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A Day with Alejandra - JJ Hat Center, New York, NYA Day with Alejandra - JJ Hat Center, New York, NY
00:08:55October 30, 2011, 3:30 pm
A Day with Alejandra - JJ Hat Center, New York, NY

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hat, alejandra, borsalino, panama, marco, winter, summer

A very sunny day in September, I decided to take a stroll through Manhattan. I was wearing one of my favorite hats. I thought it would be a good opportunity to also get a winter hat cleaned and blocked.

So off to JJ Hat Center (www.jjhatcenter.com)!!!

Located at 310 Fifth Avenue, they are New York's oldest and one of the world's most renowned hat shops. Established in 1911, they bring you the finest hats and caps coupled with excellent service and a staff consisting of some of the most knowledgeable hat people in the industry. They provide hands on service, expert advice and a well rounded selection of headwear that includes fedoras, newsboy caps, berets and much more. Visit our 310 5th avenue location in New York City and enjoy a TRUE hat shop experience.

It was a memorable day for me. I hope you enjoy the video!!!!


KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER -Choosing a Fedora & How Should it Fit?

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Fedora (Garment)

How to choose the right hat, and how to choose the right size.

Often, we are between sizes,
most of the time, I suggest buying the bigger size, and having the salesperson tighten it slightly, to fine tune it perfectly.

Sometimes, the bigger size will look too baggy, wide or lack a tailored look, in these cases, I suggest buying the smaller of the 2 sizes and having it stretched to fit.

"NY's Oldest Hat Store" JJ HAT CENTER Saves My Vintage Borsalino 8/7/15

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Borsalino (Business Operation), JJ Hat Center, Hat (Garment)

Thanks Jimmy, Colin and Adam. If you love lids, this is the place for you.

"Is this the Borsalino emergency room" I ask every time a pigeon poops on my favorite hat. I'm shooting a documentary on the horse carriages and pigeon poop is an occupational hazard.

There is only one place in New York that loves my Borsalino as much as I do. Thank you to the wonderful folks at JJ Hat Center, the oldest hat store in NYC.

310 Fifth Ave (between 31 and 32) Tell 'em Sandi sent you

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER: "Quick-Stiffen" a Felt Hat

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How to quickly stiffen a hat,
1.dust it w packing tape,
get every drop of dust/lint or else u seal it in forever

2.cover the sweatband
(inner band)
I use a hat stretcher
but a ball of tissue works

3. Use ultra super hold
hair spray ,not aqua net, any other brand.

Thin coats but get the whole underside of brim
, let dry and Repeat,
Let dry completely.

if needed,afterdrying, u may steam the
hat and fix any brim issues
But this is easier left to a trained hat tech, if you're unsure of what you're doing, just avoid steam. You'll do more damage than good,most likely..its tricky even w years of exoerience,and usually best to quit while your ahead if the hat looks ok,
and always keep steam off of leather sweatbands, it'll burn it and destroy the inner band in a split second,
******steam NEVER goes on the inside of a crown or anywhere near the leather sweatband!!!***

Sorry for the poor quality,phoned-in,
last minute vids.....
I did those my phone while at work, it's just a silly,short video.

We will get back to more informative,in depth,full length hat-centric videos soon, I'm working on that now.
This was shot during work hours,at...

How to pick a Stetson hatHow to pick a Stetson hat
00:04:35October 28, 2015, 3:36 am
How to pick a Stetson hat

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hats, stetson, jj hat center, nyc, choosing a hat, video, cbs, news

CBS News' Jan Crawford spent time in New York City's oldest hat store, J.J. Hat Center, and learned how to pick the perfect Stetson hat.

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER -popular hat and cap styles -a quick glance (pt 1)

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Fedora pork pie

Here I'm trying on all the hat styles u may see in a hat shop including various brim sizes, homburg, derby, top hat, pork pie and many others, I try them on and basically show you what they look like.. There are so many styles that this will be in two parts, the second half we will go more in depth with summer styles and caps, as well as the more unusual styles.
...sorry about the abrupt ending, There was so much to cover, I'll have to do this in two parts.
Part two will be available for viewing very soon,

Pork pie hatters in NYC and our older shop,JJ Hat Center (Open since 1911) has one of the finest and largest selections of authentic,fine Classic hat and cap styles on the planet,we search the globe for the finest styles and create many custom styles that are available nowhere else. I'm working at our two shops for over 20 years,and run our downtown boutique,Pork Pie Hatters. I'm very happy to help out anyone who has an appreciation for these classic hats..

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER:mini tour of classic hat & cap styles

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Pork pie hatters in NYC , please use the comments section for any questions or visit our shop in NYC
440 east 9th St, east village

Evolution of Hats | Bonus History Facts ft. Jim Chapman – Hats | Style Guide | GQ

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YouTube star Jim Chapman gets a history lesson in the evolution of headgear when he meets with an expert from New York's oldest hat shop, JJ Hat Center.
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Hat, cap, beanie, snapbacks, fitted, fedora, whichever you want to try, GQ will help walk you through all the best choices and how best to fit them into your style.

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Kevin From JJ Hat Center: Crown shapes, modifications and variations,

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Kevin From JJ Hat Center: Crown shapes, modifications and variations,

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER, NYC Buying A Hat:- head size & brim size

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Hat, Fedora

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER, NYC Buying A Hat:- head size & brim size

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER - Shape a Fedora. into a Teardrop

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Fedora (Garment)

this is called hand blocking.
also known as:
steaming, brushing and steaming, hand shaping..
hand blocking....It is usually not for hats that are really totaled,
Although I have done some miracles on really dogged hats, it's more like a "shoe-shine for a hat" that is not damaged, but simply out of shape.It's aways done free of charge at our shop although some places charge a good amount...it's a lost art,and definitely hard to find places who do it this way..

, The more intensive "hat blocking" is done with wooden or metal molds called blocks. This is the way these hats are manufactured. To do this, you need a collection of different shaped blocks. It is between $20 and $40 to do this here..depending on the job. (it could be the brim, the crown, or both)
This gets amazing results but also stiffens the hat somewhat..but you can take hats that are flattened like a book and make them perfect.. This you do when a hat just won't respond well to the steaming anymore.Or you want absolute perfection with an old hat. Otherwise, using steam and a trained eye can be more authentic,hand shaped..and old-timey looking, as well as giving you more freedom to shape it freely,creatively and with flair.
of course, it can be done shakily by a novice

How to Shape an "Open Crown" Fur Felt Hat | DelMonico Hatter

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Hat (Garment), Felt (Textile), Hat Care, Stetson, Fedora (Garment), Open Crown

Jeff Dyer, Store Manager of DelMonico Hatter of New Haven, CT shows how to shape an "Open Crown" hat. Hats with an open crown are hats that are shipped to you without a pre-determined shape (or "block") of their crown, so you are able to shape them however you want. Three crown styles are shown on the same hat: "Center Dent", "Open Road" and "Teardrop".

The hat shown in the video is a Stetson Premiere Stratoliner Hat.

DelMonico Hatter has been in business for over 100 years, and we are happy to help answer any questions you may have on hat care. See our youtube channel for more how-to videos. Our website is http://www.delMonicohatter.com

The King's Lane at JJ Hat CenterThe King's Lane at JJ Hat Center
00:00:06September 13, 2015, 5:33 pm
The King's Lane at JJ Hat Center

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JJ Hat Center, Pork Pie Hatters

The King's Lane at JJ Hat Center

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER : what to do with a hat after it rains

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Applies for hats that are wet or dry, proper storage is everything.
This applies for wet or dry hats, it's more important to do this after rain or snow, when the hat is more vulnerable..but it's best to follow these guidelines while your hat is wet or dry.
step 1:
hang the hat up,or turn it upside down on its crown,never set a hat on its brim.
(Only Boaters,Boleros and a select few,flat brimmed hats do well on their brims)
step 2.
With snap brims,snap the brim to its up position (even if you wear it brim down, dry it with its brim flipped up)
step 3.
if the crown is squeezed, or out of shape,adjust the crown so that the crease and pinches are back in their correct places.
step 4.
keep the hat away from heat, if your home is very hot in winter, put hats in the bathroom or kitchen, crack the window so that it dries in cool air, not in a hot room. Drying a hat in a hot room is like tossing in the dryer,the leather sweatband shrinks, dehydrates..and wool felts shrink.
Follow all 4 steps and your hats will start lasting a few decades,instead of just a few seasons.

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -How To Take Care of your HatKEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -How To Take Care of your Hat
00:14:16November 19, 2014, 9:28 am
KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -How To Take Care of your Hat

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How to keep your hat from getting floppy, out of shape and keep it fresh for a long, long time...

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER-5 second hat shapingKEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER-5 second hat shaping
00:04:37October 22, 2017, 12:56 pm
KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER-5 second hat shaping

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w special guest star...
Phillip from JJ Hat Center !
from Munich,Germany..

it is early morning, before we open the fifth avenue shop,
just some messing around,to test our new camera in the big, 106 year old shop.. more videos on the way!... jjhatcenter.com
for orders and questions

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER -Stiffen & reshape a floppy hat

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Felt (Textile), hat, Borsalino (Business Operation), New York City (City/Town/Village), porkpie

KEVIN FROM PORKPIE HATTERS, NYC www.porkpiehatters.com

Today we will give an old hat.."The Works"

we'll straighten out a hat, get the brim stiff and snappy,
clean the felt and put a new crease in the crown,
we'll start with the most basic and most classic shapes..

This is a condensed version of what I do to refurbish an old, out of shape felt fedora
in a typical situation..customer brings in a worn out hat,and wants it to look sharp again... Usually, it takes a bit longer and there are more steps, but this is the basic method,

We will stiffen a brim, open the crown and brush & clean the felt..the we'll add a shaping,in this case a center crease/pinch front..
We'll put some more snap in the brim and straighten out the waves and ripples,
We'll get some wrinkles out of the ribbon band and generally give the hat a make-over

This is what I'd call a quick job, the more I put into it, the better a hat will be,
if it's a good felt, I can work and work until the hat is perfect..usually 10-15 minutes will do the trick.

KEVIN - FROM JJ HAT CENTER, NYC Felt Types. Why some hats cost more

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Fedora, Hat, Pork pie, Felt

KEVIN from PORK PIE HATTERS east 9th St, NYC www.porkpiehatters.com We try to break down the types of felt used in hats and explain the differences in feel, performance and price. Why do some hats cost so much more?.. And is it worth spending more?..

the different types of felt usually improve as the quality goes up..
(in the way they last and perform)

100X Beaver felt is at the top of the felt quality hierarchy
it's made from only the softest beaver fur from the beaver's belly.the underneath,downy,soft fur. it's very soft and wears well.
Any fur felt that uses the things like nutria,beaver & wild hare are going to be equally as good, most fur felts are mostly rabbit though.

Beaver finishes (Royal beaver,Grand Beaver,Peluche) will be fantastic in the rain and snow, maybe the best because it's also very thick too.I've had snow piled up on mine and it has no effect.

velour finishes or silk finishes are also usually quite thick and repels rain nicely, they vary in thickness and quality but remember to set all hats w the brim snapped up,either hanging or upside down on its crown.

Fur felt in general can vary in quality from troublesome to flawless, it's a big category,but if the hat says fur felt, it should...

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER,clean & reshape Anthony's vintage hat

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Fedora block

Just a typical makeover for a fur felt fedora, with Vintage hats there are usually some flaws or damage someplace. Often the leather sweatband is dried out or there are moth bites or spots in the felt that u need to address,
It's important to give the hat a good looking over first, in this case, the entire hat looked smooth and new, with tiny wrinkles around the sides of the crown, but there were sun-faded stripes on the top of the crown and a little moth bite.They get covered with powder and dust and when u brush it u can sometimes see more things u want to hide. If the flaws are anywhere near the top of the hat,a lot of times u can lower the crown,or change it to a teardrop shaped crown,so that the flaws are hidden within little folds & valleys,where nobody can see them.
In this case,
I personally would have loved to keep it center crease,
because I like my hats as high as possible,
but I wanted to hide the beached out stripes and the little moth bite,so I went for the Teardrop..plus it looked good. If it looked bad, i would have just left the flaws in plain site and forgotten about the teardrop, they weren't that bad anyway. It's just that the rest of the hat was almost flawless,it had a $22.50 original price tag on it,so we know it's...

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER - a few quick crown shapesKEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER - a few quick crown shapes
00:06:30August 13, 2015, 2:38 pm
KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER - a few quick crown shapes

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Using the steamer to shape fur felt hats works well with better quality hats,
Typically, older, worn hats are harder to shape and require some stiffener spray to help the job along. Without this it's impossible.. Unless the hat already has done body, or is very high quality.
You can spend 60 seconds on a hat or 3 hours, the more time invested, the better the results..
These are the most common shapes for dress hats,
Open crown
Center crease
Center crease pinch front
Pork pie
We will do western/cowboy hat creases in the next video.
These are quick examples and far from perfect ,just quick demos..

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -Shape a Fedora into a Pork Pie

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how to reshape a standard "center crease/ pinch front" fedora into a pork pie hat.

Reshaping the crown of a felt hat requires a good source of steam,
a "jiffy steamer" is what I'm using here, it's barely strong enough..
a good,strong steam iron or kettle will do for small jobs but never really give the same results, you need strong steam,lots of it.

I have many techniques for this shape, this is one of my "short cut" methods, using the table top as a straight/flat surface, flipping the hat upside-down and rubbing the inside of the roof of the crown against the flat table top gets the top f your crown nice and flat.
I suggest removing the silk lining if your hat has it.or carefully pushing it aside while u do this step.

This can be done to wide brim hats as well, but not to wool felts, only felt hats marked "fur felt", they usually tell you inside the hat.
Wool won't work, and straw is even harder, although I've done it(depends on what type of straw, and I use a good deal of sizing(stiffening spray)

This is a little harder than the center crease or teardrop,
but as you practice, it becomes easier.

Using a ruler to measure how high the crown is will help a lot,
make sure it is the...

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER - hat bands, wind cords & sweatbands

Channel: KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER & Total View: 10788

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How to change a hat band yourself, changing hat bands and sweatbands to prevent perspiration stains from ruining your hat

Kevin from JJ Hat Center: Stretch a cap on your kneeKevin from JJ Hat Center: Stretch a cap on your knee
00:05:40January 19, 2016, 9:49 am
Kevin from JJ Hat Center: Stretch a cap on your knee

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Only for a tiny stretch
be careful and follow directions carefully or u will damage or destroy your hat. I've done this for about 21 years and yes, I broke one,but it was in the late 90's and only one out of hundreds and hundreds.. I do this at least once a day, often a size medium is a tiny bit tight,but a large is insanely big,I do the knee thing,hand it back to the customer ,and ask,"how is it now?" and it's always perfect.
Be firm yet smooth, don't jerk it, pull it firmly but carefully,
..slowly increasing pressure until u hear a pop or two,
some caps are very strong and don't budge a bit,u feel nothing,no pop.
but they still stretch..u stretch,try it out,see if it fits
..then increase it more,do it again.

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -Steam & Hand Block a HatKEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -Steam & Hand Block a Hat
00:07:17September 11, 2013, 12:36 pm
KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER -Steam & Hand Block a Hat

Channel: KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER & Total View: 21917

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Pork Pie Hat, Fedora (Garment), Hat (Garment), hatters, block, steam

brief demonstration of a felt hat being steamed, also known as "hand-blocking"
it's getting reshaped only in this case,

Usually I would use a hat brush and give the hat a good cleaning and brushing.
There are a few more processes I usually give a hat when steaming it, generally I'll spend more time removing the old creases,
when the hat is smooth and round,and ready to be re-shaped,
I'll give it a good,counter-clockwise brushing, using various types of brushes,
depending on how much care they need in that area.
I thought the video was long enough, I'll save the brushing & cleaning for the next video.

I can spend 10-15 minutes on a hat or 45 minutes or more,
it depends on how badly out of shape it is,how dirty..and how perfect you want it to be.
Be aware that it's easy to get burned by steam.
It's something I did often when I first began,years ago..I had burns all over my forearms.

I suggest paying close attention, don't steam while chatting, or while doing anything else distracting, Stand on the side, away from the steam,..and keep the hat between you and the steam at all times.
Steam burns on the forearm or fingers sting like crazy at first,and eventually blister up and become full...

00:06:32August 13, 2015, 3:58 pm

Channel: KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER & Total View: 1025

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It's easy to change your hat band if you want another color, or the old band is stained and needs a change.

Clip on bands are cheap and easy to change yourself. It'll make your hat Cole room more versatile,
instead of buying new hats, change the band color and your hat will match more outfits.

Unboxing a hat from J.J. Hat CenterUnboxing a hat from J.J. Hat Center
00:02:09December 9, 2016, 11:10 am
Unboxing a hat from J.J. Hat Center

Channel: Freddie Avalos & Total View: 180

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fedora, hat, stetson, unboxing

Here's a video of me unboxing my @stetsonusa Whippet from @jjhatcenternyc

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER : How to reshape a fur felt hat at home

Channel: KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER & Total View: 14795

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Floppy fur felt hat reshaped with a steamer

many folks try fixing the brims of crooked soft,inexpensive felt hats at home,
usually it makes it softer and more crooked,

the trick is to spray it and stiffen it first.
it will allow a little bit of control and definition for wool felts,
always use ultra super hold hair spray if u cannot use hat sizing. Aqua net doesn't work well, any other brand of the strongest ultra hold stuff is fine, scented is ok too.

always dust the hat totally with packing tape or a lint roller until every drop of lint is gone,
we don't want to seal all that lint and dust under a coat of stiffener,
clean it first with tape,spray the underside,and cover the sweatband first. let it dry..then steam,
if u need more results,spray again,keep the coats thin..

Don't expect much results with Chinese made softer felts,and thinner,cheaper wool felts usually are going to give you poor results.
This is a technique for fur felt hats.
Yeah, it works with wool, but the results vary from not at all to pretty okay..

1 clean all the dust off the hat, every speck..w packing tape, both sides..

2 use ultra super hold hair spray,not starch,and not the brand,"Aqua net" thin...

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER-10 Crown Shapes (pt 1)KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER-10 Crown Shapes (pt 1)
00:11:10April 17, 2014, 5:43 pm
KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER-10 Crown Shapes (pt 1)

Channel: KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER & Total View: 5922

Add Date: April 17, 2014, 5:43 pm & Duration: 00:11:10

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fedora, Fedora (Garment), hat blocking

The crown of a hat can be shaped various ways, if you don't enjoy the way a hat looks, consider changing the style of the crown..

Here we discuss 10 shapes,plus Open Crown,
which is just round,like the upper half of a sphere.

There are a few more basic ones, many are slight variations of these shapes,
things like the Telescopic Crown,
(which is quite similar to a pork Pie, but definitely different)
or a Bubble Crown ( like a Center Crease-pinch Front, with a little bubble in the roof of the crown)

We'll go through the following different crown shapes in this video:

1.Open Crown
2.Center crease
3. Center crease-pinch front
4. Teardrop ("C-Crown")
5. Diamond ("3 finger crease")
6. Cattleman ("Rancher" "3 finger crease"))
7. Gus ("Tom Mix" "10 Gallon")
8. Deuce tres ("Swirl")
9. Deuce tres-pinch front ("X swirl")
10. Tyrolean ("Mountie" "Smoky the Bear" "Trooper")
11. Telescopic or Gambler crown

I'll get to these in detail, and there are many,many more, including a long,long list of traditional western hat shapes, too many too get into here, so I'll just cover a few basic ones here.

Most of these can be done by hand, with steam..a few are...

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER- How to size down a hat that is too large

Channel: KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER & Total View: 23046

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Fedora (Garment), snug up, reduce size, Hat (Garment)

Often we are between sizes, in this case, u go w the larger size and tighten up the hat a bit.This is how you fine tune the size and really get it perfect. Every brand and model run differently,and often there are gaps between sizes

The product I use is called POLY FOAM WEATHERSEAL,( 3/4" WIDE IS BEST)


There are 4-5 other materials they make this stuff from, u may see a black tyoe,like black tire rubber,and a stretchy,gummy,dark grey type, I've experimented with about 4 kinds and this is the cleanest and most appropriate to use for hats. You can remove it neatly if you change your mind, or decide not to use it..while the other kinds stick like glue and is really hard to remover in one piece.

After a long time of wearing the hat,pressure,heat and perspiration will cause it to adhere more firmly, so if you try to remove it after a year or two, it may not come out easily.
Most of the times you set it and forget it, I have some that have been in hats for 7-8 years.
If you cannot get 3/4", you can narrow up the wider stuff with a scissor, it may be too wide,and stick out of the sweatband..u...

KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER : steam & brush a fur felt hat at home

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KEVIN from JJ HAT CENTER : steam & brush a fur felt hat at home

KEVIN FROM JJ HAT CENTER: Steam and shape a felt hat in 2 minutes w JJ's antique pedal steamer

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A busy day at JJ Hat Center, the sales floor is crowded and a customer asks to have two hats shaped up. WE don't charge for the service,no matter where the hat is from. He couldn't wait, and rather than to disappoint him, I helped a customer, steamed up one hat,helped the customer again...
We can get more results from more time invested, I would have liked to stiffen the hat,but they were both $350-400 Italian felt hats and the quality was top notch,so despite them being trashed, I knew we'd see some results because I was familiar with the hat models. It came out ok, not as good as I'd like, but for the time invested,it was ok,and anyone else would have probably said,"come back when it's not so crowded" so he was happy,he got to take them both home w him.

www.jjhatcenter.com for mail orders

New York's oldest hat shop since 1911,
I have been working for this company for 22 years
I'm happy to answer any tech questions about fit,style,choosing a hat..or any hat related stuff..please like or subscribe if you like what you see, thanks for watching.

KEVIN from JJ Hat Center Rolling a crushable felt hat

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Felt, Fold, Borsalino


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