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Nutrient VideoNutrient Video
00:07:35November 2, 2013, 8:30 pm
Nutrient Video

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Medical Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Pot, Growing Cannabis, Growing Marijuana, Growing Weed, Growing Pot, The Social Grow, Cannabis (Drug), Marijuana Nutes

18+ As Always...
Video covering the Products I use in my garden, why I use them, and when / how much I use.
Quick overview of video:
Truncheon PPM numbers.
Silica Blast - 20-30ppm
Cal/Mag - 400-500ppm
Maxibloom - 1000 - 1500ppm
Open Sesame - Directions + 50%
Beastie Bloomz - Directions + 50%
KoolBloom - Directions + 50%

Grow Big Maxi Bloom then Cool Bloom or Bud Blaster?Grow Big Maxi Bloom then Cool Bloom or Bud Blaster?
00:04:07February 16, 2016, 2:17 am
Grow Big Maxi Bloom then Cool Bloom or Bud Blaster?

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ff grow big maxi bloom kool bloom bud blaster 432 watt led cfls 6500k therealrockondon

Grow Big Maxi Bloom then Cool Bloom or Maxi Bloom?

Growing Marijuana outdoors with maxigro and maxibloom

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marijuana, pot, Cannabis (drug)

Growing Marijuana outdoors with maxigro and maxibloom

10-15-17 4X4 1000W Led Grow (How i Feed My cannabis Plants)

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cannabis, shadiebeetv, gee money, weed kush, led, 4x4, growing cannabis, update, maxigrow, maxibloom, moab, medical, weed nutrients, scrog, 420, growing


Nutrients used : MaxiGrow, MaxiBloom,MOAB

1000w Led
For Legal Medical Marijuana Users And Growers
I Am Legal By The State Of Michigan

Maxi SeriesMaxi Series
00:01:50January 20, 2014, 12:05 pm
Maxi Series

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General Hydroponics, Maxi Series, dry nutrient, grow, bloom

MaxiGro™ and MaxiBloom™ are stand-alone, water-soluble, dry concentrated nutrients. Complete in Primary, Secondary, and Micronutrients, pH buffered.

MaxiGro and MaxiBloom can be used for all types of plants. Designed to work in Coco, Hydroponics, Soilless and Soil.

The Best Cannabis Nutrient Feeding Schedule-- General Hydroponics -- Better Than The Lucas Forumla!

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best cannabis nutrient feeding schedule, Weed General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule, General Hydroponics Feeding Schedule, General Hydroponics, the best nutrients for weed, what food for cannabis plants, Its Chronic, Chronic, Its, best nutrients for weed, How to grow medical grade cannabis, What food for weed plants, Tips Tuesday Nutrients, Nugs, General Hydroponics Nutrients, What nutrients to use, how to grow weed, Flora Series Nutrients, best nutrient feeding schedule, weed food

Please watch: "Cannabis Timelapse Recovering From Transplant Shock - Total Organics Custom Soil (4k)"

The Best Cannabis Nutrient Feeding Schedule-- General Hydroponics -- Better Than The Lucas Formula!

Welcome Back to It's Chronic! I get the question ALL THE TIME, "Chronic, what nutrients should I use to grow my weed??" haha You can use any kind of nutrients really (General Hydroponics is what I use) but after many years of growing I've come up with the perfect nutrient feeding schedule that's set in stone week by week that guarantees insane yields and delicious terpines which all add up to the finest medical grade cannabis that your genetics allow!!!!

I didn't want to originally but figured it is probably about time to disclose my secret recipe for cannabis growing success! A foolproof (and the best) Cannabis nutrient feeding schedule out there! This General Hydroponics nutrient schedule knocks the socks off product grown using the ever-popular Lucas Formula!

This no frills cannabis nutrient feeding schedule uses General Hydroponics Nutrients. General Hydroponics FloraGrow, General Hydroponics FloraMicro, General Hydroponics FloraBloom, General Hydroponics KoolBloom...

Tips on how to mix Hydroponic NutrientsTips on how to mix Hydroponic Nutrients
00:11:31August 7, 2012, 6:11 pm
Tips on how to mix Hydroponic Nutrients

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hydroponics, General, Hydroponics, nutrients

Tips on mixing your hydroponic nutrients
My Facebook page (
General Hydroponics Maxi Series

00:02:33May 14, 2014, 5:45 am

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Nutes, hydro, Maxibloom powder, Ebb-N-Flow

A quick look at the nutes I use n my Ebb-n-Flow hydro grow.

Lucas Formula

7g.Maxibloom powder to 1 US Gallon of water

That plus beneficial tea is all I feed them. So far so good.

Winx Club Nickelodeon full collection of fairy doll toys: Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Flora, Aisha

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Winx Club, winks club, fairy, doll, toy, toys, fairy doll, Nickelodeon, Bloom, Tecna, Musa, Stella, Flora, Aisha, surprise collector, sunshine, surprise, surprise toys, collection, kid, kids, surprise box, winx, winks, fairies, super power, super, fun

Sunshine got a surprise from Winx Club. It is a full collection of the fairy dolls. Now she can have fun :)

Visit Surprise Collector for more fun

❤More Fun Videos on Surprise Collector & Sunshine ❤

Giant Disney Princess Rapunzel Castle Surprise with Maxi Kinder eggs

Ball Pit Surprise Toys Fun for Kids - Frozen, Peppa Pig, Thomas

Giant Peppa Pig Kids Toy Tent Surprise with Balloon drop and Minnie Mouse Baby

DIY Giant Play Doh Rainbow Cake with toy Balls

Surprise Collector & Sunshine are passionate about kids toys and surprises. We do Play Doh surprise videos every week! On Mondays we love learning new things, like shapes, numbers or letters. Sunshine's favourite things to do are playing in a ball pit full of rainbow coloured balls and having playground fun. We collect Surprise Eggs such as Kinder Surprise which have fun toys inside. It is a fun way to meet all of your favourite characters from Frozen, Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends, My Little Pony, Paw...

5 Giant WinX Club MAXI Kinder Surprise Eggs5 Giant WinX Club MAXI Kinder Surprise Eggs
00:08:41May 22, 2016, 10:54 am
5 Giant WinX Club MAXI Kinder Surprise Eggs

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surprise eggs, kinder surprise, winx club maxi kinder, maxi kinder surprise, giant kinder surprise, video for babies, surprise toys, surprise toys for girls, kinder sorpresa, kinder gran sorpresa, kinder gran sorpresa maxi lei, winx club surprise eggs, toys for kids

5 Giant WinX Club MAXI Kinder Surprise Eggs

day 44 hydro grand daddy purple in general hydroponicsday 44 hydro grand daddy purple in general hydroponics
00:05:10September 20, 2012, 9:14 pm
day 44 hydro grand daddy purple in general hydroponics

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hydro grand daddy purple, GDP, grap ape, grand daddy purple, 1000w dimmable ballast

day 44 in dwc with maxi-bloom, flora nectar, koolbloom liquid, and a couple drops of super thrive.

00:02:23January 13, 2015, 3:06 pm

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Brown Dirt Beans, Feeding marijuana, marijuana nutrients, Brown Dirt Warrior

You are what you eat. Feed your marijuana plants the best!

General Hydroponics Maxi GroGeneral Hydroponics Maxi Gro
00:01:28June 29, 2013, 4:33 pm
General Hydroponics Maxi Gro

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maxi, gro, grow, general, hydroponics, fertilizer, nutrients, marijuana, cannabis, soil, veg, vegetative, growth, bigger, stem, leaves, green, General Hydroponics Maxi Gro, grow coach, improve gardening, growth of seedling, rapid growth, organic, helpful tips

MaxiGro and MaxiBloom are extremely potent, stand-alone, water-soluble, dry concentrate nutrients. Complete in primary, secondary, and micro nutrients, pH buffered MaxiGro and MaxiBloom will provide superior results when used with a wide variety of crops in both hydroponic and soil-based environments. MaxiGro encourages growth of seedlings and cuttings, and to stimulate rapid growth through the "vegetative" growth stage.

Mandalay - Flowers Bloom (PFM Remix)Mandalay - Flowers Bloom (PFM Remix)
00:08:42April 25, 2010, 1:44 am
Mandalay - Flowers Bloom (PFM Remix)

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Mandalay, Flowers, Bloom, PFM, Remix, Downtempo, Drum, and, Bass

Album: Mandalay - Flowers Bloom (Remix)
Label: V2 Records, Inc.
Format:CD, Maxi-Single, Digipak
Style:Downtempo, Drum n Bass

Maximilian Hecker - Summer Days In BloomMaximilian Hecker - Summer Days In Bloom
00:03:51June 15, 2009, 3:58 pm
Maximilian Hecker - Summer Days In Bloom

Channel: francislalanuitix & Total View: 266949

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Max, Hecker

Girls Maxi Dresses are in BloomGirls Maxi Dresses are in Bloom
00:00:19June 26, 2013, 2:32 pm
Girls Maxi Dresses are in Bloom

Channel: Duncan Faber & Total View: 301

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fashion, shopping, clothing, girls dresss

day 30 hydro grand daddy purple in general hydroponicsday 30 hydro grand daddy purple in general hydroponics
00:03:06September 12, 2012, 8:37 pm
day 30 hydro grand daddy purple in general hydroponics

Channel: weedy wonka & Total View: 2204

Add Date: September 12, 2012, 8:37 pm & Duration: 00:03:06

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hydro grand daddy purple, GDP, grap ape, grand daddy purple, 1000w dimmable ballast

day 30 in dwc with maxi-bloom, flora nectar, koolbloom liquid, and a couple drops of super thrive.

Hydroponics in 2017: LED Grow Lights and Nanoparticles!

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LED, LEDs, LED Growlight, LED Growlights, Grow Light, light emitting diode, nanoparticle, nanoparticles, nano hydroponics, nanotech, nanotechnology, opennlabs, opennlabs europe, silicon dioxide nanoparticle, silica nanoparticle, nft, nft grotank, nutriculture, bluelab, maxigrow, maxibloom, koolbloom, hydroponics

Happy new year to all you infinitely lovable subscribers. Here's a quick preview (more of a teaser really) of what I'll be getting up to in 2017 and my predictions for technological advancements in the home hobby hydroponics world. And yes—that finally includes LED grow lights.

Hydro Nerds - GH Maxi SeriesHydro Nerds - GH Maxi Series
00:01:03May 10, 2013, 2:20 pm
Hydro Nerds - GH Maxi Series

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general hydroponics, Hydro Nerds, Maxi Series, horticulture, hydro, hydroponics, grow, growing, flowers, flower, plants, nutrients, garden, green, nerds, hydro nerds, nature, eco, environment, gardens, gardening

The Hydro Nerds discuss GH's best kept sercret. Maxi Series!!!

topsy turvy update medical pot Dang near done Using maxi bloom fertilizer..

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maxi, bloom, fertilizer, foxfarm, topsy, turvy, tomatoes, ommp, medical, marijuana, pumpkins, garden, flower, flowers, eco, environment, green, nature, gardens, gardening, earth, organic, water

medical cannabis closet super lemon haze part 7/10medical cannabis closet super lemon haze part 7/10
00:02:37December 25, 2009, 6:26 pm
medical cannabis closet super lemon haze part 7/10

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medical cannabis, hydro super lemon haze

1 month hydro super lemon haze 12/12 two 23w soft white compact fluorescent lights with maxi bloom, monster bloom and sugar daddy nutrients

How To: Graft Marijuana - Multiple Strains on a Single Cannabis Plant

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Grafting, Hempy Bucket, Weed Harvest, MaxiBloom, Lucas Formula, Bud, Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Medical Cannabis, Medicinal Marijuana, The Social Grow, TSG, How to grow weed, home grown weed, Home Grown Medicine, Growing weed, growing marijuana, growing cannabis, how to get big yields, big indoor plants, How To Graft, Grafting How to, Marijuana Grafting, Cannabis Grafting, Weed Grafting, Cannabis (Drug), grafting plants, different strains on same plant

In Full Compliance With NRS 453a, 18+ As Always...
This video talks about how and why to graft Medical Marijuana. Some things that should be mentioned. Although I did not use any rooting hormone, you certainly can, and many people do. Also, pick a location on the Mother Plant where the branch is larger and thicker than on the cutting, that way they will stay together easier. Any Questions Please leave them below, and I will TRY and respond if YouTube and G+ allow it...
ALSO, hit 500 Subscribers, you guys are awesome, really really appreciate it, never thought I'd get more than like 50 to be honest. I will be doing a GIVEAWAY when i get back from my trip. It will have 2 prizes at least, probably 3.

Kool Bloom Powder Review (Finishing Nutrient General Hydroponics)

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Nutrient (Consumer Product), Flowering Plant (Organism Classification), Cannabis (Organism Classification), Finisher, 420 (Holiday), best, General Hydroponics, bloom, Kool Bloom, weed, strain, sativa, indica, Medical Cannabis (Drug), Review

Review of Kool Bloom powder 2.2lb bag by General Hydroponics

How to Use Maxi productsHow to Use Maxi products
00:02:52September 11, 2017, 10:53 pm
How to Use Maxi products

Channel: Tracy Mendoza & Total View: 25

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#maxibleach #maxipro #maxibloom

=Complete Maxi Beauty Regimen=

MaxiBleach Face and Body Soap
Maxi Papaya and Cucumber Toner
MaxiBleach Face and Body Cream
MaxiPRO Face and Body Sun Protect Lotion
MaxiBloom Radiance Serum

Non-Circulating Hydroponic (Kratky) Container Setup - Carbonero Pepper

Channel: Peter Stanley & Total View: 13065

Add Date: March 18, 2016, 6:39 pm & Duration: 00:06:07

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non circulating hydroponics, non circulating, kratky, hydroponics, peppers, growing, container, diy, experiment, superhot, carbonero, Masterblend, calcium nitrate, magnesium sulfate, epsom salt, homemade, tomato formula, hydroponic, hydroponics growing system homemade, kratky hydroponics, non-circulating hydroponics, kratky method hydroponics, non, non-circulating hydroponic, non-circulating hydroponics - kratky hydroponic - how to for beginners, kratky pepper, non-circulating

Homemade non-circulating, aka "Kratky", type system. Growing a Carbonero pepper. The container was originally a laundry detergent gel pack container from Sams Club. A three inch net pot fits in the lid after cutting the hole. The plastic is semi-translucent so I applied a few coats of paint to block light. The nutrient solution used is a 3-part Masterblend formula. 3 grams of Masterblend, 3 grams of Calcium Nitrate and 2 grams Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt). pH was adjusted to 6.3. The ppm was measured at 1050. I might have used the wrong plant for this, as it already had a nice root system. I trimmed the roots to around 3 inches long and filled the container to point where the roots were about 1/4 inch in the solution. I think the system is fine, but if there are problems I'll start over with a less developed plant. Before transplanting to this, the Carbonero plant was in a DWC setup with GH Maxibloom at 550 ppm.

3" hole saw:
3" net pot:
Clay pebbles:

The Princess has 10 blooms!The Princess has 10 blooms!
00:04:42August 25, 2016, 6:28 am
The Princess has 10 blooms!

Channel: Michael Brodzik & Total View: 165

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svo, fred clark, O.A., orchaholic, genreral hydroponics, maxi grow, maxi bloom, orchids, fertilizer, growing many buds, budding out, led grow light

This is the second time this one bloomed for me first time it had 2 flowers the first time. Now it went crazy with 11 buds one blasted but 10 flowers are open now. Could this be because of the General Hydroponics Maxi Bloom fertilizer I been using for last few months?
Music by

Hydroponic Nutrients Comparison - Master Blend Vs Flora Series Vs MaxiGro Vs AeroGarden Nutrients

Channel: Khang Starr & Total View: 20204

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Materblend 4-18-38, General Hydroponic Flora Series, MaxiGro, MaxiBloom, Calcium Nitrate, Epsom Salt, DynaGro, DynaBloom, Kratky Hydroponic, DWC Hydroponic, Beginner Hydroponics, How to Grow Hydroponic Peppers, Mixing Hydroponic Nutrients

Many people have often asked which nutrients is best for growing hydroponic. In this video, I'm putting these nutrients to the test to grow lettuce. Please provide feedback if you would like to see another experiment. I left the containers clear to show roots growth. Here's a video where I painted the container

Flora Series:
pH Down:
pH Meter:


AeroGarden Nutrients:

Clay Pebbles:
2 Inch Net Pots:
1.5 Inch Rockwool Cubes:
Rapid Root Plugs:

Grow Light Rope Hanger:
Grow Tent:
T5 Grow Light:
Digital Timer:

Clonex Rooting Compound:
FoxFarm Ocan Forest:
10 Gal Grow Bags:
Grow Bag Saucers:

How to Mix Gh Flora...

1 plant 4th week into flowering1 plant 4th week into flowering
00:01:48June 6, 2014, 10:40 am
1 plant 4th week into flowering

Channel: Jose Romero & Total View: 2493

Add Date: June 6, 2014, 10:40 am & Duration: 00:01:48

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Bubblelicious on the 4th week of flower h.h.t 2, 250 watt hps hoods... Running maxibloom, liquid kool bloom,silica blast, pineapple sweatener, and bloombastic..cutting off the nutes to just maxibloom pineapple and bloombastic

Lucas Method Sneak PeekLucas Method Sneak Peek
00:02:28January 30, 2018, 10:30 pm
Lucas Method Sneak Peek

Channel: The Candyman Cannabis Company & Total View: 159

Add Date: January 30, 2018, 10:30 pm & Duration: 00:02:28

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Lucas Method, GDP, Deep Water Culture, DWC

A quick Sneak Peek at our next GDP Grow. Running the Lucas Method for General Hydroponics & they are monsters!

NIRVANA - COVER - MAXI 12-10-14 - In bloomNIRVANA - COVER - MAXI 12-10-14 - In bloom
00:04:51October 14, 2014, 4:13 am
NIRVANA - COVER - MAXI 12-10-14 - In bloom

Channel: Maria supermum & Total View: 54

Add Date: October 14, 2014, 4:13 am & Duration: 00:04:51

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NIRVANA - COVER - MAXI 12-10-14 - In bloom

00:01:56June 29, 2013, 8:16 pm

Channel: Perfect Gardens & Total View: 8213

Add Date: June 29, 2013, 8:16 pm & Duration: 00:01:56

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koolbloom, general hydroponics, cool bloom, flowering, nutrients, tutorial, increase quality of flower, tips, indoor, gardening, improve, grow coah, set up, perfect garden


Hydroponics Self Sustaining - Hydroponic Tomato Dual System 1:4

Channel: Go To Hydroponics & Total View: 1173

Add Date: September 30, 2017, 4:28 pm & Duration: 00:07:29

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Hydroponics, Hydroponic, Go To Hydroponics, Gardening, Garden, Hydroponics Self Sustaining - Hydroponic Tomato Dual System 1:3, Hydroponics Self Sustaining - Hydroponic Tomato Dual System 1:2

Hydroponic video series is about my experience growing hydroponic tomatoes and peppers. I used MaxiGrow and MaxiBloom by general hydroponics for nutrients.

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