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DIY Spring Break LIFE HACKS!DIY Spring Break LIFE HACKS!
00:03:55March 6, 2016, 3:48 pm
DIY Spring Break LIFE HACKS!

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Today's video is all about spring break life hacks and DIYS! I hope these DIY ideas and life hacks can help you guys out during the spring break. There are a few travel hacks that will make your lives easier and can save you money! Even if you aren't going on vacation, you can use these ideas for home. Today's video is a collab with Cicily, Danielle, Hannah, and Jaclyn, so definitely check out their spring break videos after you watch this one. Love you guys!!


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Spring Break 2015! DIY Cover-Ups, 4 Bikini ideas, + What to Bring!

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Add Date: March 13, 2015, 1:30 pm & Duration: 00:07:12

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niki and gabi, nikiandgabibeauty, spring break ready, get spring break ready, Do It Yourself (Hobby), DIY cover ups, Bikini ideas, Spring Break essentials, what to bring on springbreak, spring break survival guide, what to do on spring break, spring break outfit ideas, traingl bikini, bikinis, modeling bikinis, Spring, Spring 2015, Spring Break, collab, mylifeaseva, alisha marie, sierramariemakeup, Spring break 2015, spring DIY

AH, THE WAIT IS OVA. Here is our EPIC SPRINGBREAK COLLAB VIDEO! In this we'll show you how to turn plain old t-shirts into DIY cover ups (super cool and inexpensive!!) and we'll also show you 4 bikini ideas and what to bring when you go on spring break! Hope you Dolls love it! Thumbs UP for the collab?!

Alisha's video!
Eva's video!
Sierra's video!

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Spring Break DIYs, Accessories, Snacks & Packing Essentials ! | LaurDIY

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DIY, do it yourself, laurDIY, sierramariemakeup, mylifeaseva, bethany mota, maybaby, lauren riihimaki, spring break, spring break DIY, spring break project, spring break packing essentials, spring break essentials, essentials, travel essentials, day trip, adventure, diy sunglasses, diy phone case, phone case, diy iphone case, diy with clear iphone case, diy wildfox sunglasses, DIY accessories, diy spring accessories, snacks, packing essentials, what to pack, spring, break

SUNSHINE IS THAT YOU?? hope you guys are having/had an amazing spring break! here are some easy spring break accessory DIYs to keep you busy if you're not headed somewhere tropical!

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the #laurdecor room decor series!

DIY Materials
Watercolour Splatter iPhone Case
1. Phone Case - eBay
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Straw

"Wildfox" Sunnies
1. Sunglasses - Little Burgundy ($14)
2. Letter Stickers - Michaels

00:06:06March 26, 2017, 9:00 am

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DIY, do it yourself, how to, laurDIY, lauren riihimaki, spring break, hacks, mamamiamakeup, misstiffany ma, laurDIY hacks, laurDIY spring break, spring break ideas, spring break hacks, what to do on spring break, what to do, watermelon pizza, summer pizza, summer snack, healthy snack, mudd, kohls, laurdiy collab, collab, summer

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Where should the Mudd Crew go next? Let me know in the comments!!! I feel like movies make it seem like a typical thing to go on these crazy vacays for spring break but like HELLLLOOOO there are so many fun things to do at home/locally for free!!! I wanted to put together some hacks and ideas to have fun and get your mind off school during your break! See u wednesday for another weekly vloggggyy!

♡ XO lauren


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10 DIY Spring Break & Summer Life Hacks!10 DIY Spring Break & Summer Life Hacks!
00:04:28February 26, 2016, 4:53 pm
10 DIY Spring Break & Summer Life Hacks!

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DIY Life Hacks, DIY, Summer, Spring Break Life Hacks, Spring Break, Life Hacks, Buzzfeed, Life Hacks for Summer, Rclbeauty101, Mylifeaseva, Beach, Bethany Mota, Summer Life Hack, MUST Know Life hack for summer, Summer Life Hacks for Everyone, DIY Summer Projects, Do It Yourself (Hobby), Summer DIY Life hacks, Weird Life Hacks, Weird, Life Hacks 2016, Useful Life Hacks, Travel life hacks, summer life hacks, life hacks, rclbeauty101, lifehacks for lazy people, school life hacks

Everyone must know these DIY Spring Break / Summer life hacks!! Life hacks videos are my favorites! If you like DIY life hacks and travel life hacks for the spring break/ summer life hacks let me know in the comments, and let me know when you go on Spring Break! Love you girly's!

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25 DIY Spring Projects! Room Decor Ideas, Treats, Easter Eggs

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diy spring room decor, spring decor, spring room decor ideas, room decor ideas, diy room decor ideas, diy easter eggs, easter egg ideas, diy eggs, savannahandstuff, spring decor ideas, spring treat ideas, diy easter treats, diy spring, diy spring decor, diy spring treats, EASY DIY Room Decor Ideas MUST try, bethany mota diy room decor, diy treat ideas, spring diys, diy easter ideas, diy ideas for spring, diy, spring, decor, diy spring projects, diy projects, spring projects

These are 25 DIY Spring Projects you must try! The DIYs include room decor, treats, easter eggs, gifts, and more! Most of these DIY ideas are easy and inexpensive! I've done lots of other 25 DIY videos such as DIY slime, DIY room decor, DIY phone cases, and lots of other topics so if you want to see more DIY videos, I will have those linked down below.

Spring DIY Videos
DIY Spring Room Decor! Easy & Cheap! Tumblr Inspired:
DIY Spring Break LIFE HACKS:
30 Things To Do When You're Bored On Spring Break 2016:

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Jelly Bean Candy Bark:
Hello Spring Fabric Art:
Drippy Clay Planter:
Spring Egg Wall Art:...

Easy & Unique DIY T shirts for Spring Break!!Easy & Unique DIY T shirts for Spring Break!!
00:10:27March 22, 2014, 12:44 am
Easy & Unique DIY T shirts for Spring Break!!

Channel: Bethany Mota & Total View: 6453007

Add Date: March 22, 2014, 12:44 am & Duration: 00:10:27

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bethany mota, diy t shirts, diy, t shirts, easy, quick, ideas, reconstruct, how to, spring, summer, swimsuit cover up, do it yourself, braids, cut out, inexpensive, graphic tees, unique

Heyyy there my fab peeps :) Hope u guys enjoy the video! Be sure to send me pics of YOUR DIY T shirts! I'm soooo excited that spring is finally here! Looooooove you


Wanna win some of of the tees I made in this video?!

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That's it!

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11 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!!!11 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!!!
00:09:22July 31, 2016, 8:57 am
11 DIY Summer Life Hacks EVERYONE Should Know!!!

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wengie, DIY life hacks, DIY, Summer, life hacks for summer, back to school, lifehacks, best hacks, beauty hacks, summer diy, summer hacks, pinterest, bikini, beach, hacks, pinterest diy

“11 DIY Life Hacks EVERYONE should know for Summer” HELP GET THIS VIDEO TO 50,000 LIKES!
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This is a summer life hacks video every lazy person should know. There are 11 life hacks in this video including some Pinterest inspired DIYs that every person should know I might do an expectations vs reality or back to school video soon but we'll see love,...

10 DIY Room Decor and Desk Organization Ideas For Spring – 10 Awesome DIY Projects

Channel: IdunnGoddess & Total View: 2102457

Add Date: April 2, 2017, 7:22 am & Duration: 00:19:06

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DIY Spring Room Decor, DIY Room Decor, Room Decor Ideas, DIY Desk Organization, Desk Organization Ideas, How To Decorate a Room, Room Decorations, Desk Decorations, How to draw a cherry blossom, wall clock design, DIY clock, DIY paper garland, Paper flower Garland, DIY lamp, Lamp design, How to make a lamp, DIY gemstones, DIY minerals, bookends, DIY coasters, DIY candles, how to decorate a candle, DIY Pencil Topper, DIY Phone case, How to draw lilac, DIY, Craft

Ten easy tutorials for Spring room and desk decorations. In this video I show how to make DIY cherry blossom clock, paper flower garland, pendant lamp with three flower pots, watercolor lilac phone case, book covers and bookends (mineral stones), coasters, pencil holder and pencil topper. Enjoy!

Before starting the description of every project, I want to pay your attention to the color palette I chose – pink, white, green-yellow, gold.

DIY #1 – Cherry Blossom Wall Clock
You will need a canvas (20x20 cm), cheap clock, cotton swabs, hair tie (or rubber band), pink, brown and green acrylic paint.
In this project I show an easy way to draw a cherry blossom. So anyone can draw it fast and beautiful.

DIY #2 – Paper Flower Garland
You will need green, pink and white paper. It is super easy to make and looks absolutely gorgeous.

DIY #3 – Pendant Lamp made of Flower Pots
(my boyfriend's favourite :))
You will need 3 small flowerpots, white acrylic paint, a ruler, fairy lights (Christmas lights) and artificial plant.
Everything is very easy but looks just awesome. Just amazing. Just... Ohhh! I am seriously in love with all my creations, but this one is from my top list :)

DIY #4 – Grass Book...

What To Do When You're Bored On Spring Break! | 10 Fun Ideas!

Channel: MyLifeAsEva & Total View: 4042369

Add Date: March 13, 2015, 1:30 pm & Duration: 00:09:11

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10 things to do on spring break, 10 things to do, things to do on spring break, mylifeaseva, bored things to do, things to do on break, what to do when youre bored, 10 things, macbarbie07, spring breakers, diy spring break, diy spring, what to do, upload, upload today, ideas for spring break, ideas for when youre bored

If you're ever bored this Spring Break, heres what to do!





If you see this, comment: "I hope Penelope has fun on her trip " hehe :D

Thanks for watching my Spring Break Video! These are easy and inexpensive things to do in your hometown for not only spring break, but for when youre a little bit bored! If you do any of the things in this video send me photos!! I love you guys!! xoxo, Eva

00:15:39March 3, 2018, 4:30 pm

Channel: 5-Minute Crafts & Total View: 2149760

Add Date: March 3, 2018, 4:30 pm & Duration: 00:15:39

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5-Minute Crafts, DIY, Do it yourself, crafts, trucos, trucos de belliza, proyectos faciles, useful things, lifehacks, tricks, tips, DIY projects, DIY activities, Handcraft, Tutorial, spring, amazing, incredible, paper, flower, flowers, beaded, beads, lavender, tissue, old, newspapers, rose, napkin, royal, hot, gigi, hadid, best ever, cup, plate, spring decor, decor, decoration, decorate, hot glue, glue gun

Check out these incredibly beautiful decor ideas and learn how to brighten your home for spring time! :)

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Spring Guide! Beach Essentials, Sweatproof makeup + more!

Channel: Bethany Mota & Total View: 5239713

Add Date: April 8, 2015, 2:49 am & Duration: 00:08:05

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Bethany mota, Beach essentials, beach ready, body scrub, diy body scrub, diy, waterproof makeup, sweatproof, beauty, makeup, beach bag, essentials, must haves, summer snacks, recipes, spring snacks, healthy snacks, vlog, beach day, friends, bethabyslife, ellen, bethanynoelm

Love you guys! Thumbs up for more #SpringwithBeth videos!
What's YOUR must have for the spring time? let me know!

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Bikini Halter Top DIY for Spring Break & SummerBikini Halter Top DIY for Spring Break & Summer
00:08:52March 21, 2016, 7:27 am
Bikini Halter Top DIY for Spring Break & Summer

Channel: Fab's Creations & Total View: 1084

Add Date: March 21, 2016, 7:27 am & Duration: 00:08:52

Likes: 63 | Dislike: 4


diy bikini top, diy fashion, how to make a bikini, summer, tumblr, trend, style, ootd, outfit, tutorial, how to do a bathing suit, how to do a bikini, bikini, bathing suit, bikini top, bikini halter top, diy, diys, hot bikini, bikini 2015, swimming, swimsuit, bathing suit collection, bathing suit haul, bikini girl, crop top, crop top diy, spring, spring break, how to do a swim suit from scratch

EASY & AFFORDABLE! This is a MUST for this Spring Break & even for Summer!!!
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Sewing machine
One yard of Lycra
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Link to turn around your straps with a thread and a needle:

Spring Inspiration! DIY Room Decor, Essentials, + Outfits!

Channel: AlishaMarie & Total View: 965471

Add Date: April 17, 2015, 1:03 pm & Duration: 00:08:29

Likes: 72688 | Dislike: 862


Alisha Marie, DIY Room Decor, DIY, Do It Yourself (Hobby), Room Decor, Spring, Essentials, Must Haves, Outfits, Outfit Ideas, macbby11, 2015, pinterest, inspiration, bethany mota, mylifeaseva, maybaby, tumblr, fashion, Style, macbarbie07, Sally Hansen, U By Kotex, stilababe09

Hi!! Hope you love this spring inspiration video! There's essentials, diy room decor, and spring outfit ideas! Which outfit was your fav? I think they're both perfect for spring! Ooo and don't forget to stay til the end of this vid!! I might be giving away all my spring essentials! hehe -Alisha
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What To Do On Spring Break! Ideas, DIYs, & Treats! | Aspyn Ovard

Channel: Aspyn Ovard & Total View: 674336

Add Date: March 13, 2015, 2:30 pm & Duration: 00:08:09

Likes: 42311 | Dislike: 235


aspyn ovard, aspyn, haute brilliance, aspyn and parker, aspyn ovard and parker, Do It Yourself (Hobby), Idea, what to do on spring break, spring break, spring break ideas, what to do when youre bored, spring break diy, easy breakfast, nutella french toast

SPRAAANNNNG BREAAAAAAAK! Yeah!! In today's video I'm showing you guys some of my spring break essentials, some DIYs, and some footage from my spring break trip to Cali! Thumbs up if you enjoy this video, and comment down below and let me know what YOU are doing for spring break!


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See what's new at Lulu's :)


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Travel Life Hacks everyone should know for Spring Break!

Channel: Hayley Williams & Total View: 274405

Add Date: March 31, 2017, 1:50 pm & Duration: 00:06:02

Likes: 10433 | Dislike: 494


Viral hacks, life hacks, travel hacks, life hacks video, travel life hacks, spring break, wtf hacks, american hacker, best life hacks, food hacks, buzzFeed, testing life hacks, 10 things you didn't know about, amazing facts, weird life hacks, life hacks everyone should know, simple life hacks, travel life hacks 2017, life hacks for girls

Travel DIY life hacks you NEED to know for Spring break! Check out audible here for a 30 day free trial!

This is a travel DIY life hacks video, testing out simple life hacks to make your life easier for spring break! Let me know what other kind of life hacks videos you'd like to see! Or DIY videos or Prank videos! Let me know! :)

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How To Get Ready For Spring Break 2016!! DIY Acai Bowl, Outfits, & Essentials! // Jill Cimorelli

Channel: Jill Cimorelli & Total View: 54506

Add Date: March 5, 2016, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:06:25

Likes: 3514 | Dislike: 49


jill cimorelli, shelby church, teenmakeuptips, spring break, 2016, spring break 2016, how to get ready for spring break, diy, do it yourself, acai bowl, easy, recipe, outfit ideas, outfit inspiration, outfit ideas for spring break, spring break essentials, what you need to bring for spring break, what to pack on spring break, packing, trip, beach, how to get fit for spring break, how to get in shape for spring break, mylifeaseva, macbby11, maybaby, laurdiy, alisha marie, aspyn ovard

Today I'm collabing with my good friend Shelby! In my video I'm showing you how to get ready for spring break 2016 with a healthy snack, working out, some outfit inspiration, and my essentials!
⇹ Shelby's Video:
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DIY Travel Life Hacks! How To Pack For Vacation!DIY Travel Life Hacks! How To Pack For Vacation!
00:04:31March 5, 2016, 7:54 am
DIY Travel Life Hacks! How To Pack For Vacation!

Channel: zasyas & Total View: 260728

Add Date: March 5, 2016, 7:54 am & Duration: 00:04:31

Likes: 4043 | Dislike: 322


travel life hacks, packing life hacks, travel essentials, how to pack for vacation, life hacks every girl should know, airplane essentials, airplane life hacks, bethany mota, zoella, spring break 2016, what's in my suitcase, what's in my carry on, outfits for traveling, zasyas, diy life hacks, diy life hacks every girl should know

DIY life hacks every girl should know for travel! Hey guys! In this video I show you DIY life hacks for packing for vacation and travel for spring break 2016! This video also includes my airplane, overall diy travel life hacks. Including diy life hacks every girl should know, diy life hacks for girls Enjoy :) xo
Thumbs up this video if you love diy life hacks and travelling!

Hello guys! I'm Yasmin! Welcome to my channel, this is where we bring inspiration to life! My main goal is to have you feeling inspired and happy after watching my videos. I make videos about DIYS, fashion, lifestyle, or anything that I am passionate about. If you like this video, SUBSCRIBE and join our fam!

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CLEAN YOUR ROOM! | 8 New DIY Organizations + Tips & Hacks for Spring Cleaning 2018!

Channel: Macerly & Total View: 1474941

Add Date: February 24, 2018, 4:18 pm & Duration: 00:11:46

Likes: 75729 | Dislike: 1604


Clean, room, macerly, organize, diy, tips, hacks, clean your room, clean my room, diy organization, how to, how to clean, cleaning, closet, closet cleaning, organize room, craft, crafts, bedroom, girly, clean your bedroom, 2018, clean your room 2018, macerly clean your room, macerly diy, macerly organisation

It´s spring and it´s once again time to clean your room! With these 8 new DIY Organizations I came up with for you + Amazing tips & Hacks I promise you will have more fun cleaning and organizing your room than ever! Wihoo, Let´s get organized!

Alright you guys, it´s been one year since I posted my last spring clean my room video, and I´m super excited to be sharing with you guys 8 NEW DIY´s to help you organize your room! First off ill be sharing my favorite way to tackle the messy floor-dirty-clothes problem, which is by creating a DIY laundry basket! Afterwards, I´ll share with you my very cluttered and messy dresser surface, which has so much potential! Therefore I´m in this video showing you how I DIY some organizational triangle boxes which double up as both bookstands and a place to put all my washi tapes, duck tapes, and acrylic paints!

Further on to decorate this area, I added a DIY gold pen holder, as well as a glass marble stand with gold mini jars where I store all the smaller hard-to-organize things in my room! However what about the bigger stuff? Of course, I´ll show you how to make stylish and super cute wooden boxes which you can hide whatever you want in! To spice up the area over my bed, and...

Easy + Yummy Spring Treats! DIY Donuts, Ice-cream Cupcakes + Strawberry Lemonade!

Channel: Niki and Gabi & Total View: 2680069

Add Date: April 18, 2015, 4:34 pm & Duration: 00:07:01

Likes: 86353 | Dislike: 1068


niki and gabi, nikiandgabibeauty, niki and gabi beauty, Easy + Yummy Spring Treats, Spring Treats, Quick + Easy Spring Treats, Easy + Cute Spring Treats, Easy spring treats, Yummy Spring Treats, cute Spring Treats, Spring Treats 2015, DIY Spring Treats, DIY Treats 2015, DIY donuts, DIY ice-cream cupcakes, DIY cupcakes, DIY strawberry lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade recipe, donut recipe, Spring 2015, DIY, DIY Spring, Do it Yourself, Alisha Marie, mylifeaseva

We hope your stomachs aren't growling too much! In this video we show you guys how to make EASY and YUMMY Spring Treats! You'll learn how to make knock-off homemade versions of the infamous California Donuts, Ice-cream cupcakes, and home-made (natural) lemonade! We hope yo guys like these and try some out! Thumbs up if you love food!!!:)

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Spring Break Activities & DIY Ideas 2015!Spring Break Activities & DIY Ideas 2015!
00:06:06March 12, 2015, 3:45 pm
Spring Break Activities & DIY Ideas 2015!

Channel: Michelle Reed & Total View: 41775

Add Date: March 12, 2015, 3:45 pm & Duration: 00:06:06

Likes: 2899 | Dislike: 53


Thisissmileyandshell, thisissmileyandshell, morning, routine, 2014, boyfriend, Spring Break Activities, Spring BReak DIYS, Spring Break Activities and DIYS 2015, Spring Things to do, things to do when you're bored, thisissmileyandshell spring activities, Picnic DIY 2015, Thisissmileyandshell michelle, Thisissmileyandshell Boyfrien, Spring Break Things To Do With Your Friends, Things to do on spring break, what do on spring break when it is cold, Spring Room DIYS 2015

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//Hi friends! Today I share some of my favorite inexpensive things to do on Spring Break. These are also great if you live where it isn't so sunny or cold :) I spent a lot of time working on this so I hope you all enjoy like always!

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DIY Spring Break HacksDIY Spring Break Hacks
00:01:21March 10, 2017, 5:10 am
DIY Spring Break Hacks

Channel: cnhsmedia & Total View: 255

Add Date: March 10, 2017, 5:10 am & Duration: 00:01:21

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DIY Spring Break Hacks

DIY Spring Room Decor + Organization - TUMBLR INSPIRED!

Channel: QuincieandCandice & Total View: 17279

Add Date: March 6, 2016, 6:21 am & Duration: 00:04:07

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tumblr spring room decor, tumblr inspired, organization, spring room, spring organization, spring DIY, giveaway, LUSH, cheap, easy, tumblr room, tumblr organization, tumblr room decor, tumblr spring

tumblr spring , room decor , tumblr room decor , tumblr inspired , organization , spring , diy , fun , colorful , LUSH , Giveaway , easy , cheap , affordable , spring organization , tumblr organization 

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SPRING BREAK PARTY IDEAS 2017 | DIY Beach Towel & DIY Donut Float

Channel: Rachel - confetetievents & Total View: 398

Add Date: March 7, 2017, 11:56 am & Duration: 00:04:01

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Spring Break 2017, Spring Break Party, spring break party ideas, diy donut float, diy beach towel, diy donut pool float, donut pool float, pool floats, diy donut floatie, diy graphic beach towel, March 2017, easy diy, summer ideas, beach party diy, beach party ideas, spring break diy, spring break, spring break hacks, pool float diy, donut float, donut floatie, summer party ideas, pinterest inspired, tumblr inspired, aloha diy, hawaii, cute diy, spring break easy diy

SPRING BREAK 2017 PARTY IDEAS | DIY Beach Towel & DIY Donut Floatie: It is officially March, which means it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH!! …oh and there’s Spring Break too. 😜 In this video I’ll show you two quick and easy DIYs: a DIY graphic beach towel and a DIY donut pool floatie!

- Vibrant or rich-colored towel
- Letter stencils (made of cardstock)
- Spray bottle (½ water + ½ bleach)

➳ DONUT FLOAT SUPPLIES -- this entire DIY cost me literally $2…SCORE!!
- Inflatable tube
- Paint of assorted colors (tan, pink, blue, purple, etc.)



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SPRING BREAK BIKINI BODY 2017 | Fitness Hacks, DIY's, and Workouts!

Channel: Emma Lev & Total View: 1209

Add Date: March 4, 2017, 6:00 am & Duration: 00:02:49

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Spring Break Workout, bikini body ready, bikini body workout, bikini body, spring break 2017, how to lose weight, fitness hacks, life hacks, fitness life hacks, workout hacks, workout, my workout routine, get fit FAST, lose weight FAST, how to get toned, how to get abs, how to get a bikini body, summer, summer 2017, spring 2017, gym routine, my gym routine, lose weight, weight loss, fat loss, get toned fast, abs workout

If you're looking for MOTIVATION and INSPIRATION to get FIT FOR SPRING BREAK're at the right place!!! Today we're talking all things health and fitness as we gear up for those warmer know...when you don't have to wear a million layers before leaving the house!!! If you wanna get SUPER FIT and look super fly for SPRING BREAK, come watch!


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DIY Spring Treat Ideas for Friends | Brooklyn and Bailey

Channel: Brooklyn and Bailey & Total View: 2274414

Add Date: March 19, 2014, 2:00 pm & Duration: 00:06:18

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Brooklyn, Bailey, twins, girl, teen, fashion, beauty, hair, hairstyles, ootd, nails, Mindy, DIY, craft, CuteGirlsHairstyles, Target, walmart, cheetos, M&M's (Brand), carrots, ice cream cone, gift ideas, Spring, Springtime, treats, food, Easter Bunny, gifts, gift, Do It Yourself (Website Category), friends, ideas, Spring Break, Easter, basket

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We are so excited for Spring that we can hardly stand it! We love bringing gifts to our friends, and with Easter around the corner, this fun season is no exception! There is just something about everything turning green and the flowers blossoming that gets us into a fun spirit! Plus, it is Spring Break. Who doesn't love that?

Today's DIY tutorial is on how to create for Spring Treat Ideas for your friends! Meet "Cheese Puff Carrots" and "M&M Ice Cream Cones"! All of the items can be purchases at Target or Walmart, and make adorable little gifts!


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PINK Spring Break DIYPINK Spring Break DIY
00:02:13February 3, 2017, 7:53 am
PINK Spring Break DIY

Channel: PINK & Total View: 16617

Add Date: February 3, 2017, 7:53 am & Duration: 00:02:13

Likes: 330 | Dislike: 40

Wear it your way! Tips and tricks to customize your favorite PINK styles.

SEXY Spring Break 2015 // 3 Outfit Ideas mit DIY Skirt

Channel: #eylemwho & Total View: 11568

Add Date: April 16, 2015, 8:30 am & Duration: 00:05:41

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Do It Yourself (Hobby), Fashion (Industry), Clothing (Industry), STYLELOUNGE, trendig, trendy, einfach, tutorial, how to, do it yourself, upcycling diy, eylem, style, lounge, style lounge, runway, outfit, styles, look, 2015, looks, fashion, trend, beauty c, life style, lifestyle, shoes, clothes, dress, mode, model, tag, fame, out, girl, girls, glamour, natural, casual, high heels, haul, Makeup, Trend Tag

1 DIY Skirt - 3 Outfit Ideas für den Spring Break 2015! Wie versprochen gibt es heute endlich das Styling-Video zu meinem DIY Skirt aus dem Flickenteppich. Klickt rein und schaut, wie ich den selbst gemachten Flickenteppich-Rock passend zum Spring Break kombiniert habe. Welche der 3 Outfit Ideas gefällt euch am besten?

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Auf meinem Channel gibt es die neuesten Outfits, Styles & aktuelle Fashion-Trends. Ich zeige euch in meinen Fashion-Videos, wie man stylische Outfits am besten kombiniert, ob coole,...

Spring DIY Fashion & Outfit Ideas 2017Spring DIY Fashion & Outfit Ideas 2017
00:05:15March 16, 2017, 5:00 am
Spring DIY Fashion & Outfit Ideas 2017

Channel: Annie Rose & Total View: 356741

Add Date: March 16, 2017, 5:00 am & Duration: 00:05:15

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annie rose, annie cole, annie's vlogs, jazzygirlstuffTV1, hope's vlogs, superherokids, target shopping, claire's, tween, teen, homeschool, shopping, routines, fashion, outfit, lookbook, outfit ideas for Spring, spring fashion, spring 2017, fun fashions for tweens, fun outfits for girls, girls fashion, girls outfits, girls spring fashion ideas

I love fashion! I love putting together new outfits & accessories. I love making or modifying them too! In this video I show you all that for Spring 2017. These are the latest fashions for Tweens from Target, Abercrombie Kids, Forever 21 Kids & Justice!

**Video correction - the dress with the little flowers is from Abercrombie, not Aeropostale - I voiced this over super late & in a hurry cause my mom was going out of town & I needed to get it done! Mistakes happen!

What are you most excited about wearing this Spring?

See my Annie Rose SPRING FASHION video
See my Annie Rose SPRING activity video
See my Annie's Vlogs SPRING break Fun part 1
See my Annie's Vlogs SPRING break Fun part 2


Annie Rose Cole is an 11 year old YouTuber. She hosts 2 channels - Annie's Vlogs & Annie Rose & co-hosts Jazzy Girl Stuff with her BFF, Hope.
This channel is for tweens & young teens, Annie will be posting lifestyle videos that reflect a positive, happy worldview.
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Get Spring Break Ready! Packing, DIY, Essentials + MORE

Channel: Hannah Ashton & Total View: 13215

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Missinnerbeauty2, miss, inner, beauty, two, too, fashion, hair, makeup, cosmetics, style, guru, Spring Break, Spring (Quotation Subject), packing, traveling, beach, vacation, vlogs, florida, California (US State), Tourist Destination, makeup bag, suitcase, what, pack, i'm

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DIY Spring Organization + Room Decor! Get Organized For Spring!

Channel: MissRemiAshten & Total View: 3317955

Add Date: March 25, 2015, 10:00 am & Duration: 00:11:47

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diy, do it yourself, missremiashten, remlife, easy, cute, cheap, fun, tumblr, spring, clean, cleaning, organization, organize, pinterest, adorable, girly, room, decor, girl, girls, teenager

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Fun Spring Break DIYFun Spring Break DIY
00:06:00March 9, 2016, 6:45 am
Fun Spring Break DIY

Channel: 100huntley & Total View: 296

Add Date: March 9, 2016, 6:45 am & Duration: 00:06:00

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interview, huntleystreet, mar-08-16, HS10104, 100huntley, christian, spring diy, march break ideas

All across the country, excited families are making plans for Spring Break. Today Shelly shares some fun ideas that will keep your kids happy and help you create some great family moments.

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