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♦ Real Company


👉 min deposit: $50

✅ PLAN Investment

0.59% Profit Day
17.7% Month
215.35% Year

Cryp Trade Capital - Where have they goneCryp Trade Capital - Where have they gone
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Cryp Trade Capital - Where have they gone

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Being a Marketer is fraught with risk, It can sometimes be hard to see the winners from the scams and unfortunately being a marketer will undoubtedly mean at some point in your career you will become involved in or promote something that will turn out to fail.

This means that if you were a part of CTC and you do lose your investment (which is still yet to be seen) then you should not blame your sponsor for your getting involved.

Sponsors, Marketers, Leaders all have an obligation to you to ensure that you are aware of all risks involved in ANY business you join and I personally would never hold my sponsor responsible for a failed business if I failed to do my own due diligence.

This is part and parcel of doing what we do and will happen to everyone at some point.

Now although I feel its a little early to call this a failed business, there are currently some red flags surrounding Cryp Trade Capital.

4 and a half months ago I saw a contact asking about CTC and I approached them to offer my services to look into the business.

What I found back then, caused great concern however, there was nothing at that point that could be called the silver bullet.

The information I found was full of red flags which is why...

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Crypt trade capital UPDATE!Crypt trade capital UPDATE!
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Crypt trade capital UPDATE!

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cryp trade capital, cryp trade capital scam, cryp trade capital holding, cryp trade capital holding sl, cryp trade capital review Crypt trade capital update. Got my first team commissions and 100$ Bonus.

Keep en eye out for future videos as I am going to go much more into depth on how to compound and much more!

Cryp Trade Capital Holding SL Live WebinarCryp Trade Capital Holding SL Live Webinar
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Cryp Trade Capital Holding SL Live Webinar

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Cryp Trade Capital Holding SL Live Webinar

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