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7 Things I Desperately Wish I Had Known When I Started Flipping Houses

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When I first decided to flip houses… I was a bit arrogant.

I thought, “how hard could this really be? I mean… it’s just like the TV shows, right?”


I’ve spent the last decade buying both rental properties and doing house flipping, and I’ve learned a LOT. Sometimes I wish I could go back and give myself some advice. But I can’t. However - i can do the next best thing: I can share that advice with you.

Therefore, in this video I give you: seven things I desperately wish I had known when I started flipping houses.

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How Do I Begin Flipping Houses?How Do I Begin Flipping Houses?
00:06:53October 11, 2016, 9:30 am
How Do I Begin Flipping Houses?

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How Do I Begin Flipping Houses?, dave ramsey live, dave ramsey show, dave ramsey, dave ramsey live stream, debt free scream, dave ramsey debt free scream

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Flipping Houses - Watch Me Flip This HouseFlipping Houses - Watch Me Flip This House
00:05:06December 19, 2012, 3:07 pm
Flipping Houses - Watch Me Flip This House

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Flipping Houses http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com Watch me flip this house! If you are interested in Flipping Houses and real estate investing, watch me as a flip this house in about 9 days!

When you are looking for a house to flip, always be on the lookout houses that only need cosmetic fixes. You can make more money flipping real estate when the houses just need quick cosmetic fixes.

Invest in houses that you can flip quickly. I dont recommend getting into long rehabs! For more tips and House Flipping techniques, go to:


Welcome to this short case study on Flipping Houses from MicoFormula.com. For those of you who want to flip real estate and maybe are just getting started, pay really close attention to the core elements of this recent house that I flipped for profit. I can't stress this enough but one of the top secrets in flipping houses for beginners and even advanced investors is to flip houses that only need cosmetic fixes. So lets take a look at a recent house that I flipped and run through the examples of what went on. Now as a real estate investor, there are several reasons that you should jump all of this property right here. Number...

Before and After House Flip Video with All the Numbers

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fix and flip show, how to fix and flip houses, before and after fix and flip video, what is the best way to flip houses, the real numbers on fix and flips

This is my first video like this with the before and after video included as well as additional information on how I bought the house, how I repaired it, what it sold for, and a breakdown of all the numbers. If you like the video let me know with a thumbs up or comment.

You can also see more information on all my active flips at https://investfourmore.com/flips/. It includes before and after videos on my current flips as well as the 26 flips I did last year.

You can see my book on fix and flipping houses here: https://amzn.to/2qcpHRf

We bought this house for $151,250 from the MLS and ended up selling it for $226,000. I go over all the numbers at the end of the video including what we made on the house. This was one of my smoother flips without any major problems selling or rehabbing, although the hardwood guy did a poor job and we will not be using him again.

$100K A Month Wholesaling & Flipping Houses | Max Maxwell Vlog #001

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Wholesaling Houses, Wholesaling, Wholesaling Real estate, wholesaling 101, max maxwell, how to flip a house, chris rood, flipping houses for beginners, flip house


Deal Machine App: http://bit.ly/2wVPHml Use Promo Code: FRYZJ2
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Secret to Flipping HousesSecret to Flipping Houses
00:16:12November 1, 2012, 8:57 am
Secret to Flipping Houses

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flipping houses, flip houses, flip house, flipping a house, flipping homes, flip homes, flipping a home, wholesaling, phil pustejovsky, freedom mentor, real estate coach, real estate mentor

http://www.freedommentor.com/flipping-houses You're about to discover what most investors will never know about Flipping Houses. UPDATE: Many viewers have asked me very detailed... questions about what they learned from this video (see comments below).. To learn a whole lot more about Flipping Houses, go to http://courses.freedommentor.com and use the coupon code "freedommentor" to get it for free


Armando Montelongo Flip This House Finnegan House Full Episode High Definition

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Armando Montelongo, Flip This House, Full Episode, High Defintion

The Finnegans are in bind and Armando saves the day for them.

Flip This House | Flipping Houses For BeginnersFlip This House | Flipping Houses For Beginners
00:11:01January 19, 2016, 9:17 pm
Flip This House | Flipping Houses For Beginners

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flip this house, flipping houses, flipping houses for beginners, real estate investing, wholesaling houses, real estate, investing, flip, house flipping, flipping, houses, property, motivated sellers, podcast, wholesaling

Flip This House http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com Flipping Houses For Beginners and strategies to wholesale houses unconventionally. Real estate investing has many different exit strategies and you have to pick the right strategy that works for you. Real estate investors understand that you must be an expert at finding motivated sellers leads. It is crucial to your real estate investing business.

Real Estate Investing Podcast


Why You Should NEVER Buy A Fix And Flip House | THE HANDYMAN |

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How to Flip 3-5 Homes Per Month (Even If You're Just Starting Out)

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Clever Investor, real estate, cody sperber, clever investor review, cody sperber review, real estate investing, investing, how to invest, fix and flip, rehabbing homes, wholesale houses, real estate deals, smart investor, retirement plan, real estate license, real estate education, investing education, begin investing, real estate class, real estate mentor, mentoring, real estate advice, investing advice, Clever investor testimonials, clever investor success stories

It's still hard for me to believe you can make $18,000 out of thin air investing in real estate using other people's money.

And sure, the money is what attracted me to real estate and led me to eventually quitting job...

But really, working my own hours and being my own boss...

Getting to spend more time with my son and family...

THATS what made me happier. Not the money.

My biggest fear back when I was working a full time job was that I was going to be one of those "deadbeat" Dads that never was around and missed their kids most important life moments.

Nothing is more important in life than family. They are the reason we sacrifice so much, they are the fuel that give us the energy needed to keep going.

Investing in real estate is the most proven, time-tested way to give your family the life they deserve. I don't know of ANY other jobs that can instantly give you the ability to make over $10,000 in a matter of days.

Now, it's not always easy (I've had lots of students do their first deal in less than 30 days but I didn't do my first deal until after about 2 years of trying)

But ultimately, if you put in the work, and follow what I'm going over on the webclass...you will see success...

Flipping Houses: Not for the Faint of HeartFlipping Houses: Not for the Faint of Heart
00:07:58March 28, 2014, 11:47 pm
Flipping Houses: Not for the Faint of Heart

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Flipping, Houses, Homes, Flip, DIY, Rebecca Jarvis, Nightline, ABC, ABCNews, News, Business

Meet two seasoned house flippers who are always looking for the next hidden gem.

House Flipping - BEFORE - Restoration Easy Money! Part 1

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house flipping, real estate, making money, investing

Here we are doing a house flipping for easy money. This time we took 6 weeks with 4 hard worker guys.

Addition was redone, roofing, paint, restoring

Everything for good profit.
This is the Before video, like and subscribe to get to the After video. Thanks

Please check my house flipping videos and like the videos
a guide that helped me do house flipping here: http://amzn.to/2F06WHr

Flipping Your First Deal | Ep. 1 Analyzing the DealFlipping Your First Deal | Ep. 1 Analyzing the Deal
00:07:44December 6, 2017, 1:04 pm
Flipping Your First Deal | Ep. 1 Analyzing the Deal

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biggerpockets real estate real estate investing investing, rentals, rental property, investing in real estate, income property, bigger pockets, passive income, chris gill, flipping a house, how to flip a house, house flipping, house flipping steps, how do i flip a house?, analyzing a flip, analyzing real estate deals, rehabbing a property, property renovation, flipping shows, biggerpockets

Christopher Gill, experienced house flipper, and serial entrepreneur takes you on the journey of flipping a house.

This in-depth and engaging series isn't your generic flipping show.

Ep. 1 is all about analyzing the deal. Follow Chris to learn how he analyzes this property and stay tuned for Ep. 2 - Creating a Killer Floor Plan!

Join BiggerPockets - https:///www.biggerpockets.com
Connect with Chris on BiggerPockets -https://www.biggerpockets.com/users/ChrisFGill
Check out his site - www.chrisfgill.com
Follow Chris on Facebook - www.facebook.com/chrisfgill
Follow Chris on social - @chrisfgill

6 Critical Lessons Newbies Need to Know About Real Estate Investing

Channel: BiggerPockets & Total View: 52580

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I was 21 years old when I bought my first investment property.

I’d like to pretend everything went smoothly - but that would be a lie. Sometimes it was downright messy.


Because I didn’t really know what I was doing!

That’s the story for most newbies. It’s a scary thing venturing out into the world of real estate when you don’t have a lot of experience. I still remember the fear, the uncertainty, the excitement… it all comes with the territory.

It’s my goal here at BiggerPockets to help you avoid the mistakes that I made in my real estate journey, and to help you find your own path toward success. Therefore, let me share with you six critical lessons that every newbie (and advanced investor, I suppose) needs to know about investing in real estate.

Calculating Numbers on a Rental Property [Using The Four Square Method!]

Channel: BiggerPockets & Total View: 606248

Add Date: November 9, 2016, 3:33 pm & Duration: 00:23:00

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biggerpockets, real estate, real estate investing, investing, rentals

Learn how to analyze a rental property with the unique "four square" method and make sure your next rental property investment is a cash cow!

In this video from BiggerPockets.com, Brandon Turner (author of The Book on Rental Property Investing and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast) shares with you the step by step method for determining the monthly cash flow and cash on cash return for any rental property investment.

Calculating the numbers on a rental property doesn't need to be difficult - and this video proves it.

FLIPPING VS. RENTALS- where should you start in real estate?

Channel: Estate of Mind & Total View: 29638

Add Date: June 19, 2016, 11:26 pm & Duration: 00:06:10

Likes: 561 | Dislike: 14

Do you know you love real estate and it's potential for big pay days? Not sure whether to start with flipping or rentals? I break down the two comparing them on 4 different points. Let me know which one you decide! And please subscribe for more and comment with what you would like to see in the next video!

Animated by Jake Wincek- www.jakewincek.com

00:06:19August 15, 2017, 10:08 am

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Add Date: August 15, 2017, 10:08 am & Duration: 00:06:19

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flipping houses, flip this house, flipping, house flip, flip house, house flipping, flipping homes, fliping houses, flip houses, flip a house, how to flip houses, how to flip a house, flipping houses for profit, flip, houses, house, real estate, investing, real estate investing, invest, investment, real, estate, markbuyshouses, reiclub, flip that house

Watch me flip this house! If you are interested in Flipping Houses and real estate investing, watch me as a flip this house in about 5 days!

This house needs mostly cosmetic fixes. When you are looking for a house, look for one you can flip fast with mainly cosmetic changes.

This house can be completely transformed just by adding floors, paint, and a tile backsplash. We are so excited to flip it for my dad and make some money toward our first storefront for our restaurant cookie business.


Brandon and I graduated college in May 2016 and were living in my car when we started a late night cookie delivery service in my college town. I had to beg a local bagel shop to let us use their kitchen in their off hours to get our start. Now our business is making $3,000 a week and we were able to save up for our first storefront that launches in September 2017! We are still making money for all the equipment doing things like FLIPPING HOUSES! haha.

There's been a lot of obstacles and hurtles to jump over, but the journey of being an entrepreneur has been incredible. We will keep hustling and pushing for our goals each and every day. We've been showing our journey since day 1 so people can learn and grow from our successes...

00:31:40May 21, 2016, 12:07 pm

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Zombie house flipping, bella casa staging & redesign, orlando florida, melbourne florida, home staging

Bella Casa Staging and Redesign was the exclusive home staging company that professionally staged all 8 episodes on Zombie House Flipping on the FYI channel

Fix and Flip Bought from the Foreclosure Sale 7/5/2017

Channel: Mark Ferguson - InvestFourMore & Total View: 167056

Add Date: July 28, 2017, 3:16 pm & Duration: 00:07:30

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real estate investing, how to flip houses, fix and flip investment videos, before and after fix and flip vidoes

You can find much more information on how to flip houses in my book Fix and Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom. The book goes over all the details on how find, finance, repair, and sell house flips. It is available as an audiobook, paperback, or eBook on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2Bi8v0O

More information on how much money you can make flipping here: https://investfourmore.com/2014/03/20/much-money-can-make-fix-flipping-homes/

I bought this house from the local public trustee foreclosure sale on 7/5/17. The home was occupied and I just saw the interior for the first time today! I rarely get houses at this sale, but I think it being one day after the 4th of July thinned out the competition. The home is 2 beds, 1 bath, has a 2 car garage and a large lot. The house needs at least $40,000 in work and the ARV will be around $225,000 or more. Make sure to check out my playlist for before and after fix and flips to see videos on almost all of my flips.

Here is the after video: https://youtu.be/E544185KJKA

Flipping the Fallout Shelter For Grandma! - Home Renovation Simulator - House Flipper Gameplay

Channel: Blitz & Total View: 25565

Add Date: June 22, 2018, 10:00 am & Duration: 00:25:59

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house flipper, house flipper game, house flipper gameplay, blitz, may2018, 2018, house flipper update, home repair, family friendly, simulation games, house demolition, house flipper bunker, house flipper shelter, house repair sim, home renovation, house flipper playthrough, house flipper gameplay part 1

Welcome back to House Flipper! House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!

- - - - -

What you’ve got at your disposal is a set of tools and parts.
Use them to hammer, drill, nail and screw things together, and do whatever is necessary
to fit, fix or clean up stuff.

Experiment with interior designs and decorating styles you like.
Decorate and furnish interiors with hundreds of unique items that you’re free
to choose from. Express yourself!

Do you love interior design and want to fill up empty rooms using your favorite style?
You can buy an empty apartment and furnish it.
Do you prefer things only engineers would understand?
You can focus on repair and installations.
Are you an expert on the "small move, big change" approach?
You can buy a decent house and make it perfect by adding some style and fixing stuff.

The ultimate goal of the house flipping business is profit. Are you a risk taker?
Do you like to invest? Estimate profit and find the best...

Fix and Flip Real Estate - Pros & Cons of Flipping Homes

Channel: Limitless TV & Total View: 6021

Add Date: December 28, 2017, 7:00 am & Duration: 00:11:57

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fix and flip real estate, fix and flip, flipping homes, real estate flipping, Kris Krohn, Limitless Wealth TV

What are the pros and cons of fix and flip real estate? Steven Michael Miller and I weigh in on both sides. Fix and flip requires massive knowledge, good experience and you need to be okay with losing money. There are something you are not in control of in the flipping game.

The more work and effort that you put into a property, the more risk there is that you didn't think of something. In this episode we talk about how to look at a potential investment property with the criteria of time, effort and money, and our advice on fix and flips.

Watch and Enjoy!
Kris Krohn & Nate Woodbury

Becoming a successful real estate investor is easier than most people know… as long as you have the right Mentor and the right system. Click here to learn your best options:

BOOKS By Kris Krohn
The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth: http://limitlessmentor.com/TV
The Conscious Creator: http://amzn.to/2gFEkblLimitless: http://amzn.to/2gLQXoV

Be On Limitless TV
Record your questions on video, and join me in a future episode:


What is the 70% Rule for Flipping Houses?What is the 70% Rule for Flipping Houses?
00:06:28June 1, 2017, 10:19 am
What is the 70% Rule for Flipping Houses?

Channel: Fix and Flip Hub & Total View: 2088

Add Date: June 1, 2017, 10:19 am & Duration: 00:06:28

Likes: 31 | Dislike: 1


Fix, Flip, Phoenix, Milwaukee, 70%, Rule, House, Flipping

Whether you're new to real estate investing, or a seasoned expert, you've probably heard of the 70% rule.

In this video, Marty Boardman of Fix and Flip Hub explains the rule, and why you should disregard it 100% of the time.

To get the rehab cost estimate worksheet and free e-book, How to Fix and Flip Your First House that Marty discusses in the video, click below:


Check out the blog post about this video by clicking below:


Flipping Vegas Dream HouseFlipping Vegas Dream House
00:42:39August 11, 2016, 4:29 pm
Flipping Vegas Dream House

Channel: parkerbohnn & Total View: 143652

Add Date: August 11, 2016, 4:29 pm & Duration: 00:42:39

Likes: 629 | Dislike: 44


Flipping Vegas, Dream House, Scott Yancey

Flipping Vegas "Dream House"

How to Flip Houses with No Money, No Cash with a Low Credit Score

Channel: Sean Terry & Total View: 58308

Add Date: May 12, 2017, 2:13 pm & Duration: 00:19:42

Likes: 251 | Dislike: 10



Thank you for watching this video. I hope that you keep up with the videos I post on the channel, subscribe, like, and feel free to leave a comment. If you ask a question be sure to use #AskFlip2Freedom and we may answer it on our show.
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Sean Terry is an entrepreneur, real estate investor, author and the CEO and founder of Flip2Freedom.

Sean is the host of the Flip2Freedom Podcast, a weekly audio and video podcast show exploring the in depth world of wholesale real estate, as well as #ASKFLIP2FREEDOM, a wholesale real estate and marketing focused Q&A video show and podcast.

Make sure to stay tuned for Sean’s latest podcast series by subscribing.
Follow Me Online Here:

Instagram | http://bit.ly/F2FInstagram
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Flip House Complete - Before & AfterFlip House Complete - Before & After
00:02:42April 8, 2016, 4:44 am
Flip House Complete - Before & After

Channel: JP Carducci Inc. & Total View: 18527

Add Date: April 8, 2016, 4:44 am & Duration: 00:02:42

Likes: 87 | Dislike: 11


Flip That House, Flip House, House Flipping, Mary Esther Florida, Flip This House, HGTV, TV Show, Real Estate

Check out the Before & After of our Flip House in Mary Esther, FL. BRAND NEW EVERYTHING!

Flip House - Before and After RenovationsFlip House - Before and After Renovations
00:04:21January 9, 2015, 11:42 am
Flip House - Before and After Renovations

Channel: Mark Goldsmith & Total View: 430963

Add Date: January 9, 2015, 11:42 am & Duration: 00:04:21

Likes: 2811 | Dislike: 162


flip house, flip, renovation, home renovation, property renovation, redevelopment, home remodel, remodel, flipping, house, real estate, kitchen, home, remodeling, reno, home reno, property, before and after, realtor, realty, estate sale, countertops, open floor plan, floor plan, open concept, house flip, flipping 101, hgtv

Here is a property in West Seneca, NY that was renovated by Joe Jerge and his redevelopment team in a span of 9 months. This property was originally built in 1935 and has 1747 square feet on 2 acres of land.

This house was sold "as is", and so on top of renovating the house, Joe also had an estate sale to sell what was left inside of the house.

Renovation projects completed:
New vinyl siding, new roof, new roof on garage, new front porch and steps. All new bamboo flooring throughout the house. Renovated kitchen with brand new cabinets and granite countertops. Renovated two full bathrooms to the studs and even replaced joists on the first floor that had rotted. New insulation, new electric, new plumbing. Created an open floor plan on the first floor to open the living room to the kitchen.

After spending about $80,000 on the renovation, the house sold for $150,000 MORE than the original cost of the house, bringing a profit of $70,000. Joe's wife Sandra Jerge was the realtor of this property and helped to design and stage the rooms.

If you live in the Buffalo, NY area and are in need of real estate services, contact Sandra Jerge at http://homes.metroroberts.com/idx/agent/104329/sandra-jerge

00:07:17August 22, 2017, 4:27 pm

Channel: Branch Bros & Total View: 4623

Add Date: August 22, 2017, 4:27 pm & Duration: 00:07:17

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Fliping houses, Flipping houses for profit, Flipping houses show, Hgtv, how to flip a house, how to flip houses, how to get into real estate, flipping a house checklist, flipping a house start to finish, before and after, funny, house flipping tips, step by step, flipping houses 101, flipping houses for dummies, rehabbing, renovation, remodel, teamwork, real estate, mogul, tycoon, beginners, contracts, wholesaling, addition, update, new to old, market, brothers, profit, Flipping

IF WE CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT! Have you ever thought about flipping houses? Watch us flip this house step by step and the amazing transformation the house went through.

My brother and I have been involved in real estate since the beginning of this year. After about one year of reading books and watching YouTube videos we decided to take the plunge into the game. If you have ever thought about getting into real estate, I would encourage you to start now and not think twice about it.

Comment and let us know what we can do better for next time.

Thanks for watching!

JPB-High [NCS Release]
Toby-Colors [NCS Release]

[email protected]

The Pros And Cons To Flipping Hood HousesThe Pros And Cons To Flipping Hood Houses
00:08:26February 16, 2015, 12:50 pm
The Pros And Cons To Flipping Hood Houses

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The Pros And Cons To Flipping Hood Houses

How to Flip Houses (watch me buy it, fix it and flip it)

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Visit http://flipyourfirsthouse.com/ to get my Deal Analyzer spreadsheet for FREE. This spreadsheet instantly calculates your potential profit, so you know whether or not a deal is worth pursuing.

In this episode, you'll learn how I acquired my latest project and how you can acquire a deal for your first flip.

You can watch the next episode in the series, "House Flipping 101 - Kitchen & Living Area Upgrades That Make a Property Sell" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2eFWHBsYlI

Visit https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdD_oUkUm7kFSKITVHlXafDRs1fLUt_Va to see a complete listing of every episode in the "How to Flip Houses" series.

House Flipping Tips - Before and After PicturesHouse Flipping Tips - Before and After Pictures
00:07:49March 24, 2014, 1:19 pm
House Flipping Tips - Before and After Pictures

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House Flipping Tips http://www.FlippingHousesLive.com Get ready for house flipping tips and check out the before and after pictures of this house flip. See the best shows to help you flip more houses for profit.

If you are just getting started flipping or perhaps you have already done a house flip, take a look at this. I will show you a secret sources of deals that are free to you with the click on a mouse. You can flip these houses by wholesaling to other real estate investors or you can fix & flip them to a retail buyer. Either way, this is the best house flipping show and its free!

I am going to walk your through this property, show you the before and after pictures, and sprinkle house flipping tips all throughout, just for you.

If you have ever watched a tv show like Flip This House, take a look at how an average real estate investor does real estate investing.

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How Much Does it Cost to Flip a House?How Much Does it Cost to Flip a House?
00:04:28January 20, 2017, 2:08 pm
How Much Does it Cost to Flip a House?

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The Neighbor's House Flip before and afterThe Neighbor's House Flip before and after
00:05:48January 30, 2010, 2:37 pm
The Neighbor's House Flip before and after

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Here's the complete start to finish slideshow of our house flip called "The Neighbor's House." We called it this because previously we flipped the house right next door (see Hat Trick House on my channel www.youtube.com/tomtarrant). This is a historic Craftsman bungalow. We renovated the entire main house which started as a 2/1 adding an additional 700 square feet and master suite making it a 3/2. To see more house flipping videos and get real estate investing tips check out our blog at http://www.tomtarrant.com.

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