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What you need to know about HOLLOW EARTH and the people living in it!

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Jae woodward, kaleidoscope, woodwardtv, what you need to know, hollow, earth, flat, inner, admiral, byrd, floyd, bennett, theory, world, land, underground, city, lost, people, Sun, north, south, pole, poles, shift, Hole, crust, mantle, outer, core, layer

Check out Admiral Byrd's diary

Hollow Earth - The Ultimate Documentary©Hollow Earth - The Ultimate Documentary©
01:25:21June 23, 2017, 12:37 pm
Hollow Earth - The Ultimate Documentary©

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locktite1000, TheMusicmemorylane, ufo, aliens, alien, reptilian, greys, grey, abduction, disclosure, roswel, creepy, spooky, scary, ghost, bigfoot, creature, hybrid, mermaids, nasa, cryptozoology, paranormal, hollow earth the biggest cover up, hollow earth, agartha, admiral byrd, operation highjump, inner earth, grey aliens caught on tape, creature caught on tape in holland, documentaries, documentary, the nagas, nephilim, watchers, dulce underground base, hollow earth theory, hollow earth proof

The ultimate guide to the Hollow Earth Theory! The biggest cover-up of all time is the fact that there is a civilization of people living in the center of Earth, and that's just one of many secrets i reveal in this insightful Documentary! And remember.. Always keep an open mind! Music and video is the legal property of TheMusicmemorylane, music created with Magix Music Maker 13, created from Copyright Free Files©



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Creature Caught on Tape in Holland - The Documentary©

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Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - Full DocumentaryHollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - Full Documentary
00:42:10September 28, 2014, 8:11 am
Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - Full Documentary

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locktite1000, TheMusicmemorylane, ufo, aliens, alien, ufo's, abduction, roswel, groom, lake, earth, universe, galaxy, invasion, visitors, greys, reptillians, reptoid, mars, nasa, orb, strange, truth, scary, spooky, creepy, admiral byrd, operation highjump, vril society, thule society, hollow earth, grey aliens caught on tape, creature caught on tape in holland, underworld, north pole, agartha, the hollow earth theory, hollow earth documentary, ufo documentary, grey aliens and their origins and their agenda

Hollow Earth, The Biggest Cover Up - The Full Documentary. This is done at the request by some of my Subscribers / viewers, also posted as 4 seperate parts on my channel. In this series i will try to unravel all the mysteries concerning this amazing topic. I will cover several rumors that are linked to the Hollow Earth theory, like the Nazi and Reptillian connection. So, sit back and enjoy the full Documentary and remember, keep an open mind!!. Music and video is the legal property of TheMusismemorylane, music created with Magix Music Maker 13, created from Copyright Free Files© Selected 3D artwork used with permission by David Winship



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Evidence Supporting the Hollow Earth TheoryEvidence Supporting the Hollow Earth Theory
01:18:43April 25, 2017, 5:34 am
Evidence Supporting the Hollow Earth Theory

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According to Brooks Agnew is the former lead physicist North Pole Hollow Earth Expedition, current scientific data does not support the plate tectonic model, which theorizes the Earth's crust floats atop a pool of magma around a solid core. Agnew said there are reports of at least 8 major races and 200 minor races living in the interior of the Earth.

Brooks also noted there is research that shows there could be a large ocean that lies underneath the crust of the Atlantic ocean. Finding the Inner Earth could prove to be especially beneficial if the planet faces a global catastrophe, he said. According to a manuscript found in Abydos, Egypt, the ancient Egyptians might have fled to the Inner Earth to escape a cataclysm, possibly at a desert town called Damenhur.

The Hollow Earth hypothesis proposes that the planet Earth either is entirely hollow or otherwise contains a substantial interior space. The concept of a hollow Earth recurs many times in folklore and as the premise for subterranean fiction, a subgenre of adventure fiction. Agartha (sometimes Agartta, Agharti, Agarta or Agarttha) is a legendary city that is said to be located in the Earth's core. It is related to the belief in a hollow Earth and is a popular subject in esotericism.

NASA Caught HIDING Something At North Pole! Hollow Earth? 5/20/16

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abduction, footage, universe, conspiracy, bigfoot, military, mystery, paranormal, whistleblower, secret, caught, coverup, new world order, ghosts, alien, real, moon, NASA, leak, aliens, ufo, shape, planet, sighting, craft, ufos, evil, best, report, ovni, space, aliens caught on tape, police state, crazy, secureteam10, area 51, apollo, TR3B, triangle, dome, ghost, satan, Scary, confirmed, ISS, shuttle, bible, event, plane, hologram, underground, base, earth, 2016, weird, europa, sun, object, phobos, mars, ceres, space station

More on Hollow Earth:
Pyramid Images:,-81.9617842,3997m/data=!3m1!1e3
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ALL footage used is either done under the express permission of the original owner, or is public domain and falls under Fair Use for commentary/research/news reporting purposes under current copyright rules.

Hollow Earth UFO - What you are about to see will blow your mind

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Hollow Earth UFO, hollow earth, earth, will blow your mind, ufo, ufo 2018, ufos, ufos 2018, hollow earth 2018, hollow earth documentary, documentary, documentary 2018, ufo documentary 2018, ufo documentary, alien blog, alienblog, ufo earth, inside earth, space, hollow earth concept, flying saucers, earth's interior, nasa, hollow, blow your mind, planet, alien, conspiracy, hollow earth proof, hollow earth proof 2018, aliens, video, secret, aliens hollow earth, aliens 2018, history

Hollow Earth UFO - What you are about to see will blow your mind.
Hollow Earth concept presented in this book offers the most reasonable theory of the origin of the flying saucers and far more logical than the belief in their interplanetary origin. Due to this, leading flying saucer experts, as Ray Palmer, editor of “Flying Saucers” magazine, and Gray Barker, a well-known writer on flying saucers, have accepted the theory of their subterranean origin as against the idea that they come from other planets.

The theory that flying saucers came from the Earth’s interior and not from other planets originated in Brazil and only later was it taken up by American flying saucer experts.

In 1957, while exploring in a bookstore in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the author came across a book that struck his attention, entitled, “From the Subterranean World to the Sky: Flying Saucers“. The book was devoted to the thesis that flying saucers were not space ships from other planets but were of terrestrial origin and came from a subterranean race dwelling inside the earth.

In the beginning, the author could not accept this strange, unorthodox theory concerning the origin of the flying saucers, which seemed improbable and impossible, since it would require the...

The DEMONIC ARMY IS BENEATH OUR FEET! - Hollow Earth Chronicles w/Justen Faull

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current events, end times news, breaking news, bible prophecy, facelikethesun, age of deceit, gonz shimura, transhumanism, technocracy, understanding the times, the dark chambers, underworld, the other side, the upside down, wonder woman, antarctica, hollow earth, hollow earth chronicles, justen faull, time dilation, urashima taro, japanese mythology, ufo, ufo disclosure, operation high jump, admiral byrd


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The Bible tells us about the activities that occur beneath our feet. A spiritual dimension that exists far below the surface, where supernatural entities reside. But are these mere fictional concepts drawn up by so many cultures and spiritual beliefs throughout the world? Or is there an important truth to the existence of the underworld that will become part of the unveiling or disclosure process? Do the revelations of the truths concerning the Nazi regime and the works of the occultists and esotericists of Hitler a major clue into what might be going on in Antarctica? What about the several accounts of giants and time dilation when it comes to places far beneath the earth?

In this discussion with Justen Faull of the 4th Watch, we discuss all these issues as it alludes to his documentary film, Hollow Earth Chronicles, Episode 1: The Dark Chambers. As Bible prophecy unfolds, the theoretical hollow earth might help us


5 Strange Theories That A HOLLOW EARTH Exists5 Strange Theories That A HOLLOW EARTH Exists
00:04:39May 19, 2017, 9:30 am
5 Strange Theories That A HOLLOW EARTH Exists

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hollow earth, hollow earth theory, hollow earth proof, milwaukee, richard e. byrd, earth hollow, earth is hollow, hollow, earth, agartha, sun inside earth, unexplained, unsolved, mystery, hallow

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Many conspiracy theorists believe that there is an unknown civilization living beneath the surface of the earth. The Hollow Earth theory is a myth that’s been going around for centuries, with some scientists even trying to prove the concept. Until recently, it was difficult to say whether the theory was true or not. However, in 1968 a picture emerged taken by a satellite orbiting Earth, which some say clearly showed a gaping hole located at the North Pole. Could these conspiracy theorists be right? Today we’ll be taking a look at 5 Strange Theories That The Hollow Earth Exists.



003 to Coast AM with Art Bell


Is The Earth Hollow? | The Hollow Earth TheoryIs The Earth Hollow? | The Hollow Earth Theory
00:11:34November 15, 2017, 8:54 am
Is The Earth Hollow? | The Hollow Earth Theory

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the, earth, hollow, theory, earth hollow, hollow earth, hollow earth theory, earth hollow theory, 2017, proof, hollow earth documentary, documentary, hollow earth proof, hollow earth 2017, hollow earth documentary 2017, hollow earth entrance, hollow earth admiral byrd, admiral byrd, admiral, byrd, hollow earth theory documentary, hollow earth theory proof, hollow earth theory 2017, hollow earth 2017 proof, admiral byrd interview, admiral byrd antarctica 1947, antarctica

Is the Earth Hollow? | The Hollow Earth Theory. In this video we take a look at the hollow Earth theory. Many readers of the paranormal and the unexplained are familiar with the theory that the Earth is hollow. The idea is based on the ancient legends of many cultures that say there are races of people, entire civilizations that thrive in subterranean cities. Very often, these dwellers of the world beneath are more technologically advanced than we on the surface.

For many years people have believed that there is another world lying just beneath the surface of our planet. Modern science holds that that the Earth is an unbroken series of layers, crusts, and liquid magma surrounding a dense, hot core made primarily of iron and nickel. But not everyone is convinced. In the 17th century, some of the leading scientific minds of the time came up with a new theory that the planet is actually hollow. This idea has proved incredibly durable.

Thank you for watching!

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6 Clues That The Earth is Actually Hollow6 Clues That The Earth is Actually Hollow
00:08:05January 13, 2016, 1:00 pm
6 Clues That The Earth is Actually Hollow

Channel: Beyond Science & Total View: 2399460

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hollow earth theory, hollow earth, earth hollow, earth is hollow, hollow, earth, agartha, sun inside earth, unexplained, unsolved, mystery, hallow, hallow earth, earth theory, inside the earth, inside earth, planet, empty earth, agatha, other dimension, other dimensions, universe

Here are some clues that may indicate that the Hollow Earth Theory is actually real and the earth is indeed hollow.

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Ancient Aliens: The Hollow Earth Hypothesis (S8, E6) | History

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history, history channel, history shows, history channel shows, ancient aliens, ancient aliens full episodes, ancient aliens clips, aliens, aliens video, extra terrestrials, extraterrestrials, ufo, ufo video, ufo videos, ufo video clips, ancient ufos, ancient ufo video, admiral richard byrd, hollow earth, hollow earth hypothesis

Experts discuss Admiral Richard Byrd's Hollow Earth hypothesis in this collection of scenes from "The Other Earth."

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Ancient Aliens
Season 8
Episode 806
The Other Earth

"Ancient Aliens" explores the controversial theory that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

HISTORY®, now reaching more than 98 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive, and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate...

The Hollow Earth ConspiracyThe Hollow Earth Conspiracy
00:02:23April 20, 2014, 10:00 am
The Hollow Earth Conspiracy

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alltime, ATC, alltime10s, alltimeconspiracies, conspiracy, scandal, hollow earth, theory, richard byrd, explorer, arctic, hidden entrance, secret, civilization, underground, underworld, native american mythology, astecs, south america, mayans, mayan calendar, map, interior sun, center of the earth, journey to the centre of the earth, space odyssey, space, conspiracies, illuminati, new world order, planets

Is The Earth Really Hollow? - Are theories about the Hollow Earth and its secret civiliazations true?

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Tupac Shakur: The Seven Day Theory:
Was The Cloudbuster Suppressed Weather Control?
The origin of The Illuminati:


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- Is The Apocalypse Near?:
- Is The Government Hiding Planet X?:


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Hollow Earth Expedition - The Antarctica & Greenland Coverup - Dr Brooks Agnew

Channel: Leak Project & Total View: 72888

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flat, hollow, earth, debunked, journey, center, expedition, antarctica, greenland, brooks, agnew

The Hollow Earth Hypothesis w/ Expert Dr Brooks Agnew - Expedition to the Center of the Earth
Dr Brooks Agnew was so close to an Expedition to the Hollow Earth Several years ago and we are going to discuss what it would take today, to make it happen.
Also we will be looking over Admiral Byrds, Infamous Claims of flying into the Hollow Earth when flying over the poles. This information has suppressed extensively and will be analyzed today.

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Dr Brooks Agnew - Podcasts & Website america free

Map of Earth, Check this out!

A Journey to the Earths Interior Marschall Gardner

Admiral Byrds Claim of Traveling to the Center of the Earth

The World is Changing at an unprecedented Pace
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Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Hollow EarthStuff They Don't Want You To Know - Hollow Earth
00:03:56July 9, 2010, 10:25 am
Stuff They Don't Want You To Know - Hollow Earth

Channel: HowStuffWorks & Total View: 1350445

Add Date: July 9, 2010, 10:25 am & Duration: 00:03:56

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2009, conspiracy, hollow, earth, nazi, germany, world, war, two, antarctica, stuff, they, don't, want, you, know, discovery, channel, hsw, how, works

Did the Nazis prove that Earth is hollow? As World War II raged across Europe and the Pacific, the conflict reached every continent on the planet, including Antarctica. Learn more about the little-known Nazi expeditions to Antarctica -- and what they hoped to find there -- in this episode of Stuff They Don't Want You to Know.

Justen Faull Exposes Proof of Hollow Earth Theory

Channel: Into the Multiverse & Total View: 87987

Add Date: June 9, 2017, 3:14 pm & Duration: 01:16:09

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STEVE QUAYLE, LISA HAVEN, LYN LEAHZ, NEWS NETWORK, TRUE NEWS, DAHBOO77, DAHBOO777, INFOWARS, ALEX JONES, BP EARTHWATCH, RICHIE FROM BOSTON, justen faull, hollow earth, flat, earth, admiral, byrd, proof, theory, rob skiba, antarctica, north, pole, diary, chronicles, vril, jim wilhelmsen, marzulli, josh peck, multiverse, 2017, 2018, new, riverwind, steve quayle, timothy alberino, derek gilbert, tom horn, skywatchtv, real, truth, tape, video, eric dubay, fourth watch, debunked, documentary, conspiracy, thule PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! Justen Faull, in this exclusive and extended episode of Into the Multiverse, exposes the proof he has gathered through research for his new documentary series “Hollow Earth Chronicles.” Justen reveals all in this preview episode, including but not limited to, hollow earth religions, admiral bird’s diary, the vril society, thule society, Vril-ya entities, aliens, ufos, chambers under the earth, xibalba, Germans in the world wars, secret technology, spiritual warfare, and much more! Don’t miss this very special, extended, uncut, exclusive interview with Justen Faull! Also, Joe Ardis Horn, son of Tom Horn, and Sharon K. Gilbert, wife of Derek P. Gilbert, stand in as guest hosts. What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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Hollow Earth Filmed From Space, NASA Insider Exposes Entrance

Channel: NowYouKnow & Total View: 8325

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“nowyouknow”, “Paranormal, Crucible”, “secureteam10”, “thirdphaseofmoon”, “nasa”, “latest, sightings”, “UFOmania”, “ufos”, “disclosure”, “conspiracy”, “mystery”, “bizarre, news”, “weird, “viral”, “trends”, “breaking, “mars”, “mysterious”, disclosure, group”, “scott, waring”, “illuminati”, Hollow Earth filmed from Space, Hollow Earth, HOLLOW EARTH Proof, Admiral Richard E Bird, hollow earth theory, hollow earth video, NASA Caught HIDING, hollow earth footage, hollow earth flat earth

NASA's new pictures of Earth are reigniting conspiracy theories straight out of "Journey to the Center of the Earth."

These are previously unreleased images of our blue marble planet, showing the North Pole and what appears to be a giant hole there.

Now conspiracy theorists say NASA is hiding the fact that Earth is really hollow and that inside is another world, where aliens and animals that look like woolly mammoths live.

There's also a theory that there is a portal to another dimension and another that says there's a black hole there.

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Inside The Hollow Earth - (MUST WATCH !!!) ✔Inside The Hollow Earth - (MUST WATCH !!!) ✔
01:33:19August 23, 2015, 7:12 am
Inside The Hollow Earth - (MUST WATCH !!!) ✔

Channel: OOWK MEDIA & Total View: 1132807

Add Date: August 23, 2015, 7:12 am & Duration: 01:33:19

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hollow earth theory documentary, subterranean civilization, hollow earth expedition, admiral byrd flat earth, hollow earth proof, anunnaki, tech business news, cool conspiracy theories, world's biggest conspiracies, insurance, hollow earth, rodney cluff, HISTORY, AGARTHA, inner earth, mesothelioma survival rates, mesothelioma lawyer, motorola business online, define welfare, structured settlement, the hollow earth, hollow earth theory, inside hollow earth

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Author Rodney Cluff shared his beliefs that the Hollow Earth Theory is real. He suggested that through openings in both the North and South polar regions, one can enter into a vast inner continent that is lit by an internal sun. From witness testimonies such as that of Olaf Jansen, a 19th century Norwegian, Cluff presented a variety of data about the inner earth world. Vegetation is very lush there, he said-- apples grow can grow as large as a person's head, and grapes are the size of oranges. The inhabitants are also quite large, from 7 to 15 ft. tall and can live up to 800 years old, Cluff detailed. Rather than aliens, he believes they are descendants from one of the Lost Tribes of Israel. Through their technology they have built "flying saucers" manned by androids, he noted. Cluff has teamed up with Steve Currey's expedition company and is planning a 24-day trip aboard a Russian Nuclear IceBreaker that hopes to enter the North polar opening and
proceed into the inner earth world.

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Art Bell - Hollow Earth & Open Lines - From Oct 3rd 2002

Channel: The Art Bell Project & Total View: 7150

Add Date: March 11, 2018, 7:13 pm & Duration: 02:32:53

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art bell, hollow earth, open lines, am coast to coast, dreamland, midnight in the desert

Air Date: 10/03/2002
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Earth's Inner Most Inhabitants | Edward snowden | Inner Earth | Hollow Earth | Alien civilization

Channel: The Marijuana Garden & Total View: 27959

Add Date: October 29, 2017, 6:18 am & Duration: 00:05:40

Likes: 157 | Dislike: 35


unknown mysteries, unexplained artifacts, mysteries around the globe, mindblowing thoughts, aliens, edward snowden, advanced civilization, Earth's Inner Most Inhabitants, gaia, gaia aliens, nordic aliens, hollow earth theory, hollow earth, flat earth, snowden interview aliens, alien secrets revealed by snowden

Repost as per audience request after clearing the BGM sound

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Earth’s Inner Most Inhabitants:

Among the groundbreaking disclosures forwarded by Edward Snowden to humanity, one speaks of the possibility of the inner earth being populated
by an advanced civilization that had been monitoring us ever since the beginning.
By some he’s considered a traitor, but some think of him as a hero. Edward Snowden had the courage to reveal secrets that the world deserved to know, and among the relevant
facts made public, few are told regarding UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.
According to some documents copied from the CIA, the U.S. government has long known about the existence of highly intelligent species, more advanced than humanity. While
we were busy gazing the starts for an otherworldly race of humanoids with their discshaped
UFOs, they were in fact under our very noses, probably for millions of years, and far
ahead of us in technological development.
Taking a closer look at Earth’s geology and we’ll see its rigid crust, a rather thin layer of rock that divides the continents and the ocean floor. The crust sits on tectonic plates that

Hollow Earth vs Honeycomb Earth & Inner Earth Civilizations - Corey Goode

Channel: SphereBeing Alliance & Total View: 206516

Add Date: April 14, 2017, 4:20 am & Duration: 01:29:12

Likes: 2952 | Dislike: 231


Anshar, Inner Earth, Hollow Earth, Honeycomb Earth, Civilizations, Secret Space Program, UFO, Alien, Secret Base

Corey Goode in Kona, Hawaii discussing the Inner Earth Civilizations and the Secret Space Program.

Rogan on eclipses, Hollow Earth and glitches in the Matrix

Channel: Joe Rogan University - Fan Channel & Total View: 343997

Add Date: May 11, 2017, 10:28 am & Duration: 00:12:02

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Joe Rogan, Joe, Rogan, Joe Rogan University, JRE, Podcast, Experience, flat earth, hollow earth, matrix, glitch in the matrix, virtual reality, conspiracy, eclipse, mick west

Mick West is a game programmer, writer, and debunker. Currently runs a few websites including and

Rogan and West discuss eclipses in regards to flat earthers, the hollow earth theory and observing glitches in the matrix.

Hollow Earth True HISTORY , HITLER & NWO ( GOTTA SEE THIS !!! ) Documentary

Channel: PuzzleMaster & Total View: 1357218

Add Date: March 28, 2014, 4:40 pm & Duration: 00:59:30

Likes: 5489 | Dislike: 828

HEY SUBSTRIBE, PLEASE =) I GOT LOTS MORE. Speak Truth and never back down from corrupted criminal governments.The following two videos are very enlightening. And I would highly recommend. If you are understanding what i'm saying or are interested in expanding your awareness of the world... instead of numbing your pain away because ultimately you too can feel something is wrong !!! People are brainwashing themselves with there dirty false TV reality. Be warned... once you know something it cant be unlearned... And unless you were knowing a lie to begin with and later become aware... that you were lied to... then it shatters that reality forever. The truth is far stranger then any fiction you will ever read(they burned all those books lol)

Dr. Steven Greer : They Will Stage an 'Alien' Attack on Earth (P.S I have his book & it is great )


"Must See! How The ILLUMINATI uses Television to Control Your Mind"

Filmed Hollow EarthFilmed Hollow Earth
00:02:04July 20, 2011, 10:57 am
Filmed Hollow Earth

Channel: Jordan David & Total View: 642953

Add Date: July 20, 2011, 10:57 am & Duration: 00:02:04

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spirituality, hollow, earth, footage, filmed, captured, planet, core, center, space, crystal, energy, incredible

For an explanation of what you're seeing /watch?v=ubKFmIDBMjU

This is a recording of the opening of the Hollow earth, clouds move in and through the holes. The source of the video is unknown, but was leaked by someone at NASA, it is authentic. This video is completely real, there is no manipulation or a volcano or anything like that, what your seeing is most likely shot from the space shuttle STS-80-USA- by NASA in 1996, as you can see the recording is part of the fuselage of the shuttle that was recorded at the time of filming.


Hollow Earth Theory InformationHollow Earth Theory Information
00:30:58February 7, 2015, 10:08 am
Hollow Earth Theory Information

Channel: Lets Read! & Total View: 9628

Add Date: February 7, 2015, 10:08 am & Duration: 00:30:58

Likes: 143 | Dislike: 12


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, ASMR, Hollow Earth (Literature Subject), Wikipedia (Information Source), Wiki, Dero, Earth, Lets, Read, Reading, Voice

Today on Let's Read! Our curiosity leads us to the center of the Earth, and we may be surprised as to what we find

Wikipedia Page:

Music: Stray Theories - Ambient Mix 1 - November 2011

Hollow Earth - The Whole Truth !!!Hollow Earth - The Whole Truth !!!
00:15:25November 14, 2017, 11:54 am
Hollow Earth - The Whole Truth !!!

Channel: OOWK MEDIA & Total View: 13145

Add Date: November 14, 2017, 11:54 am & Duration: 00:15:25

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the hollow earth, hollow earth theory, earth is hollow, is the earth hollow, google earth, hollow earth expedition, hollow earth proof, Mozilla Firefox‬, ‪Quantum‬, ‪Google Chrome‬, ‪Mozilla‬‬, Explore topics ‪‪Conor McGregor‬, ‪Bellator MMA‬, ‪Charlie Ward‬‬, hollow earth the whole truth

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Late at night, on October 4 2002, a strange guest appeared on a cult American radio show. Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell had a reputation for exploring weird themes with fascinating guests, but few had ever sounded as excited as this one.

Dallas Thompson was a former personal trainer who had spent his youth in Hawaii but now lived in Bakersfield, California. His life had changed forever following a terrible accident, five years earlier. He’d been driving along Highway 58 during heavy rain when his car had aquaplaned, spinning four times, only to plunge backwards down a 250ft drop.

When Thompson was found, the roof of his blue Honda Accord had been crushed almost to the floor. The fireman who rescued him was amazed he hadn’t been decapitated. As he’d been sitting, helpless, in the wreck, Thompson had had a vivid near-death experience. He claimed to have seen a “light so bright that it burnt my eyes” and made him “legally blind” and to have had bizarre knowledge about the world poured into him. When he regained consciousness, he was convinced...

The Myth of the Hollow Earth and Underground Civilizations

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Hollowearth, Civilization (Quotation Subject), Ancient History (Field Of Study), Documentary

Countless stories, myths, and legends are told about underground cities and subterranean civilizations spread through a vast network of interconnected tunnels across the planet.

There are many rumors surrounding these underground portals. We have only to remember the mysterious stories that revolve around the tunnels and galleries of the Cueva de los Tayos in Ecuador, or stories about entrances to underground worlds, supposedly located in the Andes, the Himalayas, the Gobi Desert, Turkey, and even below the Sphinx of Giza.
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Agharta - The Secret City From Inside The Earth - The Hollow Earth Theory Documentary

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agharta, agartha, agharta the city of shamballa, agharta the hollow earth, agharta the hollow earth walkthrough, hollow earth, hollow earth theory, hollow earth proof, hollow earth documentary, inner earth, admiral richard byrd, richard byrd hollow earth, richard byrd documentary, richard byrd aliens, richard byrd north pole, inner earth civilizations, inner earth agartha, inner earth documentary, inner earth theory, inner earth beings, real life mysteries, rlm

Agartha - The Land of Immortality.
At 2300 miles across the North Pole, there is an entrance to the center of the Earth. Here, according to Admiral Richard Byrd, there would be a much more developed human civilization. Those who inhabited the earth moved underground 100,000 years ago. In those times, a war has taken place that destroyed much of the population and also has created the known deserts. Virgil Armstrong, a former C.I.A. agent, describes the fascinating universe underneath us. Immortal people, congenial atmosphere, beings there travel with speeds of over 3 miles per hour, Atlantic and Lemurian inhabitants, flying saucers and much more. These are the main theories about life inside the earth.

A recent photo of the north pole, in NASA's custody and transmitted by one of the many neighboring satellites, has resurfaced the interest of geophysicists. In this picture, you can clearly see a surface where the ice is missing. On a 300-km radius there is fertile ground, although everyone knows that under the ice we should have water and not land. The fact is also confirmed by the submarine routes that pass through that area. What could this mysterious spot from the north pole be? To elucidate the mystery, Nasa has commissioned new photos, taken from different...

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Credits: Kev Connolly
Original video
Second video “Collision”
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Lee la noticia en el

Billie Woodard Interview - UFOs and Hollow Earth - Part1

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Billie Woodard, Hollow Earth, insectoids, admiral byrd, amelia earhart, flight 19, lemurians, t-rex, telepathy, J Allen Hynek, UFO, flying saucer

I interviewed Billie Faye Woodard (who is a hermaphrodite) in February of 2012. In this first part, she claims to be from Hollow Earth; discusses her six-month trip to Hollow Earth as a child; some of the beings and people she met; the creatures she saw; the technology in use down there; and the turn of events that transpired upon her return to the surface. We also get into how she graduated at the age of 12 from high school and her search for a job that ultimately led her to earn a Commission in the US Air Force - her first duty assignment: The Pentagon...and her next - Area 51. Regarding gender references here and in the opening of this video, my apologies for any confusion. Here, I use she/her. in my introduction, I use he/him. When you watch this video, you'll learn that she is a hermaphrodite.

DATE OF SHOOT: February 2, 2012
This footage was not intended for use as an interview. It was not my intention to be seen or heard. Footage from this video was used to create a pitch reel for a TV show. This was one story of many I'd recorded in 2012.

This public-facing e-mail address was provided to me by Billie to be shared with anyone who wanted to write:
[email protected]

Admiral Richard E Byrd - Hollow Earth Interview !!!

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explorations of the Earth’s polar extremities, admiral byrd, OOWK, History, alien, Medal of Honor, historic, Video, South Pole, anunnaki, illuminati, flight to the North Pole, pioneer and hero, Byrd, British, Byrd Diary, England, Admiral, flat earth, New World Order, Britain, hollow earth, MEDIA, Richard E. Byrd Operation Highjump Expedition Antarctica Hollow Earth... Theory, orderofwhiteknights, Hollow Earth Interview, hollow earth network, Admiral Richard E Byrd

Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, historic American icon famous for his explorations of the Earth’s polar extremities, was widely regarded during his lifetime as a pioneer and hero. A decorated naval officer, Byrd even received the Medal of Honor in 1926 for his alleged flight to the North Pole. However, in spite of the scientific and historic merit of Byrd’s achievements, there are less widely-publicized theories which suggest Byrd was onto something that went far deeper than his exploration of the surface world.

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The Hollow Earth Is Filled With Giants, Germans, and a Little Sun !!!

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inner earth, anunnaki, hollow earth, subterranean civilization, agartha, Car Parts & Accessories, Software, Computer Systems & Hardware, Computers & Consumer Electronics, Occasions & Gifts, Home Furniture, Home Decor & Interior Decorating, Internet & Telecom, Satellite TV, Hobbies, Games & Leisure, Antiques & Collectibles, Apparel

The underworld. From time immemorial, people have believed that there is another world lying just beneath the surface of our planet. To a number of cultures—the ancient Greeks for one—it is a dark place filled with the souls of the dead. But most of these early beliefs were metaphorical or mythological in origin.

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Inner Earth Civilizations - Hollow Earth theory is a reality

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mysterious, mystery, discover, hollow earth, inner earth civilizations, civilizations, UFO, underground bases, aliens, extraterrestrials, Edmond Halley, Realm of Aghartha, Aghartha, shambhala, shambhala hollow earth, Agartha, Shamballa, Lyra, Pleiades, Vegans, Human Ancestors, Lyran Races, Lyran, Ancient Earth, Sirians, tall white aliens, white aliens, Yahyel, Arcturians, Orions, Anunnaki, Nibiru, Arcturus, Terrans, the Nordics, Nordic aliens, Blondes, hybrid races

Inner Earth Civilizations - Hollow Earth theory is not a theory but a reality.
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