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How To Mine Ethereum (Very Easy)How To Mine Ethereum (Very Easy)
00:11:37June 24, 2017, 11:09 pm
How To Mine Ethereum (Very Easy)

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►How To Start Mining Bitcoins

►How To Mine Zcash With Your Nvidia GPU

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GPU Mining Is Dead? - Ethereum ASICs Coming Soon!GPU Mining Is Dead? - Ethereum ASICs Coming Soon!
00:10:29March 28, 2018, 5:00 am
GPU Mining Is Dead? - Ethereum ASICs Coming Soon!

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Ethereum, Ethereum ASIC, Ethereum Dead, ETH, ETH Asic, ETH ASIC Miner, Ethereum ASIC Miner, Etherum ASICs, Bitmain, Bitmain Antminer, Antminer F3, Bitmain F3, Bitmain AntMiner F3, Real Ethereum ASIC, Ethereum Mining, ETH Mining, Eth Miner, Ethereum Miner, GPU Mining, GPU Mining Dead, GPU Mining 2018, GPU Prices, AMD, AMD GPUs, Nvidia GPUs, AMD Ethereum, Vega, RX Vega, Gaming, Nvidia Ethereum, AMD Ethereum Mining, Nvidia Ethereum Mining, Eth Mining 2018

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Ethereum mining has been the hot crypto of choice for many mining operations because of it's great price, relatively simple mining setup, and good network behind it. But now ASICs could be dropping within the next 3 months & totally obliterate everything that miners have been working towards. What do you all think tho?

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Video was edited on:
• X399 Gaming Pro Carbon:
• Threadripper 1950X:
• MSI RX Vega 64:
• Trident Z RGB:
• Corsair H100i:
• ASUS PCI WiFi Adapter:

54 MH/s 1080Ti Ethereum Mining!! OhGodAnETHlargementPill

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54 MH/s 1080Ti Ethereum Mining, OhGodAnETHlargementPill, 1080ti mining, 1080 ti mining, 1080ti ethereum mining, ethereum mining, 1080 ti ethereum, 1080 ti, gtx 1080 ti mining, mining rig, bitcoin mining, crypto mining, claymore miner

Maxing out the 1080Ti hashing Ethereum at 54Mh/s! Taking Ethereum crypto mining to the next level with Claymore miner and OhGodAnETHlargementPill.

Get the pill:

Started a Medium page:

~Mining Rig Build~
My motherboard:
Nvidia shop:
GPU Riser:
Power Switch:
Extra Screws:

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How To Mine Ethereum / ETH (And make a ETH Wallet) With Any Newer Graphics Card

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Add Date: October 18, 2016, 11:06 am & Duration: 00:15:41

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Mine Ethereum, How To, ETH, Cryptocurrency, mining, gpu mining, ethereum mining, how to mine ethereum, eth mining, mining ethereum, ethereum, gpu, graphics, mining eth, eth miner, how to mine eth, how to start mining ethereum, how ethereum mining works, etherium mining, ethereum mining malaysia, start mining ethereum, rx 480 mining, ether mining, graphics card, how to ethereum mining

Today am going to teach you how to mine Ethereum / ETH with your graphics card and make a ETH Wallet. You do not have to run 6 graphics card's you can do this with one GPU in a gaming computer.

Send an email to [email protected] and I will email you the miner and the software you need.

Wallet from Coinbase:

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Ethereum (ETH) İncelemesi; Mining Artık Bitiyor !Ethereum (ETH) İncelemesi; Mining Artık Bitiyor !
00:23:57February 27, 2018, 3:58 am
Ethereum (ETH) İncelemesi; Mining Artık Bitiyor !

Channel: Kripto Teknik & Total View: 4920

Add Date: February 27, 2018, 3:58 am & Duration: 00:23:57

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Altcoin almak için ;
Bu bölümde Ethereum'u inceliyoruz. Yakında gelecek Metropolis güncellemesi Ethereum'u nasıl etkileyecek? Mining artık bitiyor mu? Ethereum yatırımcılarını neler bekliyor? Hepsinin cevabını videomuzda bulabilirsiniz.

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Ethereum Mining in December 2017 - Still Profitable?Ethereum Mining in December 2017 - Still Profitable?
00:10:08December 14, 2017, 9:30 pm
Ethereum Mining in December 2017 - Still Profitable?

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investing, investing education, investing opinion, opinions of investing, investing help, robinhood app, robinhood app help, bitcoin miners, bitcoin, btc, bitcoin mining, techcashhouse, tech, Ethereum Mining in December 2017, Ethereum Mining, Ethereum Mining in December, mining ethereum, is mining ethereum profitable, is mining ethereum worth it, how much money can mining ethereum make you




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Is it worth mining in March 2018 - GTX 1070 + Ethereum

Channel: Kevin Talbot & Total View: 20247

Add Date: March 4, 2018, 8:22 am & Duration: 00:03:20

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ethereum price, ethereum mining, bitcoin, bitcoin value, bitcoin to dollar, ethereum, cryptocurrency, how cryptocurrency works, ethereum mining rig, what is mining rig, mining rig, gtx 1070, mining pool, mining rig build, mining rig 2017, asrock h110 pro btc, asrock h110 pro btc setup, bitcoin mining 2017, is mining bitcoin still profitable, is mining ethereum worth it, kevin talbot, gtx 1070 mining rig, mining roi, make money, nicehash, nice hash, bitcoin currency trading

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Building Enigma / The largest Ethereum Mining Facility

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Add Date: May 9, 2016, 4:36 am & Duration: 00:01:46

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bitcoin, ethereum, cloud mining, cryptocurrencies, genesis mining, ether, smart contracts, mining facility, mining farm, cryptocurrency mining, mining, world computer, enigma, x11, dash

Ethereum is the first ‘world computer’. It is a decentralized network that can be used by anyone and is capable of running applications with no possibility of downtime, censorship or fraud.

It's native currency, Ether is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies next to Bitcoin. Just a few months ago, the price was $1, then it shot up to $13 and today it has settled at just under $10. This rapid growth excited investors who were eager not to miss out on another hyper-growth investment opportunity.

While some choose to invest in Ethereum directly, many are turning to Cloud Mining to enter the market. Our Enigma Farm is a computation cluster built for exactly this venture. If you are as fascinated by the Ethereum project as we are and want to participate, head over to our website and become a part of the project!

I Mined Ethereum for 6 Months (How much $$$ I earned)I Mined Ethereum for 6 Months (How much $$$ I earned)
00:10:23December 23, 2017, 9:00 am
I Mined Ethereum for 6 Months (How much $$$ I earned)

Channel: Financial Responsibility & Total View: 293288

Add Date: December 23, 2017, 9:00 am & Duration: 00:10:23

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ethereum, bitcoin, eth, cryptocurrency ethereum, mining ethereum, ethereum mining, ethereum explained, ethereum price, ethereum news, mine ethereum, how to mine ethereum on a windows pc, how to mine ethereum on windows 10, how to mine ethereum, mine ethereum windows 10, mine ethereum 2017, cryptocurrency, bitcoin mining, genesis mining, proof of stake vs proof of work, proof of stake, btc, is cloud mining a scam, eth price, ethereum future, coinmarketcap, eth prediction

Today we are going to be going over the results from my Ethereum mine, which I have been running for 6 months now. We go over how the experience has been, how much money I made, and what I learned from the experience.

Parts List:
CPU: Intel i5-7600

Motherboard: MSI Z270A-PRO

Ram: G Skill Ripjaws 8GB

SSD: Adata 128GB

Powersupply: EVGA 1200W

Graphics Card: MSI GTX1060 6GB

Graphics Card Risers: (6 Pack)

Wifi Adapter:

Power Switch:


Monitor: ASUS VS228H-P

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*As always, this is not meant to be financial advice. Please consult a certified financial planner and do your own research before making any investment. Invest responsibly. ;)

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9 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Overview 275MH/s!!!!!!9 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Overview 275MH/s!!!!!!
00:09:02June 13, 2017, 2:50 pm
9 GPU Ethereum Mining Rig Overview 275MH/s!!!!!!

Channel: Angry Chicken & Total View: 563749

Add Date: June 13, 2017, 2:50 pm & Duration: 00:09:02

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Ethereum, mining, Bitcoin, Dash, Zcash, How to, blocks, gpu, 9 Gpu, rig, stable, cards, asus, z270, corsair, Msi, rx 580, amd, rijaws, power, supply, where, are, the, Mh/s, can't, find, risers, m.2, evga, titanium, gaming, 8Gb, farm, amps, watts, simple, 580, 570, 1060, 1070, gtx, 1080, 1080ti, nvidia, pool, sata, molex, dual, 16x, motherboard, ram, processor, angry chicken, z270a, z170, block, time, money, earn, crypto, currency, news, platinum, linus tech tips, ltt, Unbox Therapy, shortage, best, windows, linux, steam, doom, origin

This is a 275 MH/s mining rig it runs stable !!!!!!!!

If you liked this check out the updated video:

Any questions just post them below I'll try to get to them.

Specs :
Motherboard: Asus Prime Z270-A
Ram: Ripjaws 8Gb 2133MHz
Processor: Intel Pentium G4400
Risers: Version 7 (6 pin to sata. Safer than the molex)
Gpu: MSI RX 580 Gaming X 8Gb
Power Supply: Corsair AX1500i & HX1000i
Expansion cards:

Donation are much appreciated as they help me allocate more time to helping you!!

Ubiq: 0x68415cC94Ad035Fa55C667CcC9B1FcbF80bf4262
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Zcash: t1QT1CoomBhC1Z5LdJopZmRPkzA7Fv84nu4

5.6GH 192 GPU Ethereum Mining Shed - Nov 20175.6GH 192 GPU Ethereum Mining Shed - Nov 2017
00:05:56November 8, 2017, 6:15 am
5.6GH 192 GPU Ethereum Mining Shed - Nov 2017

Channel: BeerMan 81 & Total View: 314020

Add Date: November 8, 2017, 6:15 am & Duration: 00:05:56

Likes: 2334 | Dislike: 702


Ethereum Mining Rigs Shed Tour, Cryptocurrency ETH ZEC, LTC BTC BITCOIN LITECOIN ANTMINER S9 L3+

A quick tour of the shed! A lot has changed since the filming this video. Subscribe so you can get updates when I post them!

In total there are 192 AMD GPUs 16x12 GPUs!

This is our crazy shed project. Countless hours to get this thing going. Lots more videos to come!

============= Parts List (in Progress) ===============

Watchdog (SRR):

Server PSU:


See the full blog here:

New to crypto? Get started in cloud mining to learn the ropes. This is also great if you are running out of electric capacity at your home! I just some family members stated on cloud mining as well. Great investments! Of course it is better to own miners of your own, but due to the noise and heat, it can be nice to have an extra income stream that you don't have to manage!

Hashflare - BTC Mining In stock!

Genesis - BTC Mining out of stock :( But they have plenty more!

Sell your BTC or ETH at Coinbase. Remember Warrent Buffet, buy low, sell high.

ETH Mining Rig #2 Build and Assemble! 239MH!ETH Mining Rig #2 Build and Assemble! 239MH!
00:13:49October 31, 2017, 6:55 pm
ETH Mining Rig #2 Build and Assemble! 239MH!

Channel: Review I.T. & Total View: 22647

Add Date: October 31, 2017, 6:55 pm & Duration: 00:13:49

Likes: 239 | Dislike: 23


ethmining, gpumining, ethminer, gpuminer, reviewit, youtuber, msigamingx, sapphire rx580, sapphire nitro special edition, Sapphire nitro, msi armor, 4gb, 8gbmining, 8gpu mining rig, 8 gpu rig, 8 graphic card rig, ethereum, cryptocurrency, crypto mining, crypto currency

Check out the Rig #2 Jay assembles and gets programmed! Check out the hashrate compared to the first Rig and let him know what you think. Dont forget to smash that like button and subscribe for more info and future videos!

Total Hash rate - 239mh
Power Consumption- 1366 watts

Song - Never Sleep by Gunnar Olsen

x3 -Sapphire Radeon NITRO+ RX 580 8GB GDDR5 SPECIAL EDITION

x1-Sapphire 11265-07-20G Radeon NITRO+ RX 580 4GB GDDR5

x2- MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 ARMOR 4GB OC

x2- MSI VGA Graphic Cards RX 580 GAMING X 4GB

---Hardware List---
Motherboard- Asus Prime Z270-a

Processor- Intel Pentium G4400 LGA 1151

Memory- Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 2400MHz

Hard Drive- PNY 120GB SSD

PCI-E Risers-x2- MintCell 6-Pack PCIe 6-Pin 16x to 1x Powered Riser Adapter Card

M.2 to PCI-E- CFIKTE NGFF to PCI-E riser card...

ETH Miner Robot Android App Review. Can you really mine free Ethereum?

Channel: Nev's Tech Bits & Total View: 28067

Add Date: November 27, 2017, 7:32 pm & Duration: 00:03:29

Likes: 142 | Dislike: 37


eth miner robot, eth miner robot app, eth miner robot android, ethereum mining android app, ethereum android miner, eth app, how to mine ethereum on android, ethereum miner app, android miner, bitcoin mining android app, bitcoin mining app for android, cryptocurrency, gpu, ethereum mining, ether, ethereum vs bitcoin, ethereum explained, make, mining, tablet, smartphone, ethereum, eth, mine, apps, bitcoin, android, bitcoin miner android, mining btc android, app, ethminer, miner, free, crypto, money

Bitcoin mining apps are not the only crypto apps that are showing up on the play store these days.

The description goes:

Ethereum Miner Android is an amazing application and easy to use to get Ethereum from your phone.

Ethereum price right now around $300.

You can get 0.015 ETH every week just from this Ethereum Miner Android app.

Every 5 Minutes you can earn 0.00002 ETH using Ethereum Miner Robot. Simply open the app, engage, then collect your free Ethereum!

Earn free Ethereum simply by trying open the app and start mining or watching a short video!

Minimum withdrawal limit is 0.045 ETH so you can receive your free Ethereum to your wallet and keep it to invest, save, or use however you want. withdrawal schedule every 10th, 20th, and 28th of every month

How To Mine Ethereum - Full Tutorial (Nvidia or AMD | Windows 10)

Channel: JESSEverything & Total View: 205572

Add Date: August 10, 2017, 3:16 pm & Duration: 00:14:55

Likes: 3624 | Dislike: 88


how to mine ethereum, how to mine ethereum windows 10, mining ethereum, how to mine etherium 2017, how to mine ethereum on windows, how to mine ethereum nvidia amd, mining ethereum nvidia, mining ethereum amd, how to setup ethereum wallet, ethereum tutorial, ethereum mining for beginners, ethereum for beginners, mining ethereum gpu, ethereum claymore, ethereum nanopool, claymore mining

Want to know how to mine Ethereum using Windows 10? This video is a full tutorial for beginners that will teach you how to get started mining Ethereum using either an Nvidia or AMD graphics card. Setup a wallet, download and install the latest versions of mining software (Claymore), and join a mining pool (Nanopool).

Claymore Mining Software:!O4YA2JgD!n2b4iSHQDruEsYUvTQP5_w
Ethereum Wallet:
Crytopia Exchange:

If you have any questions leave them in the comment section and I will do my best to help.

You can tip me here:
Ethereum: 0xa51427C35106FFd7da3e9cFAA2d51147cEF55259

Best Bang 4 Buck Mining Rig - How To Build 12x Card 1060 ETH GPU Miner

Channel: VoskCoin & Total View: 223015

Add Date: November 26, 2017, 4:45 pm & Duration: 00:20:46

Likes: 3627 | Dislike: 167


how to build an ethereum mining rig, best miner, how to build a mining rig, how to build a 12 card mining rig, 12 card mining rig, 12 card eth rig, 12 card zec rig, zcash miner, eth miner, bits be trippin, son of a tech, imineblocks, 1060 mining rig, 1060 3gb mining rig, 1060 6gb mining rig, evga 1060 mining rig, evga mining rig, h110 btc mining rig, pico psu atx adapter, diy mining rig, mining rig tutorial, best bang for buck mining rig, best bang for buck miner

This build is focused all around one thing . .achieving ROI or return on investment as fast as possible.
Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon -
Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon -

1060 3gb (Shown) (Cheaper) (Alternative) ($25 rebate atm)
PCIE Risers
Motherboard (Alternative seller)
USB Harddrive (Better price Alt.)
Mining Shelf Rack (Black) (Silver)
PCIE 1x 6 pin to 2x 6+2 pin
Zip Ties
Arctic Silver Kit
Power Supplies 750w EVGA 1200w EVGA 750w Server 1200w Server (Gold) Pico PSU ATX Adap.

Ethereum ASIC Miner 2018 - Destroys GPU Mining? GPU Prices Back to Normal FINALLY

Channel: VoskCoin & Total View: 37970

Add Date: March 27, 2018, 6:59 pm & Duration: 00:06:41

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The cryptocurrency mining world has been shaken by the news of Bitmain creating their "F3 ETH / ETHash ASIC Miner" which apparently will be ~2x the performance of a GPU mining rig for a similar or lower cost.
Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon -

Ethereum difficulty chart - no HUGE hash inc. -
Bitmain developing Ethereum ASIC Miner F3 -
Ethereum ASIC Miner Discussion -
Vitalk Buterin ETH "Creator" against ASIC -
Bitmain Antminer For Sale Shop (reference) -
Wall Street Price Analyst AMD NVIDIA - ASIC -

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Mining Ethereum! - How to Start Mining Ethereum! - Mining ETH - CryptoCurrency Mining

Channel: Crypto Coin News & Total View: 25227

Add Date: January 18, 2018, 5:21 pm & Duration: 00:11:26

Likes: 379 | Dislike: 74


cryptocurrency, ethereum, eth, eth mining, ethereum mining, hashflare, cryptocurrency mining, crypto mining, mining, bitcoin mining, btc mining, cryptocurrency news, alt coin news, altcoin trading, crypto 2018, bitcoin news, crypto news, altcoin news, crypto, altcoins, top altcoins, top altcoins to buy, cryptocurrency trading, ccn, cryptocoinnews

How to start mining ETH Ethereum! Today I started to mine ETH!
Make Money Mining Bitcoin Here:
Make Money Mining Ethereum Here:

Great Crypto Products:
Get the Best Crypto Wallet Ledger Nano S:
Online Crypto Wallet:

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WEB MINING (ETH,BTC,LTC) TERCEPAT, langsung masuk dompet faucethub tanpa minimum withdraw

Channel: THE Update's & Total View: 15300

Add Date: January 22, 2018, 1:01 am & Duration: 00:06:30

Likes: 163 | Dislike: 12


The updates, Mining bitcoin, Mining etherium, Mining litecoin, Web mining, Faucethub

Ikuti terus Chanel ini supaya tidak ketinggalan informasi penting dari Chanel ini. mining btc mining eth mining ltc

WEB MINING (ETH,BTC,LTC) TERCEPAT, langsung masuk dompet faucethub tanpa minimum withdraw

The Cost of Mining Ethereum and its ROIThe Cost of Mining Ethereum and its ROI
00:12:01March 31, 2017, 7:06 pm
The Cost of Mining Ethereum and its ROI

Channel: PC Turnaround & Total View: 168049

Add Date: March 31, 2017, 7:06 pm & Duration: 00:12:01

Likes: 1539 | Dislike: 144


pcturanround, computer technology, programming, build logs, computers, cutting edge, newest tech, ethereum, ethereum ROI, ROI, mining ROI, bitcoin, bitcoin mining, zcash, monero, how to mine, mining ethereum, how can I, cryptocurrency, computer money, robots, AI money, coinbase, AMD, RX480 mining, RX 480 ethereum, ethereum return on investment, what is ethereum, ethereum mining

Learn everything you need to know and more about your personal computer at PC Turnaround!

In this video we explore the cost of setting up a miner to mine ethereum or other cryptocurrencies.
We also discuss the ROI or mining ethereum or other cryptocurrencies and how to calculate your return
on investment.

Ethereum: Ethereum is a new type of crypto currency similar to bitcoin but it has more uses than
bitcoin which is why some users are dubbing it Bitcoin 2.0.

Unique features
1. Ethereum can only be mined with GPUs
Chinese ASIC miners used for bitcoin mining will not work!
2. Ethereum has the ability to create smart contracts
Basically you can have multiple transactions in one block on the blockchain
3. Ethereum transactions are lighting quick compared to bitcoin
sending money / receiving money is much faster
4. Ethereum can be used to create smart applications that can live forever on the blockchain
No one can take your app down like (Google / Apple / Government)

There's a lot more to ethereum but it seems to be a very promising technology for...

एथेरेयम कैसे माइन करें | How to mine Ethereum

Channel: Bhanu Shakya & Total View: 93227

Add Date: March 11, 2017, 11:47 am & Duration: 00:15:29

Likes: 1623 | Dislike: 64


ethereum, mining, hindi, india

Please watch and listen it carefully, every given detail is beneficial for you.

Claymore 's dual ethereum miner download link:-

Please create the batch file carefully and as shown in video
Batch file coding:-

EthDcrMiner64.exe -epool -ewal 0x6254d4dc946981b2b1ac52f469310b8103eaaf15/ethmining/[email protected] -epsw x -etht 1000 -mode 1 -ftime 10

Please create a file as shown in video.

Nvidia 1080 TI is now the BEST GPU for ETH Mining 55+ mh/s -- Lets Test It!

Channel: VoskCoin & Total View: 19474

Add Date: April 26, 2018, 8:19 pm & Duration: 00:06:24

Likes: 522 | Dislike: 48


1080 ti, 1080 ti mining, 1080 ti mining rig, mining rig, mining, miner, cryptocurrency, crypto mining, crypto miner, cryptocurrency mining, 1080 ti hashrate, 1080 ti ethereum, how to build 1080 ti mining rig, 6x 1080 ti mining rig, 12x 1080 ti mining rig, vosk coin, voskcoin, ethlargementpill, ethlargement, 1080 ti 50 mh/s, 1080 ti 55 mh/s, ethash, ethereum mining, 1st ethereum mining rig, triminer, tri miner, ethlargement review, OhGodAnETHlargementPill, virus

Nvidia 1080 TI are now apparently the best GPU for mining ZEC/ZEN AND now ALSO ETH?! 55+ mh/s on a card that used to retail for $700 shipped is wild -- let's test the hashrate of the 1080 ti with the OhGodAnETHlargementPill mod.

*Nvidia 1080 TI IN STOCK on Amazon -*
Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon -

*If you run this modification IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK, the file I downloaded from their github was reported by my anti virus to have a trojan as well as virustotal reporting the same thing.*
VirusTotal OhGodAnETHlargementPill -
OhGodAnETHlargementPill Github -
1st mining rig 55+ mh/s 1080 TI ETH -
Cryptomining Blog 50+ mh/s 10%+ ETH/XMR -

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Ethereum Mining at 2,210 Mh/sEthereum Mining at 2,210 Mh/s
00:20:42November 2, 2016, 9:10 am
Ethereum Mining at 2,210 Mh/s

Channel: IMineBlocks & Total View: 312246

Add Date: November 2, 2016, 9:10 am & Duration: 00:20:42

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ethereum, mining, high, speed, fastest, best, performance, hash, nicehash, buy, cloud

In this video I show you how to access vast amounts of mining power and use this hashing power on your favourite mining pools just like when you setup your regular home mining rig.

Link to Ethermine for hashrate validation

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Burstcoin BURST-N8KB-DKKW-9C4W-AF289
Storj 1PtCzyShTUXwhf63nRqQuxEgLZRkjwu4SK

How to Mine Ethereum - For Beginners [EASY]How to Mine Ethereum - For Beginners [EASY]
00:10:46September 28, 2017, 1:00 pm
How to Mine Ethereum - For Beginners [EASY]

Channel: Tech With Tim & Total View: 161727

Add Date: September 28, 2017, 1:00 pm & Duration: 00:10:46

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youtube, 1080p, voice, audio, talking, ethereum, easy, beginners, mining, bitcoin, how to, how to mine ethereum

In this video I explain briefly what mining is and how it works. I show step by step instructions on how to get started mining. Everything from joining a pool, to downloading the software, to creating a wallet.

This is super easy and everyone is able to do it if they have thr right hardware.

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- Download the mining software
- Create an Ethereum wallet
- Set up the batch file
- Run the miner
- Watch the money pour in :)


Ethereum ASIC Miner Released - Bitmain Antminer E3 - ETH PoW Hardfork?

Channel: VoskCoin & Total View: 32770

Add Date: April 3, 2018, 11:34 am & Duration: 00:04:31

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Bitmain has officially released their Ethereum ASIC cryptocurrency miner the Bitmain Antminer E3 hashing 180 mh/s on Ethash (Ethereum, Etheruem Classic, PIRL, UBIQ, and more) and consuming 800 watts. The performance is not much different than an Ethereum GPU Mining Rig especially when graphics card prices were lower but the price to profitability of the Bitmain Antminer E3 may alarm you.
Graphics Cards IN STOCK on Amazon -

Do you think Ethereum should Hardfork? -
Bitmain Antminer Shop (Buy Antminer E3) -
Direct link to buy Ethereum ASIC Antminer E3 -
Vitalik Buterin official Twitter account -
Ethdocs Ethereum / Docs / Whitepaper -

Mining Rig Parts IN STOCK on Amazon -

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Inside our first ETH mining farmInside our first ETH mining farm
00:01:38September 30, 2017, 8:51 am
Inside our first ETH mining farm

Channel: Ice Rock Mining ICO & Total View: 25614

Add Date: September 30, 2017, 8:51 am & Duration: 00:01:38

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mining farm, ETH, GPU, mining, ice rock mining, cooling, hot, inside mining farm, ice rock, bitcoin, ICO

This farm nowadays includes 700 video cards RX 470. Here we are using airconditioner towers but it is really hot there nearly 39-45 Celcius, and there we started to think how to reduce spending on cooling and make the farms more profitable.

How to Build an Ethereum Mining RigHow to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig
00:06:06July 26, 2017, 1:31 pm
How to Build an Ethereum Mining Rig

Channel: Motherboard & Total View: 337097

Add Date: July 26, 2017, 1:31 pm & Duration: 00:06:06

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motherboard, motherboardtv, vice, vice magazine, documentary, science, technology, tech, sci-fi, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, vice videos, future, cryptocurrency, privacy, security, cyber, currency, ethereum, how to, build an ethereum mining rig, how to mine ethereum, bitcoin, ether, ethos, etheros, linux, unix, computers, custom PC, how to mine ether, ethOS, software, hardware, CPU, GPU, math, caclulations, blockchain, RAM, ethernet, intel, gold rush, ethereum price, tutorial

The meteoric rise of ethereum has fueled something of a gold rush for people looking to get in on the action by mining ether themselves. This requires building a custom “mining” computer from scratch, which isn’t quite as hard as it sounds.

In this how-to video, Motherboard contributor Daniel Oberhaus walks you through the step-by-step instructions for building an ethereum mining rig from the ground up. By the end of the tutorial you’ll be well on your way to mining ether and contributing to the maintenance of the ethereum network with your own computing power.


(1) MSI Z-170a Motherboard -

(2) 470rx Gigabyte graphics processing units -

(2) powered risers -

(8) ½ in. aluminum angles, cut to 14 inches -

(5) ½ in. aluminum angles, cut to 24 inches -

(3) 1x2 wooden blocks -

(1) 1000 watt Corsair power supply unit -

(1) Intel Celeron G3900 central processing unit -

(1) 4 GB stick of RAM -

(1) power switch -...

How to Use Ethermine - Ethereum Mining PoolHow to Use Ethermine - Ethereum Mining Pool
00:06:44January 21, 2018, 3:58 pm
How to Use Ethermine - Ethereum Mining Pool

Channel: Tech With Tim & Total View: 7723

Add Date: January 21, 2018, 3:58 pm & Duration: 00:06:44

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youtube, 1080p, voice, audio, talking, tech, with, tim, mining ethereum, ethermine, easy, mining pool, pool, how-to, how to use ethermine

In this video I explain how to use the mining pool etheremine. I talk about how to monitor your mining progress and how to set up payment thresholds. You will not receive a payment to your ethereum wallet until these thresholds are met. If the video helped you out...

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How to Mine Ethereum (old):
How to Mine Ethereum (new):

2018 Ethereum Mining Guide: Lets mine Crypto Currency together with Claymore Miner!

Channel: Rinoa Super-Genius & Total View: 17916

Add Date: January 13, 2018, 1:40 pm & Duration: 00:14:05

Likes: 268 | Dislike: 54

Handy GPU tool

Download the Miner

My Wallet Address 0xeE0eB5055E00e08352BbE58Ec5A3C152a948cb9D

Make your own Ethereum Wallet if you so wish.

See how my Ethereum Wallet's progress is going.

Cara Mining Ethereum atau Menambang EthereumCara Mining Ethereum atau Menambang Ethereum
00:06:11August 14, 2017, 9:03 am
Cara Mining Ethereum atau Menambang Ethereum

Channel: Crypto Mining Indo & Total View: 18510

Add Date: August 14, 2017, 9:03 am & Duration: 00:06:11

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Mining, Ethereum, Cara Mining Ethereum, Menambang Ethereum, Bitcoin

Software yang dibutuhkan untuk mining Ethereum
1. Buat Wallet di atau Wallet
2.Claymore's Dual Ethereum AMD+NVIDIA GPU Miner v10.1 (Update)
3. Mining Pool

00:11:59June 30, 2017, 8:45 am

Channel: Joker Productions & Total View: 120932

Add Date: June 30, 2017, 8:45 am & Duration: 00:11:59

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joker productions, ethereum, how to, mining, mine, simple, step by step, easy, to follow, beginner, nanopool, jaxx, wallet, shared, pool, graphics card, gpu, nvidia, amd, zcash, bitcoin, get started, make money, at home

This is a very simple and easy to follow quick start guide on HOW TO MINE ETHEREUM in just a few minutes to start making money today.
Jaxx Wallet:
Nanopool Wallet Manager:
Ethereum Calculator:
How much is Ethereum worth?


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Royalty Free Music by Epidemic Sounds

Tutorial mining Ethereum ( ETH) di nanopool Lengkap 2017, How to mining Ethereum (ETH)

Channel: Mining dan trading bitcoin Indonesia & Total View: 12783

Add Date: August 17, 2017, 6:55 pm & Duration: 00:06:50

Likes: 235 | Dislike: 7


How to mining Ethereum (ETH) in Complete nanopool 2017, Tutorial mining Ethereum, ethereum mining profitability, ethereum mining mac, ethereum mining hardware, ethereum cloud mining, ethereum mining reddit, ethereum mining rig, ethereum mining nanopool, cara mendapatkan ethereum gratis, cara mining ethereum gratis, membuat sendiri gpu mining rig, cara membuat wallet ethereum, ethdev download, vga untuk mining bitcoin, wallet ethereum terbaik, cara beli ethereum

Tutorial mining Ethereum ( ETH) di nanopool Lengkap 2017

Jual Psu Thermaltake 600 watt baru 3 hari pakai terus saya simpan g kepakai jadi saya jual

How to mining Ethereum (ETH) in Complete nanopool 2017

Saya Mengunakan 3 buah Vga Rx 560 untuk mining rig kali ini

Situs Mining

Mining dengan nicehash

Silahkan Bertanya Jika Kurang Paham atau Diskusi Tentang Mining atau Trading Via whatapp : 081235967086

Tips are appreciated. Here's my Addresses

Bitcoin 1JUCm9PnsTgkwZHdGiijvhfo5fzj2waScp
Ethereum 0xa6d9695504f11f4eea7908611d78a64455932477
Bitcoin Cash 1JmjuBaPkQF31wYadHLHuw5sjXsMrNKhNE

The New Ethereum ASIC Miner Is StupidThe New Ethereum ASIC Miner Is Stupid
00:10:05April 5, 2018, 5:00 pm
The New Ethereum ASIC Miner Is Stupid

Channel: UFD Tech & Total View: 51761

Add Date: April 5, 2018, 5:00 pm & Duration: 00:10:05

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What do you all think of the Bitmain Antminer E3? Are you concerned for GPU mining, in a positive or negative way? Are you going to buy one? Is this something you care about? Let's chat!

Thanks to MSI South Africa for sending the GT73VR with me to the US.
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• Threadripper 1950X:
• MSI RX Vega 64:
• Trident Z RGB:
• Corsair H100i:
• ASUS PCI WiFi Adapter:
• Enthoo Evolv:
• Corsair LL 120's:

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