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Study in Lasalle College of Arts, SingaporeStudy in Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore
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Study in Lasalle College of Arts, Singapore

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Singapore (Country), LASALLE College Of The Arts (College/University), University (Building Function), The Arts (Broadcast Genre), Consultant (Industry), study abroad in singapore, School, College (TV Genre)

Edwise help to get Admission in Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore. We are Leading Study Abroad Consultants in India. We also give career Counseling to students who wish to study abroad in Singapore Lasalle College of Arts. We also give free Coaching for Exams in India.

LASALLE College of the Arts Overview
Founded in 1984 by De La Salle educator, Brother Joseph McNally, LASALLE College of the Arts is a specialist tertiary institution leading contemporary arts education in fine art, design, media and performing arts in the Asia Pacific LASALLE offers the most comprehensive range of 26 diploma and degree awards in design, fine arts, film, media arts, fashion, dance, music, theatre, art history, art therapy and arts management in the region.

As an accredited institution of The Open University, the United Kingdom’s largest university, the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offered by LASALLE are benchmarked against the best universities in the UK, making them internationally recognised and equivalent to UK MA, BA (Hons) and DipHE qualifications.

LASALLE College of the Arts Location & Facilities
The College, located in Singapore's...

LASALLE College of the Arts - SSPD (BA)Product Design 2018

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lasallecollegeofthearts, singapore, productdesign, workshop, documentary, product, industrialdesign

A glimpse of our daily work at school.

BA(Hons) Product Design - HEDGEHOG - Ronald Lek

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Product Design, Design

HEDGEHOG is a modular backpack system that provides users with the most comfortable configurations. It allows users to adjust and interchange packs according to their requirements. The structure also becomes a platform and would allow other brands to create other innovative designs without the need to change the main frame.

#ArtsOrNothing | LASALLE's School of Spatial and Product Design

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arts, education, lasalle college of the arts, lasalle, interior design, product design

At LASALLE, we challenge our students to rethink our everyday interactions with places and objects that transcend traditional boundaries.

Transform your thinking about our ever-changing landscape and relationship to space. Apply now:


Industrial/Product Design Rendering Demo 2Industrial/Product Design Rendering Demo 2
00:06:35October 5, 2016, 6:45 am
Industrial/Product Design Rendering Demo 2

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Product Design, Industrial Design, Marker Rendering, Copic Marker, copic, transportation design, Uis Selamat, Uisulqarni Selamat, Lasalle, Lasalle College of Arts, Photo realistic, Uis lasalle, lasalle product design, lasalle industrial design, copic marker rendering, Lasalle design, Spencer Nugent, Skeren, Sangwon Seok, Spencer, Nugent, Sangwon, Seok, car design, concept design, design concept, drawing, uis singapore, pastel

This video shows the rendering tools and techniques required to get the best effect when it comes to product design.

Here demonstrating the capability of the humble marker and pastel to bring about the visual volume and stylized effect of light reflections on plastic surfaces.

With transportation design background in Honda R&D Singapore, and now teaching since 2008, I basically guide others to sketching and rendering techniques taught by some of the most capable transportation designers from Japan.

Music credits:
Aurora Borealis by Bird Creek -
Wishing Well by Bird Creek -
Malmo Sunrise by 126ers -

Accademia Italiana: Fashion, Design, Art School in Florence, Italy

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accademia italiana, Art School (School Category), Florence (City/Town/Village), Italy (Country), design school, fashion school, art school, best school florence italy, design school florence italy, fashion school florence italy, art school florence italy, degree florence italy, masters florence italy, study abroad florence, study abroad italy, whitney richelle, Fashion Design (Industry), florence fashion show, photography school, photography school florence italy

Hear from the dean, professors, and current students all about the study abroad, bachelors, and masters degree programs in fashion design, photography, interior design, product design, and graphic design at Accademia Italiana, one of the leading private fashion art and design schools in Europe. Get an inside tour of the beautiful campus and classrooms from Whitney Richelle of

To apply, check out a current course list, or for more information:


Product DesignProduct Design
00:03:08March 15, 2016, 9:02 pm
Product Design

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unisa, university, south, australia, adelaide, university of south australia, tertiary, education, study, Design, industrial design, model making, product design, study in Australia

Learn about studying the Bachelor of Design (Product Design) at the University of South Australia. The degree has an emphasis on hands-on, practical experience through design studios, model making and prototyping, work experience and the opportunity for international study.

LCI Barcelona - Study Fashion Design in Barcelona!

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fashion industry, fashion design indusry, lci barcelona, fdmoda, study fashion barcelona, study fashion design barcelona, fashion school spain, fashion school barcelona

Would you like to study Fashion Design in Barcelona? Discover our Programs in Fashion Design. Reserve Your Place!

LCI Barcelona, School of Higher Education in Design is the new campus of the LCI Education network in Barcelona. LCI Barcelona's origin is the association in October 2013 between LCI Education and the School of Higher Education in Fashion Felicidad Duce (FDModa). LCI Barcelona trains professionals in design, recognized by their excellence and their global vision.

Our academic program offer:

• Higher Education Degrees in Graphic Design, Interior Design, Product Design, and Fashion Design
• Master’s Degrees
• Postgraduate/Specialization programs
• Continuing Education courses: Professionalization Courses, Summer Courses, Pattern-Making Courses (on campus and online), and In Company training.
LCI Barcelona is a member of the LCI Education Network, found in 4 continents, with 21 higher education campuses in 11 countries. To learn more about LCI Education.

Escola Superior de Disseny Felicidad Duce - LCI Barcelona is an authorized center by the Department d'Ensenyament of the Generalitat de Catalunya (code 08058398) to offer official Higher Art Education in Design, adapted to...

#ArtsOrNothing | LASALLE Alumni: Pauline Lim (Fashion)

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arts, education, lasalle college of the arts, lasalle, fashion

At LASALLE, students are allowed to explore freely. Ideas were not conformed, but refined.” —Pauline Lim, Fashion Designer, Fashion alumna

The culture at LASALLE prepares you to take on the fashion world. Apply now:


BA(Hons) Design Communication - Album Cover | Key shots - Camila Sepulveda

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Communication (Field Of Study), Design (Industry)

LASALLE Has It Manifesto VideoLASALLE Has It Manifesto Video
00:00:30December 12, 2016, 8:24 pm
LASALLE Has It Manifesto Video

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สถาบัน LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore แคมปัสใหญ่กลางเมือง เดินทางสะดวก
Diploma Programmes
Diploma in Design Communication
Diploma in Fashion
Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Product Design
Diploma in Fine Arts
Diploma in Dance Diploma in Animation

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Programmes
BA(Hons) Arts Management
BA(Hons) Design Communication
BA(Hons) Product Design
BA(Hons) Fashion Design and textiles
BA(Hons) Interior Design
BA(Hons) Animation Art
BA(Hons) Film
BA(Hons) Theatre and Performance หลักสูตรที่เปิดสอน: Master of Arts Programmes Arts & Cultural Management Asian Arts Histories Fine Arts Art Therapy Artist Educator

BA(Hons) Design Communication - SPCA Ambient - Kooichi Chee

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Communication (Field Of Study), Design (Industry)

#ArtsOrNothing | LASALLE Alumni: Lim Si Ping (Design Communication)

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arts, education, lasalle college of the arts, lasalle, design

“I felt a sense of freedom to define myself at LASALLE.” —Lim Si Ping, Creative at Handson, Design Communication alumna.

We give you the creative space at LASALLE to reach your full potential. Apply now:


LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2018 - The FoldLASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2018 - The Fold
00:02:26May 21, 2018, 8:37 pm
LASALLE Graduate Fashion Show 2018 - The Fold

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LASALLE College of the Arts presents The Fold - a showcase of selected collections from graduating students of 2018’s BA(Hons) Fashion Design and Textiles Programme.

About The Fold

Year after year, stories unravel and the process of making unfolds at a different pace. The studio breathes a continuous flow of energy, rhythmic vibration and passion manifest in the students’ works, each one unique and special. Shirts, trousers, jackets, as stereotypical symbols of dress codes are re-articulated through the designer’s imagination and craftsmanship, challenging the past and positing visions of the future.

The Fold brings forward an understanding of a continuous process in fashion. Each season emerges from the previous one through a process of folding and unfolding from the old into the new. Each idea exists as threads woven within the wider fabric of fashion inspired by Deleuze’s philosophy of The Fold, a body of infinite folds and surfaces that twist and weave through time and space.

Featuring special collaborations with Swarovski, Takasago and Converse, the graduating students presented a high level of creativity and accomplishments with the industry, media and friends.

Amy Cheung - Senior Product Designer - Product Development - Singapore

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Amy Cheung - Senior Product Designer - Product Development - Singapore

Istituto Marangoni · The New School of DesignIstituto Marangoni · The New School of Design
00:03:21February 7, 2014, 7:58 am
Istituto Marangoni · The New School of Design

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istituto marangoni, design school, design, cappellini, school, milano, new

January 2014, Istituto Marangoni opens its new school of design in the design district of Milano, providing the best possible undergraduate and postgraduate training in the areas of interior design, industrial design and visual design.

Study Fashion Design or Fashion Merchandising at LaSalle College Vancouver

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Lasalle College, lasalle college vancouver, fashion school vancouver, lci education, post-secondary education, art school vancouver

Fashion Design
If you are passionate about fashion and full of creative & avant-guard ideas for your very own clothing collection, the Fashion Design Program will take your talent to the next level and provide you with the skills to succeed in such a riveting industry. Express your artistic talent through pattern & garment designs.

Study the use of raw materials and analyze fashion trends.
Graduates have a sound grasp of the history of fashion design and recognize how fashion impacts culture and society. This program reinforces job market realities by assisting the students in illustrating a design with such computer applications as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Macromedia Flash, developing a business plan and marketing their creations.
Learn more about our Fashion Design program :

Fashion Merchandising
Fashion constitutes a multi-billion dollar industry and spans out across the four corners of the globe. If you are business-savvy, have a passion for fashion and a creative mind, the Fashion Merchandising Program will take your talent to the next level. From the local to the international arena, fashion merchandisers work for apparel retailers or wholesalers to develop, analyze and implement effective fashion...

CSB School of Design and Arts, Industrial DesignCSB School of Design and Arts, Industrial Design
00:00:43March 12, 2007, 4:31 am
CSB School of Design and Arts, Industrial Design

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Salle, College, St., Benilde, CSB, Jeff, Saez, Erin, Canoy, Oli, Feidler, Lou, Gokian, Val, Motion, Graphics, Multimedia, Art

This video is part of College of St.Benilde, School of Design and Arts Marketing Campaign, a Industrial Design thesis project of Jeff Saez, Erin Canoy, Oli Fiedler, Lou Gokian, and Val Uy.

Lasalle 2018 PortfolioLasalle 2018 Portfolio
00:05:14January 21, 2018, 10:02 am
Lasalle 2018 Portfolio

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Lasalle 2018 Portfolio

SSPD Trip VideoSSPD Trip Video
00:05:05May 11, 2018, 8:42 pm
SSPD Trip Video

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School of Spatial and Product Design of LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore recent trip to Stockholm, Amsterdam and Rotterdam on 3rd - 14th of February 2018

The Lasalle Show 2009 (Lasalle College of the Arts) by market2garden

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Degree, show, arts, artworks, visual, lasalle, college, digital, media, design, fine, fashion, market2garden, 2009, d09

The video captured only of the segments of the show which showcase artworks done by students from various departments of Product Design, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Media Arts and Communication Design at Masters, Bachelors and Diplomas Level.
The music background chosen to exhibits contrasts modern versus tradition, and East meets West.
[May 2009] [camera dms640 30fps]
Event and artworks (Web Info):
College (Web Info):
College My Video Search:
Related Info:
艺术 艺术品 装置 视觉 拉萨尔 设计
Related Info:
新加坡 シンガポール Singapour Singapur Singapura Singapore சிங்கப்பூர் 新嘉坡 싱가포르 merlion 鱼尾狮 கடல்சிங்கம் マーライオン Temasek 淡马锡 Lion City 狮城 market2garden 市场2花园

Lasalle Portfolio WorkshopLasalle Portfolio Workshop
00:01:14April 5, 2012, 2:34 am
Lasalle Portfolio Workshop

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Video recorded for Crown Education. Owned by Crown Education.

ART PORTFOLIO: Lasalle College of the Arts & Ontario College of Art & Design University

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The Arts (Literature Subject), Art (Collection Category), Lasalle College of the Arts, University, Adobe Photoshop, Illustration, Artwork, Qilart, Aqil Anindhityo, Design (Industry), Painting, Drawing, Canada, Ontario College Of Art & Design (Organization), Portfolio (Musical Album), College (TV Genre), Art Portfolio, OCAD U, Lasalle


Hi. I'm Aqil from Jakarta, Indonesia.I've always enjoyed art, culture and music from early ages. However, at school I've never been taught art/graphic design techniques & education, neither intensively or at all. Thus, I made my artworks based on my perspective of life and learned the techniques from the internet.

I made this whole portfolio for educational purpose since 2012, and digitalised all of my artworks in late 2013, for approximately 2-3 weeks in a row. I submitted my portfolio to 2 big education institutions, Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore and Ontario College of Art & Design Canada.

I want to share my new experience for those who enjoyed Art, Design and to those who'd like to apply at Art schools; you will be required to have a strong portfolio.

In addition, I'm eager to tell you guys that I have been offered as a student at both universities, Lasalle & OCAD for Fall September 2014 Intake. I'm overwhelmed and excited as well!

With my limited experience in the creative industry & art education, I hope I could inspire you, that dreams do come true if you believe, work hard, brave and eager to make all of them happen!

LASALLE Tops The Crowbar Awards 2012 Again with A Record 44-medal Win

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Best of Interactive, Student Creative Award, Singapore Young Talents

LASALLE students bagged the Best of Show, three "Best of" category, and 44 awards at The Crowbar Awards 2012, the most prestigious competition for creatives of Singapore's tertiary institutions and schools. Our Design Communication, Fashion, Product Design, and Animation Art students have made LASALLE the best institution in the Asia-Pacific region for the second time running. But most importantly, their astounding success at this highly respected show will ensure a stellar start as they take the first of many steps in their careers.

*Special thanks to Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Singapore

Pho-Pho Vietnam TrailerPho-Pho Vietnam Trailer
00:01:39January 11, 2014, 9:28 pm
Pho-Pho Vietnam Trailer

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Pho (Dish), Vietnam (Country), Ethnography (Taxonomy Subject), LASALLE College Of The Arts (Organization)

In August 2013 The degree class of product design at Lasalle College Of The Arts, Singapore - set out to research and imbibe from the cultural values of the Vietnamese on an ethnographic project in Vietnam.

PD360 Resonance ExhibitionPD360 Resonance Exhibition
00:08:19February 9, 2012, 11:09 am
PD360 Resonance Exhibition

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lasalle, product design, sarawak, singapore, pd360, asia, product, design, research, ethnographic

Resonance Exhibition Build-up

An Ethnographic Revelation by 17 Product Designers from BA(Hon) Product Design, LASALLE College of the Arts

BA(Hons) Design Communication - Nike Speed Dating - Marcus Yuen

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Design (Industry), Media, Digital

A concept for a speed dating app to help runners be more socially engaged.

BA(Hons) Design Communication - Ethics for the Starving Designer - David Goh

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Design (Industry), Animation, Graphics

ETHICS FOR THE STARVING DESIGNER is a live, social project promoting the dialogue on ethics and responsibility within student and professional visual communicators in Singapore.


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Interior Design & Product Design at LISAA

LaSalle UniversityLaSalle University
00:05:41February 26, 2018, 3:56 am
LaSalle University

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LaSalle, University, performance, contracting, Siemens, partnership

The partnership between Siemens and LaSalle University is not only reducing energy costs as modernized classrooms and sustainability programming have made LaSalle a more perfect place to learn.

Belham Living LaSalle Bed - Product Review VideoBelham Living LaSalle Bed - Product Review Video
00:00:50November 11, 2016, 7:25 am
Belham Living LaSalle Bed - Product Review Video

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hayneedle, home furnishings,, everything home, furniture, product reviews, bedroom furniture, beds, belham living, lasalle bed

For more details or to shop this Belham Living bed visit Hayneedle at

To view our full assortment of beds, visit Hayneedle at

Have questions? Give us a call! 1-866-508-1134

Product Design Company in SingaporeProduct Design Company in Singapore
00:01:01November 21, 2014, 12:25 am
Product Design Company in Singapore

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Product Design Singapore, Product Design Company, Product Design Firms

We create identities for businesses and are among the top product design company in Singapore. It is well known in Singapore as Product Design Firms that provides 100% customer satisfaction.

About us:

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