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The Monetary System Visually ExplainedThe Monetary System Visually Explained
00:21:29August 11, 2015, 12:21 am
The Monetary System Visually Explained

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A great visual explanation of how monetary systems work.
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Economy (Money system) explained in 30 minutesEconomy (Money system) explained in 30 minutes
00:31:00October 19, 2016, 3:08 am
Economy (Money system) explained in 30 minutes

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money, finance, economy, world, dollar, rupee

How money system works.

International Monetary System - New Economic SlaveryInternational Monetary System - New Economic Slavery
00:51:09October 28, 2011, 12:23 pm
International Monetary System - New Economic Slavery

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Paper money, Debt, Inflation, Interest, Trasury Bond, Slavery, World bank, IMF, Riba

A brief about paper money,
1. How paper money is created
2. policy of using it,
3. debt,
4. inflation
5. Interest
International Monetary system is called modern day Slavery .. watch the full video to know more about it ...

140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes - Mike Maloney

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gold, silver, gold and silver, mike maloney, hidden secrets of money, hidden, secrets, money, mike, maloney peter schiff, truthnevertold, chris duane, duane, History (Literary School Or Movement), Economy

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This week's video is a flashback to Episode 2. We received many comments from you on the blog thanking Mike for explaining the Seven Stages Of Empire so clearly, but there was definitely one segment of the episode that was a clear favorite and had viewers asking 'Why wasn't I taught that in school!'

So for those of you who haven't seen it -- strap yourselves in for 140 years of Monetary History In Ten Minutes.

By the end of this clip you'll be able to answer for yourselves:

- Are we overdue for a new monetary system?
- Is war good for an economy?
- Why did Nixon sever the link between all currencies and gold?

Please share this clip with those who you think could benefit from this great presentation, I'll be back with you next week with a preview of Episode 3.

Dan (Director - Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets Of Money)

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Robert Kiyosaki - How Our Monetary System Enslaves Us & Why You Shouldn't Pay Taxes (FULL INTERVIEW)

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Robert Kiyosaki, Federal Reserve, free market, markets, End The Fed, Ron Paul, Donald Trump, central planning, economy, economics, finance, rich dad poor dad, Fox News, lear capital, NWO, new world order, globalism, anarchy, freedom, voluntaryism, Josh Sigurdson, Kiyosaki, taxation, taxes, The Alex Jones Channel, deep state, conspiracy, public school, WeAreChange, the rich dad channel, tedx talks, 2017, Next News Network, Max Keiser, CNBC, real estate, bubble, derivatives, jim rickards

Josh Sigurdson and John Sneisen sit down with author and icon Robert Kiyosaki at The Red Pill Expo in Montana to talk about the monetary system, the markets, the tax code, Donald Trump, a cashless society, investing, gold and silver and the public school system.
Robert Kiyosaki is the man behind the book 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad' which is the number one personal finance book of all time. He's written two books with President Donald Trump and has supported people like Ron Paul in the past.
His appearance at G. Edward Griffin's 'The Red Pill Expo' was in honor of Mr. Griffin who he says he respects greatly. "If Griffin asks, I come!"
Kiyosaki made the point that one should not work for money but for assets and that if you don't like taxes, find a way not to pay them, get rich, own assets, buy good debt.

Kiyosaki also went into the deep state effect on the Trump administration and how his friend Donald Trump can't actually change the realities of the coming fiat dollar crash. He also went into the fact that the public school system indoctrinates kids to know very little, pay taxes and invest long term in the stock market.

When it comes to the future, Kiyosaki says the good thing is people will live longer and the bad news is, they will be living...

WHAT IS A MONETARY SYSTEM? (Monetary Systems #2)WHAT IS A MONETARY SYSTEM? (Monetary Systems #2)
00:08:34June 30, 2017, 9:32 am
WHAT IS A MONETARY SYSTEM? (Monetary Systems #2)

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monetary system, what is a monetary system, commodity money, commodity-backed money, fiat money, fiat, commodity, dollar, economics, banking, banking and money, money, currency, what is a currency, legal tender, what is legal tender, central bank, banks, bank, monetary, money supply, monetary policy, bretton woods, gold standard, gold exchange standard, economy, economics course, economics lessons, nicholas puri, duomo, duomo initiative, duomo method, duomo trading, puricassar

In this second video from our series on monetary systems, we now move on to discuss what a monetary system is, why it's so important and the three main types: commodity money, commodity-backed money and fiat money.

This will give you the background knowledge you need to progress onto our videos about money supply and the fractional reserve system. All of this will help you understand more about central bank decisions, the economy, the markets and the world of money in general.








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ZEITGEIST 2 "Society are slaves to the monetary system" DEBT

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suggests that the primary reason for what the film sees as society's social values ("warfare, corruption, oppressive laws, social stratification, irrelevant superstitions, environmental destruction, and a despotic, socially indifferent, profit oriented ruling class") is a collective ignorance of "the emergent and symbiotic aspects of natural law". The film advocates the following actions for achieving social change: boycotting of the most powerful banks in the Federal Reserve System, the major news networks, the military, energy corporations, all political systems; and joining, and supporting The Zeitgeist Movement.

The International Monetary System & The Future Of Money By Sheikh Imran Hosein

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WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MONEY? (Monetary Systems #1)WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MONEY? (Monetary Systems #1)
00:06:45December 24, 2016, 3:15 am
WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MONEY? (Monetary Systems #1)

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yt:cc=on, the purpose of money, the functions of money, function of money, monetary systems, macroeconomics, banking, central bank, central banking, double coincidence of wants, barter system, bartering, concept of money, economics, basic economics, economics for traders, money, role of money, nicholas puri, niki puri, duomo, duomo initiative, puricassar, cash, coins, paper money, fiat money, commodity money, gold standard

Before we move on to learn about monetary systems, we first have to understand the role of money. This is an important concept that will be the first step in making central bank activity easier to understand. It's important for your trading to understand at least some basics of macroeconomics, so you can follow what is going on in global events related to the banking system that clearly have an effect on the markets and the world around us.









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Money supply: M0, M1, and M2 | The monetary system | Macroeconomics | Khan Academy

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Different ways of measuring the money supply

Watch the next lesson:

Missed the previous lesson?

Macroeconomics on Khan Academy: Topics covered in a traditional college level introductory macroeconomics course

About Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer specialized content.

For free. For...

Indian Monetary System in hindi | Monetary System in hindi | Economy Lecture PT-04

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indian monetary system, indian monetary system in hindi, monetary system in india, monetary system in hindi, monetary system economics, monetary system macroeconomics, monetary system meaning in hindi, indian monetary system pdf, indian monetary system in hindi language, indian monetary system in hindi pdf

This is the part 4 of the Economy series video lecture - .

In this video I have explained about the Monetary system in India
about Money, functions of Money,Money stock aggregates M1,M2,M3,M4, Reserve Money M0,Narrow Money,Broad Money, Devaluation,Demonetisation,Cheap Money,Dear Money,Hot money etc.

Please watch: "banking and financial awareness for bank exams December 17 | IBPS Clerk | RBI Assistant | # PT-1"

What's all the Yellen About? Monetary Policy and the Federal Reserve: Crash Course Economics #10

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John Green, Hank Green, vlogbrothers, Crash Course, crashcourse, janet yellen, ben bernanke, federal reserve, monetary policy, economy, economics, fiscal policy, interest rates, central bank, fed, ECB, banks, banking, fed chair, interest, loan, money supply, bonds, bond, expansionary, contractionary, dot com, paul volcker, great depression, recession, confidence, liquidity, bank run, liquid assets, mortgage, deposit, fractional reserve, bankers' bank, discount rate

This week on Crash Course Economics, we're talking about monetary policy. The reality of the world is that the United States (and most of the world's economies) are, to varying degrees, Keynesian. When things go wrong, economically, the central bank of the country intervenes to try aand get things back on track. In the United States, the Federal Reserve is the organization that steps in to use monetary policy to steer the economy. When the Fed, as it's called, does step in, there are a few different tacks it can take. The Fed can change interest rates, or it can change the money supply. This is pretty interesting stuff, and it's what we're getting into today.

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trendy, gerald, celente, korea, china, north, jean khan, nuclear, bomb, media, global, gold, bank, banking, matrix, monetary, vault, police, control, mafia, episode, american, new york city, gold bullion, scrap gold, silver coins, silver bullion, dollar, trust, stocks, trading, investment, investing, world, supply, 2013, illuminati, new world order, alex jones, infowars, gerald celente, david icke, farrakhan, lindsey williams

FIRST LOOK Inside the FEDERAL RESERVE, USD, CASH, GOLD monetary SYSTEM - Americas Money Vault, National Geographic Full Episode PART 1

For the first time, National Geographic takes you inside the heart of the money machine to places that you're not allowed to bring a camera ...straight into the vaults of some of the world's largest stashes of what you want, need and bust your butt to get: Money.

Hidden deep under the streets of New York City, hundreds of billion dollars in gold bars are tucked away in a bunker that is anchored to the bedrock of Manhattan Island itself.

In the latest in a string of high-profile hacking disclosures, the Federal Reserve confirmed on Wednesday that one of its websites was broken into by cyber hackers in a breach that reportedly leaked the contact information of thousands of bankers.

While the central bank said the incident didn't "affect critical operations" of the Federal Reserve System, the disclosure is sure to fuel concerns about the cyber security of government websites and critical financial infrastructure.

The Fed hack appears to be tied to an Anonymous group that published on Twitter the credentials of more than 4,000 commercial bankers early Monday morning. The group, Operation Last...

How Banks Create Money and the Money Multiplier- Macro 4.8

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econ, economics, money, multiplier, fractional reserve banking, banking, reserve ration, Money Creation, Money Multiplier

Money doesn't grow on trees, but it does grow in banks. I explain how banks create money and how to use the money multiplier. For more practice go to my website or watch the unit playlist videos. Please subscribe and leave a comment. You rock!

Monetary Policy and Despicable Me

Video about the Federal Reserve

Unit playlists.

Who Controls the Money Controls the WorldWho Controls the Money Controls the World
00:13:01November 13, 2011, 3:58 am
Who Controls the Money Controls the World

Channel: thew3t & Total View: 1702965

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Occupy, Banks, Federal, Reserve, IMF, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Chase, America, OWS, Economic, Collapse, Electoral, Reform

All facts in this movie have been independently confirmed. Sources are documented at

History will repeat itself as long as these bankers and their corrupt politicians are in charge. Save yourself from the upcoming economic collapse of 2012. Please share this important knowledge with your family and take action.

The Bretton Woods Monetary System (1944 - 1971) Explained in One Minute

Channel: One Minute Economics & Total View: 71721

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bretton woods, bretton woods system, bretton woods monetary system, bretton woods 1944, bretton woods 1971, bretton woods explained, bretton woods financial system, bretton woods conference, bretton woods money, bretton woods currency, one minute economics, bretton woods new hampshire, bretton woods gold, bretton woods gold standard

After World War 2, it was clear the world needed a new financial system and as such, 44 countries sent delegates to Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to work on just that.

The Bretton Woods system lasted from 1944 to 1971, when Nixon ended it and thereby put the final nail in the coffin of not just the Bretton Woods monetary system but also to gold's monetary role.

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind - Hidden Secrets of Money 4

Channel: GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) & Total View: 7048496

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gold, silver, gold and silver, mike maloney, buy gold, buy silver, michael maloney, maloney, biggest scam, scam, history, biggest scam in history, biggest scam in history of mankind, debt ceiling, government shutdown, government, federal reserve, IOU, debt collapse, Documentary, Economy, Crisis, Economic, Freedom, Reserve, monetary systems, treasury, currency, dollar, us dollar, china, peter schiff, 500oz,, precious metals, pegasus, silver pegasus

Bonus Presentation here: Who owns the Federal reserve? You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world... it's a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn't quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is.

Gone are the days where a family can survive on just one paycheck... every day it seems that things are more and more out of control, yet only one in a million understand why. You are about to discover the system that is ultimately responsible for most of the inequality in our world today.

The powers that be DO NOT want you to know about this, as this system is what has kept them at the top of the financial food-chain for the last 100 years.

Learning this will change your life, because it will change the choices that you make. If enough people learn it, it will change the world... because it will change the system .

For this is the biggest Hidden Secret Of Money.

Never in human history have so many been plundered by so few, and it's all accomplished through this... The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind.


For more...

Money: The Greatest Scam In History - What Is Money?

Channel: Proper Gander & Total View: 39197

Add Date: May 7, 2016, 6:00 am & Duration: 00:45:02

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Federal Reserve, Debt, Money, Scam, Money as Debt, explained, documentary, banks, central bank, treasury bonds, interest, Fiat currency, Fractional Reserve Banking, Gold Standard, debt problems, proper gander money

Money -The Greatest Scam In History - What Is Money? Money As Debt, documentary

"Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." - Woodrow Wilson, former President of the United States.

"Each and every time a bank makes a loan, new bank credit is created - new deposits - brand new money." - Graham F. Towers

Commercial Banks create money in the form of demand deposits, when they make loans to households or companies. When a bank makes a loan, a deposit is created at the same time in the borrower's bank account. In that way, new money is created as a bookkeeping entry, with the loan representing an asset and the deposit a liability on the bank's balance sheet. The Bank of England explains this process:

"In the modern economy, most money takes the form of bank deposits. But how those bank deposits are created is often misunderstood: the principal way is through commercial banks making loans. Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching...

Axel Lehmann on Financial and Monetary SystemsAxel Lehmann on Financial and Monetary Systems
00:01:12March 21, 2018, 7:02 am
Axel Lehmann on Financial and Monetary Systems

Channel: World Economic Forum & Total View: 241

Add Date: March 21, 2018, 7:02 am & Duration: 00:01:12

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World Economic Forum

Global Future Councils on the Future of Financial and Monetary Systems

This council will look at the future of the Financial and Monetary systems, comprising the following elements:
- Evolving regulatory requirements
- Innovating to rebuild trust and stability in the financial system
- The need for a new underlying financial system blueprint
- Increasing access to and use of financial services
- Harnessing data to benefit risk management and customer interaction
- Technological impact on the financial services ecosystem
- System interconnectedness and evolving market risks

Macro 4.1- Money Market and FED Tools (Monetary Policy)

Channel: ACDCLeadership & Total View: 198179

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macroeconomics, money market, Monetary Policy, reserve requirement, FED

Mr. Clifford explains the supply and demand for money and the three tools that the FED uses to adjust the money supply

Occult Origins of the UNITED STATES INC. Banking, Law & Monetary Systems.

Channel: & Total View: 44755

Add Date: September 7, 2015, 9:00 am & Duration: 00:41:57

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Law, bank, money, currency, cash flow, United States, Vatican, City-state, jordan maxwell, navigable waters, maritime law, admiralty law, foreign trade zones, special economic zones, ftz, papa bull, canon law, testimentary trust, unum sanctum

Why do we call our monetary system "currency" and have "river" banks with cash "flows" and "liquid" and "frozen" assets while making deposits into "slips"?

Why does a hospital pay a birth mother thousands of dollars to register their baby to a contract directly after the water breaks and comes down the "berth canal"?

Why are we all referred to as being on a citizen-ship, with partner-ships, owner-ships and relation-ships, etc. in the eyes of the law?

Why does our legal system make you enter a "docket" where you are considered a fictitious person in the eyes the courts and a "lost soul at sea"?

Why were the first Trusts written on ritually sacrificed child skin by the Vatican in 1302, and why does it matter today?

Why are we referred to as "lost souls at Sea" in the eyes of the courts?

Banks, Currency, Stocks and Birth Certificates - Jordan Maxwell

What is the difference between common and civil law?

U.S. Constitution vs. UNITED STATES INC.

Why is Washington Named the District of Columbia?

Banking Explained – Money and CreditBanking Explained – Money and Credit
00:06:10March 12, 2015, 6:28 am
Banking Explained – Money and Credit

Channel: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell & Total View: 4435245

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Money (Quotation Subject), Bank (Industry), Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Credit (Industry), banking system, debt, dept crisis, Lehman Brothers (Business Operation), bank crisis, Bankruptcy (Organization Termination Type), European Union, money, banker, credit union, crowdfunding, micro credit, italy, Credit Theory Of Money, economy, Central bank, Greece (Country), bank, infographic, flat design, kurzgesagt, in a nutshell

Banks are a riddle wrapped up in an enigma. We all kind of know that they do stuff with money we don’t understand, while the last crisis left a feeling of deep mistrust and confusion. We try to shed a bit of light onto the banking system. Why were banks invented, why did they cause the last crisis and are there alternatives?

The music from the video is available here!

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Banking Explained – Money and Credit

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International Monetary System (ECO)International Monetary System (ECO)
00:29:25January 12, 2017, 10:02 pm
International Monetary System (ECO)

Channel: Vidya-mitra & Total View: 1558

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Paper:Money and banking

International monetary systemInternational monetary system
00:31:35December 31, 2015, 11:53 pm
International monetary system

Channel: Vidya-mitra & Total View: 16282

Add Date: December 31, 2015, 11:53 pm & Duration: 00:31:35

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International monetary system

Noam Chomsky - A System Without MoneyNoam Chomsky - A System Without Money
00:04:34October 26, 2016, 1:01 pm
Noam Chomsky - A System Without Money

Channel: Chomsky's Philosophy & Total View: 124218

Add Date: October 26, 2016, 1:01 pm & Duration: 00:04:34

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Chomsky, Money, Anarcho-communism, Private Tyranny, Corporations, Corporate Power, Capitalism


97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - Queuepolitely cut

Channel: QueuePolitely & Total View: 1982648

Add Date: May 1, 2012, 1:01 am & Duration: 02:10:23

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debt, money as debt, fractional reserve banking, money creation, credit creation, money multiplier, household debt, house price bubble, positive money, ben dyson, new economics foundation, ann pettifor, queuepolitely, 97 percent Owned, monetary reform, economics, financial, crash, banking reform, currency reform, new money system, what is financial crisis, the financial crisis, impact of financial crisis, economic problem, economic financial crisis, credittheoryofmoney1

Watch the sequel:

97% owned present serious research and verifiable evidence on our economic and financial system. This is the first documentary to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective and explains the inner workings of Central Banks and the Money creation process.

When money drives almost all activity on the planet, it's essential that we understand it. Yet simple questions often get overlooked, questions like; where does money come from? Who creates it? Who decides how it gets used? And what does this mean for the millions of ordinary people who suffer when the monetary, and financial system, breaks down?

A film by Michael Oswald, Produced by Mike Horwath, featuring Ben Dyson of Positive Money, Josh Ryan-Collins of The New Economics Foundation, Ann Pettifor, the "HBOS Whistleblower" Paul Moore, Simon Dixon of Bank to the Future and Nick Dearden from the Jubliee Debt Campaign.

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Rethinking the Global Monetary SystemRethinking the Global Monetary System
01:27:33May 10, 2016, 9:51 am
Rethinking the Global Monetary System

Channel: London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) & Total View: 20150

Add Date: May 10, 2016, 9:51 am & Duration: 01:27:33

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LSE, London School of Economics and Political Science, University, College, Raghuram Rajan, global financial crisis, Regulatory changes, monetary policies, Reserve Bank of India, emerging economies, global safety net, banking, corporate finance, finance, Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists, Luigi Zingales, Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the World Economy, Navtej Sarna, Mukulika Banerjee, Institute of Global Affairs, South Asia Centre, High Commission of India

Date: Tuesday 10 May 2016
Time: 10-11.30am
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building
Speaker: Dr Raghuram Rajan
Chair: Professor Erik Berglof

The global financial crisis has shaken up the international financial architecture. Regulatory changes and unconventional monetary policies have mainly served the interests of advanced economies.

Raghuram Rajan, Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, has been the main voice of emerging economies demanding a more balanced global monetary system. He would like to see more coordination to reduce volatility and a more effective “global safety net” to protect those most vulnerable. Emerging economies must be more involved in rethinking and reshaping the system.

Dr Rajan assumed charge as the 23rd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India on September 4th 2013. Rajan is on leave from the University of Chicago, where he is the Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the Booth School. Between 2003 and 2006, Dr. Rajan was the Chief Economist and Director of Research at the International Monetary Fund.

Dr Rajan’s research interests are in banking, corporate finance, and economic development, especially the role finance plays in it. He co-authored Saving Capitalism from the Capitalists...

00:02:32March 27, 2015, 6:30 am

Channel: OeAD-Housing Office & Total View: 2815

Add Date: March 27, 2015, 6:30 am & Duration: 00:02:32

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university, summer, aems, alternative, Economics (Field Of Study), Monetary Economics (Literature Subject), systems, study, oead, housing, monetary, College, Student, School, Monetary System, Education


There are many alternatives!

AEMS is a new academic Summer School that approaches the topic of economic alternatives by considering natural boundaries and the human factor to be equal parts of the equation.

Our goal is quite ambitious: To help solve some of societies’ problems by presenting viable alternatives to processes and developments that are putting enormous strains on economic, ecologic and social boundaries. In addition to various new and classical concepts from the field of economic sciences, students are also provided with up-to-date scientific data from natural and social sciences. This enables them to have a level-headed discussion of economic and monetary reform while asking: What is our leeway?

The lectures, workshops and discussion panels cover a variety of topics, from the reform or re-definition of money, an overhaul of the aim of economic activity towards solidarity and cooperation, tax reform, a reform of financial markets, all the way to a change in consumer culture and the reduction of resource consumption. Oh, and did we already mention that you will be able to experience the effects of energy-efficient architecture first-hand by...

Anonymous: Flaw in the monetary systemAnonymous: Flaw in the monetary system
00:07:39September 27, 2014, 8:27 am
Anonymous: Flaw in the monetary system

Channel: OfficiallyAnonymous & Total View: 8034

Add Date: September 27, 2014, 8:27 am & Duration: 00:07:39

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YouTube Editor, anonymous, anon, money, monetary system, officiallyanonymous, flaw, flaw in the monetary system, system, economics, finance, economy, financial system, banks, bank, banking, bankers, Anonymous (Organization), Market, Crisis, Economic

Anonymous: Flaw in the monetary system

International Monetary Systems | Joseph T. SalernoInternational Monetary Systems | Joseph T. Salerno
00:57:18November 2, 2011, 6:37 pm
International Monetary Systems | Joseph T. Salerno

Channel: misesmedia & Total View: 9063

Add Date: November 2, 2011, 6:37 pm & Duration: 00:57:18

Likes: 83 | Dislike: 9


Joseph, Salerno, International, Monetary, Systems, Ludwig, von, Mises, Institute, University, 2011, Austrian, Liberty, Peace, economy, economic

Archived from the live broadcast, this lecture by Joseph Salerno was presented at the 2011 Mises University in Auburn, Alabama.

International Monetary SystemInternational Monetary System
00:03:25March 18, 2013, 10:17 pm
International Monetary System

Channel: Kimlyn Huynh & Total View: 8203

Add Date: March 18, 2013, 10:17 pm & Duration: 00:03:25

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money, international, monetary, system, business

For my business class project. Learn more about how foreign currency works!

International Monetary System and International Financial Competitiveness (BSE)

Channel: Vidya-mitra & Total View: 4375

Add Date: February 24, 2016, 2:38 am & Duration: 00:31:31

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Subject : Business Economic
Paper : International Financial Management

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