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Architecture Short Course: How to Develop a Design Concept

Channel: 30X40 Design Workshop & Total View: 330988

Add Date: March 22, 2017, 11:03 am & Duration: 00:19:24

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whats it like being an architect, architecture concept ideas example, architecture concept ideas, architecture tutorial, architect, architecture, design, howtoarchitect, what an architect does, architecture students, design process architecture, architect concept, being an architecture student, how to develop architecture concepts, architecture short course, architecture concept, design concept, architecture design concept, how architects work, 30x40 design workshop

All architecture begins with a concept. If you’re struggling to find one, curious about what one is, or wondering how architects begin their projects; this short course will walk you through the process I use and some of the techniques I rely on to develop architectural concepts all illustrated with one of my residential projects.

Design is a dialogue, and the concept ensures you have something to talk about. In this video I discuss the precise steps I take when beginning each project and how those steps lead me to an architectural concept.

Before we can develop the concept, we have to first understand the practical constraints. My design process begins only after gathering and assessing all the given parameters for a project. Now, this primarily consists of three types of information. There’s information derived from the site - things like: local climate, the prevailing winds, the solar aspect, vegetation, neighboring structures, the site’s history, and any unique liabilities or opportunities. The site of course also comes along with legal frameworks for development, which describe where and what we can and can’t build.

The second type of information we’ll gather is from the client. Every client has a set of cultural beliefs and...

A Day in the Life of an Architect | Architecture vlog

Channel: 30X40 Design Workshop & Total View: 16347

Add Date: March 15, 2018, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:14:46

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a day in the life of an architect, day in the life of architect, day in the life architect, a typical day in the life of an architect, typical day architect, architect typical day, architect vlog, architecture vlog, life of an architect, what an architect does, day in the life, a day in my life, architect, architecture, a day in the life of architecture, architecture tutorial, vlogging, architecture students, 30x40, 30x40 design workshop, architecture day in the life

Follow a typical day in the life of an architect. Part architecture vlog, part behind-the-scenes look at some of the tasks architects work on each day: from designing a set of elevations to managing projects in construction, to writing specifications, to managing an office, and how to deal with the inevitable creative blocks creatives face on a daily basis.

I intentionally structure my day to be divided between making in the morning and managing in the afternoons, with a mid-day transition break for exercise. Learn why this works for me and follow along as I work through some of the most common struggles an architect faces in daily professional practice.

For aspiring architects, architecture students, and those curious about exactly what it is that architects do each day.

In future vlogs I hope to be able to show more of the construction coordination and dialogue that happens outside of the studio as this is where so many decisions are made.

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* Canon 40mm f2.8...

Archiculture: a documentary film that explores the architectural studio (full 25 min film)

Channel: Arbuckle Industries & Total View: 886990

Add Date: December 17, 2014, 8:58 am & Duration: 00:25:05

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Arbuckle Industries, Documentary (TV Genre), Film (Media Genre), Architecture (Industry), Urban Design (Field Of Study), Landscape Architecture (Industry), Architect (Profession), Designer (Profession), Design (Industry), Pratt Institute (College/University), Education (TV Genre), Architecture School, Design School, Design Education, David Byrne (Musical Artist), Shigeru Ban, Thom Mayne (Architect), Archiculture, College (TV Genre)

Archiculture takes a thoughtful, yet critical look at the architectural studio. The 25-minute film offers a unique glimpse into the world of studio-based, design education through the eyes of a group of students finishing their final design projects. Interviews with leading professionals, historians and educators help create crucial dialog around the key issues faced by this unique teaching methodology and the built environment these future architects will create.

Mollie Claypool
Alanna Jaworski
Dionysios Neofitidis
Mike Toste
Giancarlo Tramontozzi

Including Interviews with:
Shigeru Ban - Shigeru Ban Architects
Matthew Berman - Workshop APD
Phil Bernstein - VP Autodesk
Joe Brown - CIO AECOM
David Byrne - Musician/Artist
Annie Choi - Author/Critic
Maurice Cox - Professor/NEA
Ken Frampton - Historian/Professor
Terry Heinlein - TGH Architect
Ted Landsmark - President BAC
Thom Mayne - Morphosis
Mary Woods - Historian/Professor

Co-Producer/Director - David Krantz & Ian Harris
Editor - Jesse Garrison
Sound Editor and Re-Recording Mixer - Yoni Slotwiner
Composer - Glenn Forsythe
Colorist - Frederick Trevino
Titles and...

10 Greatest Architecture Cities in The World10 Greatest Architecture Cities in The World
00:08:56January 25, 2017, 4:00 pm
10 Greatest Architecture Cities in The World

Channel: Talltanic & Total View: 131841

Add Date: January 25, 2017, 4:00 pm & Duration: 00:08:56

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greatest, architecture, cities, world, city, amazing, buildings, places, on earth, earth, facts, travel, building, creative, ideas, design, architecture (industry), architect, art, design (industry), list, architectural, construction, public space, community, sustainable, structures, modern house, architect (profession), perspective, incredible, most, worst, futuristic, designer, Athens, Dubai, Berlin, Bilbao, Rome, Chicago, Prague, Barcelona, Beijing, New York

Here are 10 of the greatest cities with the most amazing architecture structures in the entire world.

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5. Rome

Built in 72 AD, the Colosseum is mostly damaged today but is still one of the best works of Roman architecture ever created. Its design is so perfect that it's still utilized in amphitheaters to this day. In its heyday, the structure could hold up to eighty thousand spectators. Of course, plenty has happened in the city since the Colosseum was built. The city is regarded as the epicenter of Baroque architecture and many of the towns Baroque squares were constructed in the 17th century and still contain some incredible buildings. St. Peter’s Basilica was completed in 1626 and is an excellent example of Baroque Renaissance architecture. For an impressive modern design, the Ara Pacis Museum lies on the Bank of the Tiber River and its contemporary design ensures that no one will mistake it for being a part of the cities ancient history. The MAXXI Museum took ten years to build before it was finally completed in 2009. The remarkable structure was well worth the wait.

4. Bilbao (Bill Bow)

Bilbao may not be as well known internationally as Madrid or Barcelona, but its...

Dlaczego nie ma ratusza na warszawskim Rynku? | Architecture is a good idea

Channel: Radosław Gajda & Total View: 5271

Add Date: March 18, 2018, 11:00 am & Duration: 00:06:08

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warszawa, stare miasto, starówka, ratusz, rynek, radek gajda, natalia szcześniak, radosław gajda, aiagi, historia, architektura, urbanistyka, tylman van gameren, tilman, tylman, klasycyzm, barok, renesans, gotyk

W odcinku: historia, ciekawostki i makieta! No i odpowiedź na pytanie o pustkę, która zieje na Rynku Starego Miasta :)
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Architecture is a good idea - nasze tematy to architektura i dziedziny pokrewne: sztuka i technika.

Why Modern Architecture SUCKSWhy Modern Architecture SUCKS
00:15:43June 30, 2017, 11:06 am
Why Modern Architecture SUCKS

Channel: Paul Joseph Watson & Total View: 680583

Add Date: June 30, 2017, 11:06 am & Duration: 00:15:43

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modern architecture, modernist architecture, brutalist, neo-traditional, paul joseph watson, le corbusier, roger scruton, theodore dalrymple, tower blocks, grenfeld tower, prison planet, infowars, post modernism, london, birmingham, prince charles, social justice warriors, the shard, boston city hall, Tour Montparnasse

We are being indoctrinated to accept ugliness as a form of beauty.

MUST WATCH: Roger Scruton: “Why Beauty Matters?”

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Why great architecture should tell a story | Ole Scheeren

Channel: TED & Total View: 416252

Add Date: February 5, 2016, 8:06 am & Duration: 00:16:27

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TED Talk, TED Talks, Ole Scheeren, architecture, design, buildings, architect

For architect Ole Scheeren, the people who live and work inside a building are as much a part of that building as concrete, steel and glass. He asks: Can architecture be about collaboration and storytelling instead of the isolation and hierarchy of a typical skyscraper? Visit five of Scheeren's buildings — from a twisted tower in China to a floating cinema in the ocean in Thailand — and learn the stories behind them.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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Channel: IbrahimSiddiqConlon & Total View: 153961

Add Date: July 9, 2015, 1:03 am & Duration: 00:56:18

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Modern Architecture (Architectural Style), Mid-Century Modern (Architectural Style), Architecture (Industry)

CLEAN LINES, OPEN SPACES: A VIEW OF MID-CENTURY MODERN ARCHITECTURE international-style architecture; A Utopian Ideal

Modern architecture or modernist architecture is a term applied to an overarching movement, with its exact definition and scope varying widely.[1] The term is often applied to modernist movements at the turn of the 20th century, with efforts to reconcile the principles underlying architectural design with rapid technological advancement and the modernization of society. It would take the form of numerous movements, schools of design, and architectural styles, some in tension with one another, and often equally defying such classification.[1] The term Modern architecture may be used to differentiate from Classical architecture following Vitruvian ideals, while it is also applied to various contemporary architecture styles such as Postmodern, High-tech or even New Classical, depending on the context. In art history, the revolutionary and neoclassical styles that evolved around 1800 are also called modern.

The concept of modernism is a central theme in the efforts of 20th century modern architecture. Gaining global popularity especially after the Second World War, architectural modernism was adopted by many architects and architectural...

Architecture is a Language: Daniel Libeskind at TEDxDUBLIN

Channel: TEDx Talks & Total View: 282176

Add Date: September 19, 2012, 5:55 am & Duration: 00:18:29

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Daniel Libeskind, ted talks, Sustainability, ted, Culture, ted x, English, Design, Ireland, TEDxDUBLIN, community, tedx talks, ted talk, tedx talk, Architecture, cities, tedx

TEDxDublin was hosted by Science Gallery at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre on September 8th, 2012.

Daniel Libeskind believes that buildings are crafted with perceptible human energy, and that they address the greater cultural context in which they are built. Best known for designing iconic buildings like the Jewish Museum in Berlin and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Libeskind also designed the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre and the masterplan for the new World Trade Center site in New York City. His commitment to expanding the scope of architecture reflects his profound interest and involvement in philosophy, art, literature and music.

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

How to Choose a Computer for ArchitectureHow to Choose a Computer for Architecture
00:14:24September 21, 2017, 11:34 am
How to Choose a Computer for Architecture

Channel: 30X40 Design Workshop & Total View: 189559

Add Date: September 21, 2017, 11:34 am & Duration: 00:14:24

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how to choose a computer for architecture, best computers for architects, best computer for architecture, best laptop computer for architects, autocad computer, computers for architects, best computer for architecture students, best cad computers 2017, best cad workstation, computer for revit, how to, architect, architecture, draw, drawing, howtoarchitect, what an architect does, architecture tutorial, architecture school, architecture students

A guide to choosing the best computers for architecture. Whether you're a student, pro, or in a related discipline, this video will walk you through my methodology and selection criteria. I discuss in detail:
- Laptops vs. Desktop Systems
- Mac vs. Windows
- Software (commonly used and requirements)
- Hardware: CPU, Graphics Cards, Monitors
Along with this, you'll see why I chose the system I did and what it means to my architecture practice. A truly behind-the-scenes look at my architecture practice.

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* Prismacolor Markers:
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* AutoCAD LT:
* SketchUp PRO:...

All About Architecture School - What First Year is REALLY Like

Channel: Aaron Burson & Total View: 34646

Add Date: February 11, 2017, 2:39 pm & Duration: 00:10:04

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architecture school, all about architecure, architecture, architect, school, college, university, design, profession, career, college story, storytime, life of an architect, vlog, v-log, vlog college, new channel, small channel, college information, masters degree, Masters, degree, sketchbook, my sketchbook, architecture sketchbook, architect sketch, architecture sketch, sketch, drawing, buildings, landscape, IAPD, The Truth

In this video, I tell all about architecture school and my personal experience, as well as what the program offers. College, especially for architecture students, is really difficult, so I figured I would make a video all about it.

Contact me:
E-mail: [email protected]

Find me at:

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Canon 70d
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Things Architecture Students Say | RayARCHThings Architecture Students Say | RayARCH
00:03:22April 29, 2016, 4:00 am
Things Architecture Students Say | RayARCH

Channel: RayARCH & Total View: 178426

Add Date: April 29, 2016, 4:00 am & Duration: 00:03:22

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architecture, school, studio, student, tips, hacks, list, things architecture students say, parody, funny, presentation

Ever wonder what an architecture studio sounds like? I've compiled a bunch of sounds and phrases that I've heard from when I was in school and mashed it all up in this video. Hope you likeeeeeeee!

"Presentation Board" image:

Vlog Channel:

Instagram: @rayxetc

Happy designing!

Google Brain - Neural Architecture Search - Quoc Le

Channel: The Artificial Intelligence Channel & Total View: 5255

Add Date: March 17, 2018, 8:46 am & Duration: 00:21:17

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singularity, artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, deepmind, robots, robotics, self-driving cars, driverless cars, Google Brain

Quoc Le presented Neural Architecture Search on December 7th, 2017 at Neural Information Processing Systems 2017 Conference.

Quoc Le is a research scientist at Google Brain.

Architecture that's built to heal | Michael MurphyArchitecture that's built to heal | Michael Murphy
00:15:39October 6, 2016, 7:50 am
Architecture that's built to heal | Michael Murphy

Channel: TED & Total View: 102807

Add Date: October 6, 2016, 7:50 am & Duration: 00:15:39

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TED Talk, TED Talks, architecture, healing, Rwanda, Haiti, Bryan Stevenson, The Memorial to Peace and Justice, American South, lynching, memorial, social justice, racial violence

Architecture is more than a clever arrangement of bricks. In this eloquent talk, Michael Murphy shows how he and his team look far beyond the blueprint when they're designing. Considering factors from airflow to light, theirs is a holistic approach that produces community as well as (beautiful) buildings. He takes us on a tour of projects in countries such as Rwanda and Haiti, and reveals a moving, ambitious plan for The Memorial to Peace and Justice, which he hopes will heal hearts in the American South.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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How to make a career in architectureHow to make a career in architecture
00:15:40May 10, 2016, 7:13 am
How to make a career in architecture

Channel: NDTV & Total View: 70317

Add Date: May 10, 2016, 7:13 am & Duration: 00:15:40

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NDTV Prime, Mindspace, Heads Up, Career in Architecture, Architecture, Math and design, Institutes for architecture

If you love math and design and need to find a way to mix both your interests, then Architecture might be a good option. We find out which institutes are the best, and what does it take to design, re-design, construct and create beautiful spaces.

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Anti-Architecture & DeconstructivismAnti-Architecture & Deconstructivism
00:05:34November 2, 2017, 3:26 pm
Anti-Architecture & Deconstructivism

Channel: ThoughtCatalyst & Total View: 3754

Add Date: November 2, 2017, 3:26 pm & Duration: 00:05:34

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TopScienceFacts, Stefan Whitt, Deconstructivism, Anti-Architecture, Postmodern, architectural, style, CCTV Headquaters, Dancing House, Prague, Imperial War Museum, Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Jewish Museum, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles, Design, Postmodernism, Frank Gehry, Daniel Libeskind, Rem Koolhaas, 1982 parc De la Villette, ThoughtCatalyst, Thought, Catalyst

Deconstructivism is a Postmodern architectural style characterised by the idea of fragmentation and the manipulation of a structure’s surface. Buildings adopting the style are often formed of components that have been disassembled and reassembled in a new and unorthodox way, giving the impression of a chaotic design devoid of precise logic.

People's Palaces - The Golden Age of Civic Architecture: Neo Classical [BBC, Full Documentary]

Channel: playdo & Total View: 79924

Add Date: October 30, 2014, 1:08 pm & Duration: 00:59:08

Likes: 415 | Dislike: 26


BBC, Documentary, People's Palaces, The Golden Age of Civic Architecture, Neo Classical, Neo-classicism, Rome, Athens, architecture, urban environment, towns, cities, north, England, Britain, History Of Architecture (Field Of Study), Neoclassical Architecture (Architectural Style), Jonathan Foyle, Georgian, Victorian, civic buildings, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Todmorden, Civil

Architectural historian Dr Jonathan Foyle explores some of the best Georgian and Victorian neo-classical civic buildings in the north of England. He visits town halls, concert halls, libraries, schools and galleries in Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Manchester and Todmorden in an unlikely story of rivalry, ambition and power in the service of social responsibility.

Neo-classicism harked back to Rome, democratic Athens and the Greek city-state. The regular proportion, geometry and symmetry of classical temple-style architecture suggested order in chaotically-expanding urban environments and served to associate towns regarded as squalid and unruly with the cultured ancient civilisations of antiquity. These were buildings constructed with the aim of elevating the towns in which they stood.


Channel: KREATIK & Total View: 841185

Add Date: May 18, 2013, 10:11 am & Duration: 00:03:54

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speed art, speed, art, lets draw a house, lets draw, a house, draw house, drawing, painting, shadows, casting shadows, artist, paint, arkitectra, architecture, architecture houses, architecture sketches, sketches, draw, house, lets, modern, modern house, Design (Industry), Perspective, Fine Art (Industry), Interior Design (Industry), Artwork

Check out my instagram at !

In this quick video, I will be showing some speed art of a modern house with one point of perspective. At the end I will be adding some shadows so the drawing looks more awesome!! hope you enjoy!

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Wobscure - Here to Stay

Engineering vs Architecture | Architecture Engineering Work | Civil Engineering vs Architecture

Channel: Jake Voorhees & Total View: 55925

Add Date: June 28, 2017, 12:00 pm & Duration: 00:07:37

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engineering vs architecture, civil engineer or architecture, Architecture Engineering work, Civil Engineering vs Architecture, does architecture have a good future, civil engineering future, engineering projects, engineering career videos, how to get an engineering job, engineering salary, engineering students, engineering career fair, architecture school, architecture student, engineering student motivation, civil engineering, engineering career advice

Architecture books
101 Architecture Lessons
Future of Architecture
Architect's Activity book

Starter camera

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Video description
In this episode we discuss Engineering vs Architecture, Architecture Engineering work, Civil Engineering vs Architecture, civil engineer or architecture, how to get an engineering job, engineering students

Empowering Young Engineers
This channel provides tips and info, and is a free community and education platform dedicated to making engineers the best they can be :) Topics include: engineering student tips, engineering student life, engineering student laptop, student engineering projects, student engineering interview, engineering motivation, how to get an engineering job, how to get an engineering internship,...

James Kunstler: How bad architecture wrecked cities

Channel: TED & Total View: 328980

Add Date: May 16, 2007, 2:29 pm & Duration: 00:21:42

Likes: 4122 | Dislike: 170


TED, TEDTalks, talks, James Howard Kunstler, suburbia, suburban, suburbanite, suburb, suburbs, urban, urbanity, environment, entropy, sense of place, space, building, buildings, architecture, public, civic, life, civic life, street, public realm, community, residence, geography, culture, live, living, hope, nation, public space, center, city, cities, downtown, urban studies, new urbanism, urban development, development, tragedy In James Howard Kunstler's view, public spaces should be inspired centers of civic life and the physical manifestation of the common good. Instead, he argues, what we have in America is a nation of places not worth caring about.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers are invited to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, politics and the arts. Watch the Top 10 TEDTalks on, at

The Next Era of ArchitectureThe Next Era of Architecture
00:05:50June 20, 2014, 8:31 am
The Next Era of Architecture

Channel: Nerdwriter1 & Total View: 367560

Add Date: June 20, 2014, 8:31 am & Duration: 00:05:50

Likes: 8518 | Dislike: 169


architecture, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame (Book), Victor Hugo (Author), Printing Press (Invention), Gothic Architecture (Architectural Style), Romanesque Architecture (Architectural Style)

If nothing else, listen to the sample of The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo here: George Guidall has the best voice for audiobooks!

Here is the REDDIT link: If you enjoyed the video, go here and upvote it.

You can discuss this video (or anything else) with me here:

My twitter is here:


Peter Buchanan, "The Big Rethink" series,
via The Architectural Review
(12 parts, very long in all, but well worth a full read).

Colin Szasz, "The Influence of Roman Engineering and Architecture"

Beaux-Arts Architecture in America:

Philosophy of Architecture wikipedia:

Architectural theory wikipedia:

Phoenician Architecture, Temples, Palaces and Shrines:


10 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World10 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World
00:05:21November 5, 2015, 4:00 am
10 Biggest Architecture Fails In The World

Channel: TheRichest & Total View: 8761593

Add Date: November 5, 2015, 4:00 am & Duration: 00:05:21

Likes: 22943 | Dislike: 3105


Top10, Top5, List, Viral, Facts, most, best, Architecture (Industry), fail, failure, building, build, site, bridge, fails, bad, worst, ever, terrible, incredible, shocking, stupid, dumb, skyscraper, Greatest, construction, design, Savar Building, Citigroup Center, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Katowice Trade Hall, Lotus Riverside, Silver Bridge, Kemper Arena, John Hancock Tower, Vdara Hotel & Spa, Hotel New World, Epic, therichest

Top 10 shocking architectural failures in history!
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Architecture is one of the most astounding and complex professions in the world today. It has only been well over a century since skyscrapers first made their appearance in the late nineteenth century, complete with photos of the construction that alarmingly include men eating their lunch thousands of feet into the air with nothing to hang on to should they fall. Architecture requires some of the most brilliant minds in the world today, as complex designs have to have a way to stay standing. If you look at buildings from the earlier times, they looked like square boxes with some windows. But the innovation of design has challenged architects to be more creative and productive in their designs. From buildings to bridges, people want more aesthetics than functionality these days. However, functionality is crucial because it...

The Future of Architecture and DesignThe Future of Architecture and Design
00:21:07December 11, 2012, 2:19 pm
The Future of Architecture and Design

Channel: VICE & Total View: 196666

Add Date: December 11, 2012, 2:19 pm & Duration: 00:21:07

Likes: 1761 | Dislike: 317


vice videos, design, computer design, unique, videos, new york, vice magazine, artist, architecture, interview, vice presents, exclusive, documentary, culture, art talk, undergroung, art, journalism, artistic, vbs, creative, vicevideos,, cad, brooklyn, futuristic, digital design, vice guide, history,, future, achitect, vice mag, travel, theme song, vice news, documentaries, indiana, street art, where are we now, Vito Acconci, harlem, 60's, independent, vice

Vito Acconci is a unique designer, architect, performance and installation artist that has been creating experimental art and architecture since 1965.

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Originally aired in 2009 on

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11 Insane Futuristic Architectural Designs11 Insane Futuristic Architectural Designs
00:07:42October 15, 2016, 2:00 pm
11 Insane Futuristic Architectural Designs

Channel: Talltanic & Total View: 235060

Add Date: October 15, 2016, 2:00 pm & Duration: 00:07:42

Likes: 1939 | Dislike: 86


Talltanic, insane, futuristic, architectural, designs, craziest, unbelievable, won't believe, actually, real, amazing, incredible, strange, future, architecture, buildings, structures, things, places, coolest, best, top, most, list, ever, in the world, worlds, modern, visit, skyscraper, Japan, largest, tallest, tower, ultimate, island, China, glass, India, ark, creation, ship, floating, cobra, snake, attraction, The Future of Architecture and Design, The Coolest Houses In The World

Here are the top 11 most crazy futuristic architecture designs from an amazing cobra skyscraper to the floating island called The Ark!

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6. Time Square Glass Skyscraper
So Japan and China are designing their massive skyscrapers, what about ours!? The eVolo Magazine Skyscraper competition searches possibilities intriguing designs for massive skyscrapers far into the future, and the sky certainly isn’t the limit! Someone proposed the idea of a mile high glass skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan! This concept called essence proposed by Polish architectural designers won first prize in the competition in 2015, hoping some days their dreams might become a reality. This would be some extreme vertical living! Can you imagine getting groceries to your apartment a mile high in the sky?

5. The Hyperion, India
The hyperion in the largest tree in the world and it’s location is somewhat of a mystery. But they also used this name for the new towering, eco-friendly building complex in New Delhi! A city that could really use something eco-friendly right now. The amazing thing about this design, is that it is actually going to produce more energy than it takes in! Another amazing design by Vincent...

10 Biggest Architectural Fails10 Biggest Architectural Fails
00:07:20July 30, 2016, 2:00 pm
10 Biggest Architectural Fails

Channel: Talltanic & Total View: 4565310

Add Date: July 30, 2016, 2:00 pm & Duration: 00:07:20

Likes: 7204 | Dislike: 3839


biggest, architectural, fails, worst, most, top, list, ever, buildings, built, wrong, fail, construction, architecture, epic fail, facts, skyscraper, disaster, stadium, dangerous, bridge, structures, melting, cars, playground, shocking, dumb, stupid, bad, terrible, design, John Handcock tower, Tacoma Narrows Bridge, lotus riverside, walkie talkie skyscrapers, biggest architecture fails in the world, embarrassing architectural failures

You won't believe the architectural fails that we have on this list. From skyscrapers that melt cars and dangerous bridges breaking.

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# 6 Lotus Riverside Complex
The Lotus Riverside was a residential apartment complex in Shanghai. It’s made up of eleven 13-story rectangular buildings. One fateful morning in June 2009, one of the buildings toppled completely over on its side. It fell straight over and just barely missed a nearby building. The way they are shaped and constructed, if it had hit, it would have created the world’s most destructive domino effect. The thing that caused this wasn’t an architectural glitch in the building but rather the foundation it was built on. Right below the building, workers were excavating earth to create an underground garage. The soil was dumped into a landfill near a creek which caused the water to seep into the ground. All of this combined turned the foundation beneath the complex to mud, leading to the collapse.

# 5 Ray and Maria Stata Center
The Ray and Maria Stata Center is an academic complex at MIT that was designed by Frank Gehry. It was opened in 2004 and received lots of positive attention for its unique and mind-bending angles and structural...

Forget sustainable, productive architecture is the next big thing: Dong-Ping Wong at TEDxDumbo

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TEDxCity2.0, environment, public, urban planing, ted talk, tedx talk, city, ted, TEDxDumbo, United States, ted x, sustainable, tedx, USA, green, architecture, tedx talks, urban, ted talks, public space

Architect Dong-Ping Wong, part of the team looking to build a pool in New York's East River, introduces the concept of productive architecture, where designs aim to actually increase resources. Filmed at TEDxDumbo 2012, a TEDxCity2.0 event.

About TEDx, x = independently organized event
In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.*
(*Subject to certain rules and regulations)

Architectural Model Making Tips + Tricks - An Architect's Guide (Part 1)

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An inside look at architecture models and part one in a how-to guide for building your own scale models. Part one of this model making guide gives an overview of the types of models architects, intern architects and architecture students build and two tips for planning your next modeling project.

For detailed information on the models shown in the video, follow my Pinterest board:

Model types discussed:
- Study models + parti models
- Presentation
- Daylighting
- Detail
- Material

Each video in the series conveys both macro and (at least one) micro concept along to help you as you design and build your architecture models.

Macro concept: Define the model's purpose.
The first step, one you take before building a model is to determine its purpose.

Micro concept: Use your models to narrate a story.
I use models to tell a story and speak for me when I'm not presenting. To do this I use scale figures in motion, add furniture and interior objects, lighting, and other entourage. A narrative model can be a useful design tool too, revealing possibilities not previously explored.

In the next video I'll discuss model making materials,...

Architecture Books | My Library of EssentialsArchitecture Books | My Library of Essentials
00:16:23May 11, 2017, 11:03 am
Architecture Books | My Library of Essentials

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essential architecture books, best architecture books, architecture books, top ten architecture books, architecture book recommendations, top architecture books, books to read architecture student, architecture, architecture student book recommendations, recommended architecture books, architects reading list, architecture book ideas, architecture book suggestions, thinking architecture, peter zumthor, architecture tutorial, architect, books

A list of the architecture books essential to my practice and a look at my personal library. These are the books I keep close at hand in my studio and I've arranged them into six themes: history, narrative, process and making, machines and architecture; details, and fundamental architectural principles.

See also:

Links to the books in the order they're presented:
- Architecture: From Prehistory to Postmodernity (Trachtenberg)
- Modern Architecture: A Critical History (Frampton)
- Field Guide to New England Barns and Farm Buildings. (Visser)
- Reading the Forested landscape
- The Granite Landscape (Wessels)
- Thinking architecture (Zumthor)
- In Praise of Shadows (Tanizaki)
- Condemned Building (Darden) Out of print (=insanely $$$$)
- Ghost (MacKay-Lyons)
- Anarchitecture (Woods)
- Type Variant House (James)
- Boundaries (Maya Lin)
- The Work of Shim Sutcliffe...

So you want to be an architect - Part 1So you want to be an architect - Part 1
00:03:54September 16, 2008, 2:29 pm
So you want to be an architect - Part 1

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how to, architect, architecture, home, house, design, inventor, designer, draw, drawing, howtoarchitect, dougpatt, powhow

Watch Parts 1 through 7 at

Architectural Sketching - 01Architectural Sketching - 01
00:11:02August 1, 2015, 8:01 pm
Architectural Sketching - 01

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Architecture (Industry), Sketch (Literature Subject), Drawing (Interest), Ink (Visual Art Medium), Architectural Sketching, Sketch in Pen & Ink, Improve Line Quality, Sketching with Pen, Rendering with Marker, Architectural Drawing, Architecture, Freehand Drawing, Freehand Sketching, Pen Drawing, Shading with Pen, Draw Freehand, Elevation Drawing, Residential Facade, Sketching Facade

"One drawing is worth a thousand words of explanation."

Photo Ref:

The Case for Brutalist Architecture | ARTiculations

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Brutalism, brutalist, architecture, architect, design, designer, interior design, interiordesign, concrete, SOSBrutalism, ConcreteMonster, monument, torontoarchitecture, international style, modern architecture, contemporary architecture, robarts library, university of toronto, uoft, boston city hall, architectural history, architecturalhistory, arts, Art, artexplained, art history, arthistory, history, series, fuckyeahbrutalism, ryerson university

I make the case for Brutalism. #withcaptions #SOSBrutalism

For more videos and blog posts - visit:

You can also follow me on:

Sources & Further Reading:
This Brutal World by Peter Chadwick, Phaidon Press (2016)
Deutsches Architekturmuseum - #SOSBrutalism:
World Monument Fund - British Brutalism:
Circa Design - Brutalism:
The New York Times - Brutalism is Back
Ontario Architecture - Brutalism 1960-1970:
Concrete jungle: why brutalist architecture is back in style:

The Breuer Building by ali sinan köksal Licensed...

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