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Spey Invest Ltd is a Confirmed SCAM - Proof Review!

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Spey Invest Ltd is a Confirmed SCAM - Proof Review!
Full review - https://www.tradingwithpaul.com/spey-ltd-review-daniil-solopov-scam/

This is my second video review on Spey Invest Ltd and in this one I expose them as scammers. In the video I show you proof that they are using a stock image for their made up CEO Daniil Solopov. There is no valid reason at all for any company to use a fake stock image to represent any of their staff members especially their CEO.

I also never got any replies to my emails to support which again is not a good sign of the company at all.

I am now classing Spey Invest Ltd as a scam and will advising anyone that follows me not to join them as there is a high risk that you will lose your money.

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#BIZNET - The project that fucks all the hypes, pyramids and scams!

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fxheadway scamfxheadway scam
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fxheadway scam

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Fxheadway.com is scam investment program!
They don't trade on Forex markets, it's just a PONZI scheme.
Do not trust these people as they will take your money and do not trust HYIP monitors as they are promoting programs like this one. Spend just 10 mins googling it and you'll see the truth.
I've been taken $11300 by investing into similar program, ArdexFunds, now working as Viriona.com.
This case has been reported to authorities.
If you've been victim of similar crime, please make your complaint at: https://complaint.ic3.gov/ and http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

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