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#1 Way To Make Money Online in 2018 With No Money & No Experience

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One of the top requests I get is "How can I make money if I don't have any money to start with"? Well, this is a method that might be able to make you money and the best part is there is zero expense to create and grow your business.

What do I mean by that? Well, there will be a minor initial investment of about $25 (to buy the license), but after that there will be no additional expenses unless you make money FIRST!!!

That's a great way to operate a business. Zero expenses until you MAKE MONEY FIRST. Plus this is pretty much a done for you system.

*Done for you system
*Super fast start
*No experience needed
*Totally automa

Make Money Online In 2018 With No Money!!!Make Money Online In 2018 With No Money!!!
00:20:43May 29, 2018, 4:53 pm
Make Money Online In 2018 With No Money!!!

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Link For FREE Funnel:
Link to MY Site:

Look, this has been (and continues to be) a very decent money maker for me. The coolest part is it makes recurring income on autopilot and that REALLY appeals to the lazy slob in me.

I have placed what I think is a killer marketing plan for you to make money (with this platform) in the Money Pages on my website so I suggest you do these two things...

First, grab your FREE reseller license to the platform.
Then get on my website and take the training on how to market this platform and make BANK.

Here's what else I suggest... you actually follow through and put some energy & creativity into it. I have given you some pretty good ideas but to be really outstanding you need to find your own secret sauce and run with it.

What I like about this system: It has proven itself to me and continues to do so. There are THREE income models to make money with. I can be done from ANYWHERE with just a laptop and some imagination. It has a low barrier to entry. It's basically an opportunity to own your own business (well, you should think of it in those terms). Did say it works???

Do You Sabotage Yourself From Being A Success???Do You Sabotage Yourself From Being A Success???
00:12:34June 16, 2018, 3:33 pm
Do You Sabotage Yourself From Being A Success???

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kinghuman, king human, personal growth, self sabotage, personal development, tony robbins, personal development motivation, personal development for success, personal development videos, personal growth and success, personal growth podcast, self sabotage why do we do it, self sabotage the enemy within

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Here's the link to the Uber video:

I just had to make this off the cuff video in an attempt to change how people think about going after a success path.

I want to be clear here... I am NOT picking on the person that posted the comment (iMrNiceGuy777), I am merely using the comment as a possible case study into how people can be self limiting in the way they think.

If you think like this it's not your fault, you've been programmed to think like this. You were programmed all your life to believe in things that may not be in your best interest.

You were taught these things by a system that wants to manufacture (en mass) a large base of cheap labor. If that's all you want to be then fine, disregard everything I am saying and be happy.

But if you want to walk your own path in life you'll need to start thinking differently than the masses.


Strange But True Way To Easily Make $100 NowStrange But True Way To Easily Make $100 Now
00:04:23May 23, 2018, 6:09 pm
Strange But True Way To Easily Make $100 Now

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Kinghuman, King Human, strange but true to make fast money, how to make money fast, how teens can make money, how to make money as a teenager, how to make money online, make money online fast, earn money online, how to make money, easy ways to make money, make money fast

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Listverse Rules:

So, evidently this place will pay you $100 if you can come up with compelling lists. This is fast money that can be made online with just a small effort on your part.

Nothing better than fast, easy money right? Look into it and maybe this could make you a few bucks.

Who knows?


King Human (Affiliate Marketing Legend) Interviewed By Big Luca. HOT MATERIAL.

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21 Steps Coaching Program:





eCommerce Revolution:

Video Marketing Revolution:

List Building Revolution:

Law Of Attraction Revolution:

Niche Marketing Revolution:

Facebook Marketing Revolution:






Make A Fast $50 Just For Using This AppMake A Fast $50 Just For Using This App
00:02:58June 8, 2018, 5:08 pm
Make A Fast $50 Just For Using This App

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Go Here: to get the app.
Also go to my site: Learn Stuff!!!

So here's what's doin... you can get paid $50 for doing NOTHING. Just download the app and that's basically it.

You get paid $50 and you have a chance every month to win cash and prizes. Hope you win. If you do send me a huge tip in Bitcoin.

Share this video you punks! You're lack of love is pissing me right off.


How To Make $80,000 A Year Easy MoneyHow To Make $80,000 A Year Easy Money
00:04:42June 13, 2018, 3:52 pm
How To Make $80,000 A Year Easy Money

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kinghuman, king human, how to make money, make money with uber, uber income 2018, uber income per month, make money, offline passive income, offline income, new ways to make money 2018, best new ways to make money, free method to make money, make money with uber without driving, make money with uber and lyft, can you make money with uber, ways to make money with uber, can i make money with uber

See This Blog Post:

This guy is mental for Uber and he makes BANK at it.
He made over $90,000 and he hardly even drove his Uber.

My point is there are ways to exploit the opportunities around you but you have to THINK differently and you have to take action.

Be creative and you'll prosper.


One Simple Thing You Can Do Now And Become Rich

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This is true! No matter what you have been led to believe, you CAN become rich beyond your expectations if you do this one simple thing.

Open your mind to it!!!! First you need to start questioning all the crap that they have programmed into you all these years. After you start questioning all that junk then you can move on to stage two...

Belief. You must next KNOW and believe that the institutions and society have programmed you to be a wage slave. Only after you accept and believe that can you overcome that mentality.

Now you're on the path to success. This is a real life hack that most people don't even think about.

Fight against the programming! Stop being a battery in the Matrix!!! Fight and keep fighting. Never stop, because they won't stop trying to program you.


The REAL Secret Hack To Making Money Online Now!

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Kinghuman, king human, how to make money online, make money online, how to make money fast, money making secrets, make money on the internet, how to make money as a kid, how to make money as a teen, online income

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So here's the REAL deal about making money online when you're just first starting out. No matter what other people have told you... you do NOT want to pick your passion and try to make money with that.

If your goal is to make money, you want to reverse engineer the crap out of the concept and find what makes money for YOU... first and foremost.

So to do that you'll have to cast a wide net (so to speak) and try many, many different things. Put some time, energy and a bit of money into each of them.

They are your "seeds". Water them and see which of them grows into a sprout. When one (or more does), then you can focus your attention onto those sprouts that are showing you some results (no matter how small the results are at first).

This is how you prospect for gold in making money online.
It worked for me and it continues to work for me to this day.

I try many new things out daily. Some work and some don't. When one works for me I like to share it. Here's a link to something that made me over $25,000 with very little effort on my part...


I have talked about it before and I'll post follow up videos about...

Get Paid $2,000 to $4,000 A Week Instantly...Get Paid $2,000 to $4,000 A Week Instantly...
00:04:39July 13, 2017, 5:25 pm
Get Paid $2,000 to $4,000 A Week Instantly...

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Kinghuman, Get Paid $2000 to $4000 a Week, make money fast, fast income, instant income, online income, email marketing, affiliate marketing, home business, fast money, instant money, make money now

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So... this may or may not still be going on but I know there were a group of guys doing this back in the day. They would go to clubs and bars and if there was a "Ladies Night" special giving women any sort of discount to women... they sued the venue for sexual discrimination.

They sued in small claims court and they never lose because the law dictates a minimum award n these cases. The judge can't even entertain any options. It's an automatic win.

This is a kinda creepy thing to do unless you believe in the cause and believe that sexual discrimination is wrong no matter the sex being discriminated against.

Just a random type video but whatever.

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life!

Link to this video:

How I Made Over $25,000 Selling Pre -Made Websites - Full Tutorial

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Kinghuman, king human, affiliate marketing without a website, affiliate marketing, make money online, affiliate marketing for beginners, affiliate marketing tutorials, how to start affiliate marketing, how to make money with affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing tutorials for beginners, free affiliate marketing tutorials, make money online with websites, make $100 a day, make $100 a day online

Go Here For More:

True! I made this online income just by running a few simple affiliate campaigns. One was free traffic based and the other was pay per click traffic from a targeted Facebook ad.

I did it so there really isn't any reason you can't do it, right?

Well, I am going to do my best to get you on track to duplicating my success. There will be lots of training and tutorials but it should pay off in the end.

So, I'm NOT going to tell you to go get the Builderall system via my link!!! Not until AFTER you have gotten my in depth training. So do that FIRST!

Go to FIRST!!! DON'T BUY ANYTHING!!! Just get an education first.... right? Yes!

I'll be making a series of videos that I hope will put you on the track to your success.

If you want to do me a solid in return you can share this video and ask your chums to share it as well.

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life!


How Sharon Makes $386 An Hour With This Bizarre Trick

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Kinghuman, king human, how to make fast cash, how to make fast money, how to make cash fast as a kid, how to make cash fast today, how to make cash fast as a teenager, how to make money, halloween pranks, king human make money, online income guru

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So... this can make you bank if you run it right. Street performers make more that you think they do... at least they CAN do quite well if they have a good presentation and a great location.

As I said in the video, you do not need to be the performer yourself. You can hire someone to do the performance for you. Later I'll post a follow up video in this series that will elaborate on this.

This gimmick can be made in any metal welding shop for much less than it's being sold for online. There is yet another opportunity for you... manufacture the gimmick and sell it retail.

But I would sell it as a BUSINESS. Not a trick or illusion.
Anyway, this setup could make you some decent income and remember... it's all CASH.

If you do this drop me a line and let me know.


Secrets To Making Money At Craps pt.1Secrets To Making Money At Craps pt.1
00:11:49April 11, 2012, 1:14 pm
Secrets To Making Money At Craps pt.1

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kinghuman, secrets, making, money, craps, betting, system, roulette


This is part one and just the first step to being a winner at craps. Craps is a game with a house edge of 1.4% so always remember the house has the advantage. Part 2 will come later.

NOTE: About the link above; That book and video series was something I wrote a long time ago. I since gave that book to a friend of mine and now he sells the system on his website. I no longer play craps and I no longer use that system. I play baccarat and I use a different system for baccarat. The craps system in the link above worked for me for many, many years and as far as I know it would still be working for me but I prefer to play baccarat and the betting paradigm (system I use) for that game is different (more complex) than the system used for craps. The reason I no longer play craps is that I prefer to get as many decisions per hour as possible. The more decisions, the more I can make. Sometimes I have waited for a LONG time just to get a single decision on a line bet at craps. Anyway, good luck!


$878 A Day Profit With Facebook Ads? 2018 Tutorial$878 A Day Profit With Facebook Ads? 2018 Tutorial
00:13:26January 27, 2018, 6:14 pm
$878 A Day Profit With Facebook Ads? 2018 Tutorial

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My Website:

Can you make $878 a day with Facebook ads? Well, I am giving you my best hack free traffic in this video and you will be able to get Facebook ads results for FREE just by using it.

Well, you won't have to pay for clicks.

Watch the entire video to learn ALL the hacks.


Link to this video:

Step by Step to $100K Automated Online Income MachinesStep by Step to $100K Automated Online Income Machines
00:12:48December 4, 2017, 11:36 am
Step by Step to $100K Automated Online Income Machines

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Kinghuman, how to make online income, email marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing free course, making money online 2018

Go Here:

True! In the December issue of the money pages (on my site I have put together a training course on how to make a six figure income by setting up simple automated income machines that work while you sleep.

This REALLY works and it's one of the ways I personally make BANK every month on autopilot (or close to autopilot).

Anyway, if you want to get on board the gravy train and make REAL money you should learn this and give it a try.

Remember, you get the 3 softwares FREE plus you get the full resale rights to all the software as well. GO!

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life!

These Two Apps Can Make You Money TODAY!!!These Two Apps Can Make You Money TODAY!!!
00:04:37May 3, 2018, 2:23 pm
These Two Apps Can Make You Money TODAY!!!

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Kinghuman, king human, make money online, make money with apps, make money with apps 2018, money making apps, make money fast, how to make money online, how to make money with apps, money making apps for iphone, money making apps for android, make money, fast money, how to make money if you're a kid, how to make money if you're in high school, how to make money if you're broke, how to make money if you're in college, apps to make money from, money making apps 2018

Go Here:

True! There is big bank to be made using these iPhone (or android) apps and just buying and selling books online.

The biggest demand is for textbooks and you'll see that when you use the app. There are several other book scanner apps and you'll see those when you go into the app store and look.

Just look up the BookScouter app and you'll see the other similar apps. Also do a simple Google search on how to buy and sell textbooks for profit and you'll find FREE info on it.

This is a simple buy low and sell high business model and that's the basis for most ecommerce business on the planet so don't even tell me this doesn't work or you can't do it.

Just apply a tiny bit of brain power to this and it could make you big bank!

Remember, there are those that will look at this and tell themself they can't do it or it can't work for them... and then there are the few that will take this and run with it and make BANK!

Who are you? The first idiot or the successful guy?


How I Make $1,800 A Day Email Marketing Poolside - Tutorials

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Kinghuman, king human, email marketing tutorial, gary vee email, how to, how to make money online, online business, email marketing campaign, make money online with email marketing, affiliate marketing tutorial, how to make money with email marketing, alex becker, gary vaynerchuk email, gary vee email marketing, email marketing, email marketing software

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This is very true and you REALLY can make a great income just sending out emails and the best thing about it is yu can do it from anywhere!

Poolside in Vegas, Maui, whatever. (Both my favorite places and I have made money sending emails while poolside in both places).

Email marketing isn't new but there are some new techniques that will get you making the online income you want to make, but you have to LEARN.

I have been posting some over the shoulder screen recordings of my email setups and techniques on my website (in the April 2018 Monthly Money Pages) and I will keep posting courses on email marketing there.

Next month I plan to expand on the training and show even more insider secrets. Making money on demand from anywhere in the world using just a laptop and an internet connection is NOT a fantasy. It's reality for me... and with some work it can be for you too. So become a member of my site and prosper.


Is Bitcoin Dead??? Make Money NOW!!!Is Bitcoin Dead??? Make Money NOW!!!
00:11:51January 17, 2018, 5:04 pm
Is Bitcoin Dead??? Make Money NOW!!!

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Kinghuman, Is Bitcoin Dead, Make Money Now, Litecoin, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin explained, Bitcoin crash, cryptonick, is cryptocurrency over, david hay, bitconnect, bitconnect scam, trevon james

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If you're in a panic about the fall of Bitcoin and the total freefall in the cryptocurrency markets just stop, take a beep breath and THINK about what's REALLY going on behind the scenes.

First off, (I forgot to include this in the video) the big institutional investment brokers like Goldman Sachs have been buying cryptos building a huge inventory and now they're all dumping.

Why? Can you say manipulating the markets for their own gain? I can! Nothing new, they do this stuff all the time to line their own pockets.

Also, as you may know, Wall St. got into the business o selling Bitcoin futures. The big guns went huge into shorting the Bitcoin futures contracts and now those contracts are coming due.

Coincidence? I think not!!! It's all too easy to see if you know what to look at but the bottom line is what this all means for us, the small investors.

Well, I hope the information in this video helps you decide what makes sense for YOU. Don't just follow advice blindly because some "Guru" has a slick sales page of has a slick line of bull.

Research for yourself and make informed decisions. ...

How To Legally Hack The Bitcoin Market and Make Money NOW!

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Kinghuman, Bitcoin, king human, how to make money, binary options, cryptocurrency, Making Money, make money, king human make money, online income bitcoin, online income, passive income, how to make money online, passive income online, make money online, how to make passive income online

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Look, I don't trust this Bitcoin market and further than I can throw a battleship. But that doesn't scare me off from making money with this cryptocurrency asset class.

My personal feeling is that because the crypto currency markets are unregulated and there is BIG MONEY to be made there that the markets will be heavily manipulated.

As long as you understand that I think we can make BANK just by playing the same game as the greedy market manipulators.
Just play their pump and dump game along side them and do what they do... right?

Anyway, that's the market logic I'm using and so far so good.

But this is TRADING and NOT INVESTING. You need to access your risk tolerance before you trade this market. Also, once again... I am NOT an investment advisor and I am NOT giving you investment advice.

How ToTurn $9 Into $386 Recurring Income - Easy! Proof!How ToTurn $9 Into $386 Recurring Income - Easy! Proof!
00:24:05September 29, 2017, 7:09 pm
How ToTurn $9 Into $386 Recurring Income - Easy! Proof!

Channel: KingHuman & Total View: 12501

Add Date: September 29, 2017, 7:09 pm & Duration: 00:24:05

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Kinghuman, How To Make Money Online, Online Income, Home Business, Income at home, Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, builderall income, making money with builderall, passive income, easy money, fast money, income opportunity, webhost, sales funnel maker, sales funnel template, How to turn $9 into $386 recurring income

Go Here:

OK, this is a no bull situation. I am showing you my REAL income from this opportunity and I didn't even work hard at it at all.

I made $7,496 with just about 1.5 hours of actual work. I REALLY think this could be a great income opportunity for some of you. The benefits are...

1. It's Done For You Copy & Paste Simple
2. It Pays You Recurring Income Every Month
3. You Can Get Paid From Other Peoples Sales (Compounding)
4. You Can Get A Free Car
5. I Will Buy This For You & Pay The License Fee
6. Free Tutorials On How To Make Money With The Platform
7. Viral App Maker
8. So Much More...

So, there are two ways to sell this and make money for yourself.
First, you can sell the drag & drop done for you web hosting platform. That is pretty killer and people that need a way to sell their goods and services online love this platform. It sells well!

Secondly, you can sell the built in business opportunity. That is, you can sell the franchise resale...

Zero Cost $300 A Week Income System - Cut and Pate Simple?

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Add Date: June 18, 2016, 11:46 am & Duration: 00:07:36

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Kinghuman, $300 a week income system, online income, making money online, instant income, making money, money making systems, home business, internet marketing, email marketing, making money online fast, making money online 2016, making money as a teenager, easy money income, fiverr income tricks, etsy income tricks


Yes... this is a VERY simple cut and paste method for making multiple income streams and it MIGHT make you money online.

This has many benefits, first off there is zero out of pocket expense to get started and you won't ever lose a dime doing this. It can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have the internet and a laptop. It's cut and paste simple.

Will this work for YOU? I can't promise that... I don't know you personally and therefore I can't say it will. But I am going to suggest this to my good friend that is looking to make extra money so...

Yes, I would recommend this to my friends and family because it is so easy and there is zero risk. So what's the worst that can happen? They don't make any money? This is so simple that I think it's worth that risk.

This is almost like getting unlimited free pulls at a slot machine! Anyway, try it, don't try it... it's up to you. My goal here is to try to find you actionable ways to make money online and I hope I have done that here.

Maximum respect my friends and all the best of life!


Link to this video:

*Note: In the...

How To Be An Instant Money Maker And Attract Success ! 💰💰💰

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Add Date: March 23, 2018, 6:23 pm & Duration: 00:08:46

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Kinghuman, king human, success motivation, success training, success tutorial, success story, online income guru, online income, online business, home business, gary vaynerchuk, make money, motivation, success, best motivational video, motivation for success, entrepreneur, inspiration, money

Go Here Now:

As you watch this video think about this... would you have had the drive to stop and talk to the mechanic? Then would you have taken the action to buy the machine so as to advance your education?

Next, would you have taken the step to advance to ownership instead of just being an employee? See what's going on here?
It takes more than dreams to get where you want to go in life.

Motivational speakers talk about "attracting" success but it's not really about attraction. It's about getting an education that promotes personal success... then taking action on that education... and then applying persistence.

Keep trying and NEVER give up. It's not a complicated formula at all. Just get cracking!


Make $75.99 Everytime You Flip This Weird Crypto Collectible

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Kinghuman, make money flipping digital collectibles, crytpo currency trading, crypto kitties, making money online, home business, online income, bitcoin, bitcoin mining

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Strange but true... I guess. People are paying insane prices for this crypto collectible and you can make as many of them as you want.

Personally I don't get it and this whole CryptoKitties thing isn't for me but that doesn't mean there isn't a good opportunity here for YOU to make money trading these things.

Just do your research and try it out. Don't spend too much on this. This may be a fad that could die out as fast as it grew.

Best of luck and if you want more info on how to prosper with this new marketplace join my website and go to the Jan 2018 Money Pages for expanded instructional videos



How a 17 Year Old Makes $30,000 a month online - King Human

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king human, make money, make money online, young kid makes money online

How a 17 Year old makes good money online following very simple steps... It really isn't that difficult if you know what you are doing

The TRUTH about King HumanThe TRUTH about King Human
00:05:06May 8, 2017, 8:00 pm
The TRUTH about King Human

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King Human, The truth about King human, king human review

Claim Your Seat 500 Spots Total:

KingHuman's How To Make $200 a Day on CraigsList Subcontractor Software

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KingHuman's How To Make $200 a Day on CraigsList Subcontractor Software
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The Lion King Human VersionThe Lion King Human Version
00:05:56April 8, 2018, 9:11 pm
The Lion King Human Version

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The Lion King Entertainment Animation Fun Cartoon Children Kids People Cool Art Awesome

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Best Motivational Video For Success in 2018Best Motivational Video For Success in 2018
00:03:23March 10, 2018, 6:30 pm
Best Motivational Video For Success in 2018

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So... this may be the most important concept to your success ever.
The concept is simple in theory but it's very hard in practice.

The concept is simply this... Recognize the limitations and restrictions (to your success) that people want to place on you. (This includes self limitations as well). Then fight against them and don't give them any power over you.

This is hard in practice because most of us have been programmed from birth to OBEY the commands given by the higher ups and authority figures that dominate our life.

Fighting against the "programming" isn't easy at all. Most of you don't even recognize the "self limiting thinking" inputs heaped on you when they hit you.

For example, how many of you would have simply answered the question (in this video) with a one word answer? 99.9% of you would have tried to answer it without a thought of the deeper meaning of the question.

You would have...

6 New Ways To Make Passive Online Income 20186 New Ways To Make Passive Online Income 2018
00:04:43April 17, 2018, 4:50 pm
6 New Ways To Make Passive Online Income 2018

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I think this might be an excellent opportunity for you guys to get up and running with your OWN online business that makes you passive income. Just like I show you on my iphone.

No reason why you can't have payments coming in like I do. All you need is a great in demand product (or 6), a great sales generating website, and the training on how to pull it all together.

Well, the good thing is that this is 100% Done For You and there isn't any hard setup. No website needed. No hosting. No headaches.

I hope you can appreciate the opportunity here because this sort of thing doesn't come along very often. Personally, I think this is pure gold and you would be an imbecile to pass it up.

Naturally there are no guarantees that this will make you money, but at the very least you'll get some great training from an online income expert that will advance your online income education.

Bargain? TRUE THAT!

OK... just go see it and you'll see all the benefits this oppo

Drunk In Las Vegas - Kinghuman Making Money Online

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Kinghuman, Drunk in Las Vegas, making money online, online income, how to vlog on youtube, home business, teens making money, how teens can make money, internet marketing, email marketing, money making guru

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Yep... Vegas is hitting me hard but it's paying off big time. Today I had lunch with some of my guys and we came up with a killer product / course and I plan to make an entire case study out of the entire process.

This is how a concept becomes a money making machine! But that's for a later video. This video is just me being a stupid drunken idiot.


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I Hate These Online Gurus!!!I Hate These Online Gurus!!!
00:05:48March 5, 2018, 4:20 pm
I Hate These Online Gurus!!!

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Kinghuman, internet marketing, online income guru, home business, email marketing, online business, online income source, online income 2018, making money online 2018

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OK, look. I get pissed off when internet marketers brag about how much money THEY make. Hey IMers, I have news for you chumps...

The name of the game is how much money you can make for OTHER PEOPLE. Like your followers! I just get so sick and tired of all these chumps bragging about THEIR money.

I believe a raising tide raises ALL boats and that's how every IMer should think. But they don't. Shame on them.

I want to thank Sean for making that great post on Facebook, it means more than gold to me.

Maximum respect!

Here's What You Need To Make Money On DemadHere's What You Need To Make Money On Demad
00:10:23September 6, 2017, 12:09 pm
Here's What You Need To Make Money On Demad

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OK... so I was going to make a totally different video this week but something happened that forced me to make THIS video instead.
The thing is... this information s so important to your success that I really want you to watch the entire video and REALLY want you to adopt this thought paradigm. I also really want you to be a success.

So... I'll make that ecommerce video in a couple of days and I think it might be able to help some of you make a a few bucks online.
It's pretty funky and fun.


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