welcome, there are exceptions. These are the 10 most expensive stamps in the world.

10. Penny Black - $3000
In our list of most valuable stamps penny black is at number ten. The Penny Black was the very first stamp with an adhesive backing, to the idea of Rowland Hill. He is seen as the father of the stamps. The stamp was issued in England in 1840. However, the seal was retracted a year later because the stamp was difficult to spot on the black background. The stamp was replaced by Penny Red. This stamp with a picture of Queen Victoria would be worth $3000 today.

9. Basel Dove - $20,000
The Basel Dove is a stamp issued in Basel, Switzerland in the year 1845. It was the very first three-color stamp in the world. On the stamp a white pigeon is shown with a letter in his mouth. A total of around 42,000 copies were issued and anyone who could still have one of them could handle it better. Today, the Basel Dove is worth about $20,000

8. Tyrian Plum - $160,000
The Tyrian Plum profile which Edward VII pictured is one of the rarest stamps in Britain. Whoever has this stamp from 1910 is very lucky because most are destroyed after the unexpected death of the...

Most Valuable Items To Pawn | Pawn StarsMost Valuable Items To Pawn | Pawn Stars
00:02:01December 12, 2017, 4:00 pm
Most Valuable Items To Pawn | Pawn Stars

Channel: HISTORY Asia & Total View: 1053824

Add Date: December 12, 2017, 4:00 pm & Duration: 00:02:01

Likes: 3551 | Dislike: 387


history, historyasia, channel, entertainment, reality, pawn, shop, store, buy, sell, bargain, haggle, deal, old, new, money, business, family, value, musical instrument, jewellery

Want to know which items are most valuable to pawn? Hear the guys tell tell you the best things to sell that will get you the most money, and make them the most profit.

About Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars continues with new episodes from season twelve of the hit series about a family-run LA pawnshop. The Chum-Sake sees the guys check out an entire sheet of test notes from the U.S. Mint's test of a new printing press, while in Corey's Big Splurge the team get nostalgic for the 80's as they check out a replica of the proton pack from "Ghostbusters."

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The Most Expensive Thing On EarthThe Most Expensive Thing On Earth
00:04:41April 29, 2015, 3:30 pm
The Most Expensive Thing On Earth

Channel: Top Trending & Total View: 2903205

Add Date: April 29, 2015, 3:30 pm & Duration: 00:04:41

Likes: 31552 | Dislike: 1171


the most expensive thing on earth, most expensive thing on earth, most expensive thing, most expensive things, most expensive thing in the world, antimatter, biosphere, expensive, most expensive, viral, new, rich, valuable, gold, diamond, substance, billionaire, million, dollars, money, millionaire, richest, the richest, platinum, gold and silver, richest people, dubai

We take an in depth look at the most expensive things in our world!

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Music: Soft Ambient

The Most Expensive Thing On Earth

Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books Of All TimeTop 10 Most Valuable Comic Books Of All Time
00:06:59March 27, 2018, 4:00 pm
Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books Of All Time

Channel: & Total View: 88923

Add Date: March 27, 2018, 4:00 pm & Duration: 00:06:59

Likes: 2210 | Dislike: 40


comics, comic books, most valuable, most expensive, rare, hard to find, issues, action comics, detective comics, superman, batman, amazing fantasy, spider-man, wonder woman, hulk, captain america, x-men, top 10, list, rank, watch, mojo, watch mojo, watchmojo, watchmojo top 10

Top 10 Most Valuable Comic Books
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They paid HOW MUCH for these comics? Yes, some people will go to insane lengths, and shell out quite a lot of money, when it comes to these classic, groundbreaking, and extremely rare issues. Here's a list of the most valuable issues in the history of comics.

List Rank and Entries
#10: “Captain America Comics” #1 (1941) - $343,057
#9: “Marvel Comics” #1 (1939) - $350,000
#8: “Superman” #1 (1939) - $358,500
#7: “Tales of Suspense” #39 (1963) - $375,000
#6: “Flash Comics” #1 (1940) - $450,000
#5: “Uncanny X-Men” #1 (1963) - $492,937
#4: “Batman” #1 (1940) - $567,625
#3, #2, #1: ?

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Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon CardsTop 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Cards
00:10:12February 16, 2017, 1:30 pm
Top 10 Rarest and Most Expensive Pokemon Cards

Channel: Top 10 Trends & Total View: 872308

Add Date: February 16, 2017, 1:30 pm & Duration: 00:10:12

Likes: 5170 | Dislike: 1255


top10, top 10, pokemon, cards, pokemon cards, pokèmon, pokèmon cards, rarest pokemon, poke, pokeball, pokemon go, pokèmon go, rarest, rare, playing cards, rare pokemon cards, best pokemon cards, best pokemon card, highest value pokemon card, highest value pokemon cards, pikachu, video game, pokemon go update, 10 rarest pokemon cards, top 5, Pokemon Shining Cards, shiny pokemon cards, shiny pokemon, Pikachu Illustrator Cards, Pokemon Snap Cards, custom pokemon cards, best, expensive

Top 10 Rarest & Most Expensive Pokémon Cards in the world!
Top 10 Rarest Pokemon GO Gen 2 ►
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The 10 most expensive and rarest Pokemon cards in all of existence!
Which of these Pokémon cards would you most like to have?
Full Art EX Cards (Full Custom Pokemon Art)
Southern Island Card Set (Pokemon Collectors item)
Pokemon Shining Cards
Gold Star Cards
Pokemon Snap Cards
Prerelease Raichu Cards
2001 Tropical Mega Battle Cards
Numbers 1, 2, and 3 Trainer Cards
Charizard Base Set First Edition Card
Pikachu Illustrator Cards

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The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers Of Q4 2017The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers Of Q4 2017
00:04:17February 12, 2018, 4:49 am
The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers Of Q4 2017

Channel: Highsnobiety & Total View: 89167

Add Date: February 12, 2018, 4:49 am & Duration: 00:04:17

Likes: 1525 | Dislike: 60


highsnobiety, lifestyle, fashion, streetwear, culture, travel, sneakers, footwear, videography, style, pop-culture, Nike, adidas, puma, balenciaga, vlone, off white, raf simmons, moncler, colette, yeezy, 350, jordans, pharrel, kanye, collab, resale, supreme, louis vuitton, stock x, channel, nmd, billionaire boys club, nigo, nerd, music, 2019, 2018, upcoming, trendding, karl lagerfeld, kyrie 3, tripple s, virgil abloh, wave runner

2017 was a stellar year for sneakers & here were all the most valuable ones of Q4.


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Top 5 Most Valuable Items! - Stardew Valley Gameplay HDTop 5 Most Valuable Items! - Stardew Valley Gameplay HD
00:08:33September 26, 2017, 2:41 pm
Top 5 Most Valuable Items! - Stardew Valley Gameplay HD

Channel: DangerouslyFunny & Total View: 108585

Add Date: September 26, 2017, 2:41 pm & Duration: 00:08:33

Likes: 1826 | Dislike: 70


stardew valley, stardew, valley, 1.1, dangerously funny, dangerously, funny, gameplay, 1080, tips, walkthrough, tricks, guide, mods, mod, game, tutorial, 1080p, stardew valley gameplay, farming, no cursing, best, commentary, new, gaming, stardew valley mod, clean, farm, easy to use, no bad words, no swearing, review, how to, kid friendly, stardew valley walkthrough, marriage, play, stardew valley guide, top 5, valuable items, most valuable items

If we can get 2000 likes on this video I will do another giveaway!!!
Taking a look at the top 5 most valuable items you can get a hold of in the game! I guide you through the details of each item with my commentary as always. Stardew Valley gameplay at its finest..

Top 10 Most Valuable Body PartsTop 10 Most Valuable Body Parts
00:08:14November 29, 2017, 1:00 pm
Top 10 Most Valuable Body Parts

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Top 10 Most Valuable Body Parts.
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In today's list we look at the weirdest and sometimes the most scary facts about the value of the human body. Do you know how much human body parts are worth? The answers may shock you, we've got them right here ...


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10 Most Valuable Currencies In The World 201710 Most Valuable Currencies In The World 2017
00:03:28February 15, 2017, 8:07 am
10 Most Valuable Currencies In The World 2017

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10 Most Valuable Currencies In The World 2017

Take a look at the sector's maximum costly currencies in the intervening time, comparing them to america dollar and trying to find out why they may be this pricy. Every foreign money on this world has distinctive charge and exchange charge as properly. There are many currencies in this global in which a few are more highly-priced, and a few are cheap.Some countries are very rich within the world due to their sturdy economy, and this is the motive their money may be very costly as properly. These currencies are also very important in a change as nations ought to pay cash to their countries for his or her items.

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10 most VALUABLE PRISON COMMISSARY ITEMS prisoners can purchase

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In this video, I'm going to tell you the 10 most valuable prison commissary items prisoners can purchase. And why these items are so valuable.

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Top 5 most valuable Washington Quarter varietiesTop 5 most valuable Washington Quarter varieties
00:08:35January 12, 2017, 6:00 pm
Top 5 most valuable Washington Quarter varieties

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Most Valuable Coins In The World - 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar ...

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Most Valuable Coins, Most Valuable Coin In The World, 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, Gold Double Eagle Coin

See the most valuable coins in the world:

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar
1933 Gold Double Eagle Coin (20 dollars)
1343-44 Edward III Florin

Top 10 Most Valuable Magic the Gathering CardsTop 10 Most Valuable Magic the Gathering Cards
00:13:02February 11, 2017, 1:30 pm
Top 10 Most Valuable Magic the Gathering Cards

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Remember when I got really into Magic the Gathering? Well, I got curious: What are the rarest and most valuable Magic the Gathering cards?
Don't worry -- this isn't just a list of the Power 9. Here are the Top 10 Most Valuable Magic the Gathering Cards.

►Cara (Cheratomo):

►Jack (Superplaid64):





💵 10 Most Valuable U.S. Coins - Do you have any?

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A selection of the most sought after coins by collectors and numismatic houses, historical and ancient coins that were auctioned at their highest values by their quality, care and detail.

Prices of U.S. American coins.

A coin auctioned at more than $ 4 million dollars 😱!

These coins were auctioned and sold at their maximum prices.

Remember that in order to reach the maximum price you must value and certify your coins in a numismatic house, they will determine its value and price according to the physical state and its age.

Even a coin in poor condition can be worth more than 200 USD without certification.

Vídeo en Español:

1794 Flowing Hair Dollar
1797 Drapped Bust Half Dollar
1817 Capped Bust Half Dollar
1838-O Capped Bust Half Dollar
1879-S Seated Liberty
1893-S Morgan Silver Dollar
1901 Morgan Silver Dollar
1913 Liberty Head V Nickel
1927-D St Gaudens Double Eagle
1933 Indian Head Gold Eagle

00:03:57September 20, 2017, 11:00 am

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These are rare stamps worth money. So search for the most valuable stamps at flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores because your postage stamp collection could contain these old stamps that sold for thousands of dollars!!

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Welcome to Couch Collectibles formerly known as Couch Coins! I’ve collected rare coins, baseball cards, and many other rare collectible toys since I was a kid. I'm sharing this collecting experience with others through educational videos on YouTube. Come along and join me on this exciting journey by subscribing right now as we look at the most valuable toy collectibles and rare coins that you could find at yard sales, flea markets and garage sales!

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Top 10 Most Valuable RecordsTop 10 Most Valuable Records
00:30:12June 25, 2017, 3:39 pm
Top 10 Most Valuable Records

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Daily Vinyl, Vinyl Records, Top 10, Most Expensive, Most Valuable, List, Ranking Video, Vinyl, Records, Nine Inch Nails, Ryan Adams, Waylon Jennings, Top Ten, Countdown, 365AlbumReviewsIN2016, Tipsy Top 10

The return of the Top 10 Series!
In this video I count down the 10 most valuable records in my collection. Enjoy!

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This set has a large number of playable and valuable cards, as a result this list is full of so much goodness!!


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History of Most valuable football playersHistory of Most valuable football players
00:02:44November 10, 2017, 8:03 am
History of Most valuable football players

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football, uefa

Color Key:
The league he belongs to
** AS Monaco FC is belongs to Ligue 1. not Serie A. **


Roots by Tobu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0
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