War On Waste: Food Wastage

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War On Waste: Food Wastage

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Craig Reucassel is on a mission to uncover how much waste we produce as a nation and learn what we can about it. In this episode he focuses on food waste as a staggering amount ends up in landfill every year. #WarOnWasteAU


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Ugly food: a solution to food wastage? I The FeedUgly food: a solution to food wastage? I The Feed
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Ugly food: a solution to food wastage? I The Feed

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SBS2, SBS, The Feed, Marc Fennell, Food wastage, Food (TV Genre)

Every year, Australia wastes an $8-10 billion worth of food, where farms throw a quarter of fruit and vegetables away because they don't meet aesthetic standards.

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War On Waste: Ban The BagWar On Waste: Ban The Bag
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War On Waste: Ban The Bag

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In this episode Craig dives underwater to discover the shocking amount of plastic waste that ends up in our oceans, which in turn becomes ingested by our marine life. #WarOnWasteAU.


War on Waste CarrotsWar on Waste Carrots
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War on Waste Carrots

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tag1, tag2

Carrots are under the microscope as more waste is highlighted

War on Waste - #BYOCoffeeCup tramWar on Waste - #BYOCoffeeCup tram
00:02:26May 30, 2017, 6:54 pm
War on Waste - #BYOCoffeeCup tram

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ABC, War on Waste, #WarOnWasteAU, #BYOCoffeeCup

A tram was filled with 50,000 takeaway coffee cups (the amount disposed of every 30 minutes in Australia) to encourage coffee lovers to join the #BYOCoffeeCup movement. Featured on the ABC's War on Waste series, May 2017

Food-Waste Rebel Wants You to Eat Ugly Food | National Geographic

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national geographic, nat geo, natgeo, animals, wildlife, science, explore, discover, survival, nature, documentary, The Legend of Mick Dodge, Storm Surge, legend video, climbing, storm, wind, living, The Art of Living

We waste at least a third of the world's food. National Geographic 2014 Emerging Explorer and activist Tristram Stuart says "ridiculously strict" cosmetic standards among consumers play a major role. His solution: Eat foods often considered too ugly to sell. Stuart works to inspire people to join a "food-waste revolution," with initiatives like volunteer harvest programs and free communal feasts of food that would otherwise be wasted.
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About National Geographic:
National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible.

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Food waste is the world's dumbest problemFood waste is the world's dumbest problem
00:09:22May 10, 2017, 6:00 am
Food waste is the world's dumbest problem

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vox.com, vox, explain, climate lab, university of california, food waste, food policy, organic waste, climate change, environment, sustainability, renewable energy, hunger

Eat your peas! It’s the easiest way to fight climate change.

This is the fourth episode of Climate Lab, a six-part series produced by the University of California in partnership with Vox. Hosted by Emmy-nominated conservation scientist Dr. M. Sanjayan, the videos explore the surprising elements of our lives that contribute to climate change and the groundbreaking work being done to fight back. Featuring conversations with experts, scientists, thought leaders and activists, the series takes what can seem like an overwhelming problem and breaks it down into manageable parts: from clean energy to food waste, religion to smartphones. Sanjayan is an alum of UC Santa Cruz and a Visiting Researcher at UCLA. Check back next Wednesday for the next episode. Visit http://climate.universityofcalifornia.edu for more.

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How This Town Produces No TrashHow This Town Produces No Trash
00:05:06December 8, 2015, 5:00 am
How This Town Produces No Trash

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culture, Documentary, people, places, short docs, society, interview, seeker, seeker stories, discovery digital networks, ddn, kamikatsu, akira sakano, hatsue katayama, japan, zero waste, environment, innovation, trash, garbage, recycle, reuse, compost, reduce, rubbish, Pollution, global warming, Goals, future, rise and win, brewery, kuru-kuru, COP21, paris

Watch the next episode about Lauren Singer, who produced only a jar's worth of trash in 2 years: http://bit.ly/1QsnSqu
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In 2003, the local government in Kamikatsu, Japan decided to require that all residents comply with a new, rigorous recycling program - perhaps the most rigorous in the world.

Since then, the town composts, recycles, or reuses 80% of its garbage. It may not technically be 100% zero waste, as the remaining 20% goes into the landfill, but it's a remarkable achievement for an entire community, in such a short amount of time. The impacts have been positive - cutting costs for the community drastically, as well as improving the conditions of the lush and beautiful environment that surrounds the town in Southeast Japan.

Residents must wash and sort virtually anything...

War On Waste: Extended Sneak PeekWar On Waste: Extended Sneak Peek
00:02:02April 20, 2017, 8:41 pm
War On Waste: Extended Sneak Peek

Channel: ABC TV & Total View: 35653

Add Date: April 20, 2017, 8:41 pm & Duration: 00:02:02

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waste, recycling, environment, War On Waste, Craig Reucassel, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, ABC Television, ABC TV, ABC iview, iview, plastic recycling, paper recycling, Australia

Australia generates a staggering amount of waste every year and alarmingly our waste is growing at double the rate of our population. Presenter and provocateur Craig Reucassel (The Chaser) tackles this growing issue in the thought-provoking, three-part series War on Waste, premiering Tuesday 16 May at 8.30pm on ABC and iview. #WarOnWasteAU


Food waste: How much food do supermarkets throw away? (CBC Marketplace)

Channel: CBC News & Total View: 379551

Add Date: October 28, 2016, 3:46 pm & Duration: 00:22:27

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CBC News, CBCNews, CBC broadcasting media, public broadcasting, news, Canadian News, Canadian Broadcasting Corportation (TV network), CBC News Network, food waste, food, garbage, dumpster diving, environment, marketplace, cbc marketplace, marketplace cbc, walmart, grocery stores, supermarkets, money

David Common goes dumpster-diving at Walmart to reveal how big grocery stores throw good food into dumpsters, part of a $31 billion a year problem in Canada.
Watch more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOYLXzO3Z04&list=PLeyJPHbRnGaZmzkCwy3-8ykUZm_8B9kKM
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Helping fight the war on waste, straight from the farm

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Australia, Foodbank, rural, regional, charity, Landline, war on waste, sustainability, food waste, fighting waste

Most of the fresh food donated to Foodbank comes from rural Australia. It helps the charity provide more than 63 million meals each year across the country to those in need.

Goodnight Mr. BeanGoodnight Mr. Bean
00:24:31November 16, 2012, 4:46 pm
Goodnight Mr. Bean

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Another Full Episode of Mr. Bean
Mr. Bean goes to a hospital
Mr. Bean taking a picture with his camera
Mr. Bean trying to sleep

Stop Food WasteStop Food Waste
00:01:03December 3, 2012, 3:35 am
Stop Food Waste

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European, Commission, Brussels, Food, Waste, food waste, Europe, European Commission, European Union, agricultural food waste, human consumption, consumption, FAO, food losses, developing countries, industrialised countries, Consumers, consumer level, from farmers to consumers, food chain, industrialization

About 90 million tons of food is wasted annually in Europe - agricultural food waste and fish discards not included.
About a third of the food for human consumption is wasted globally - around 1.3 billion tons per year, according to FAO;
Food waste in industrialized countries is as high as in developing countries:
In developing countries, over 40% of food losses happen after harvest and during processing;
In industrialised countries, over 40% occurs at retail and consumer level.
Food is wasted throughout the whole food chain -- from farmers to consumers -- and for various reasons.

Fighting Food Waste on the BorderFighting Food Waste on the Border
00:02:55June 9, 2016, 11:00 pm
Fighting Food Waste on the Border

Channel: Great Big Story & Total View: 193646

Add Date: June 9, 2016, 11:00 pm & Duration: 00:02:55

Likes: 3724 | Dislike: 54


food bank, lag, sustainability, flavors, great big story, hunger, poverty, gbs, food waste, food banks in america, Food & Drink

More than one thousand commercial trucks cross the U.S.-Mexico border in Nogales, Ariz. every day, many of them filled with produce. Much of that food would go to waste if not for the efforts of one nonprofit. Borderlands Food Bank saves between 30 and 40 million pounds of produce annually and redistributes it to families in 20 U.S. states. That’s doing the good work, one tomato at a time.

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This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different...

Funniest Auditions Ever On Got Talent Around The World | Vol. 1

Channel: Got Talent Global & Total View: 6863453

Add Date: November 11, 2016, 8:00 am & Duration: 00:33:28

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Got Talent (TV Program), got talent global, funniests acts on got talent, hilarious acts on got talent, funniest auditions on got talent, america's got talent funny acts, britain's got talent funny acts, america's got talent 2016, britain's got talent 2016, hilarious moments on got talent, funny moments on got talent, funniest acts, best auditions on got talent, funniest auditions ever got talent, funniest auditions ever, funny got talent audition

The funniest auditions ever On Got Talent!! LOL! Can you think of anymore? Funny acts from America's Got Talent, Britain's Got Talent and more!

Got Talent Global brings together the very best in worldwide talent, creating a central hub for fans of the show to keep up to date with the other sensational performances from around the world.

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Channel: 5-Minute Crafts & Total View: 951128

Add Date: March 31, 2018, 4:30 pm & Duration: 00:14:33

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5-Minute Crafts, DIY, Do it yourself, crafts, trucos, trucos de belliza, proyectos faciles, useful things, lifehacks, tricks, tips, DIY projects, DIY activities, Handcraft, Tutorial, herbal, tea, detox, health, healthy, body, how to, take, care, face, yoga, homemade, handmade, selfmade, teeth, recipes, acupressure, points, vacuum, exercise, flat belly, in 10 minutes, get rid, bulldog cheeks, double chin, natural powder, lips, enlarge, tighten, abs, deodorant

Find out how to make DIY sugaring paste, take proper care of your teeth, do face yoga properly and also tasty detox tea recipes and much more healthy tips just for you! :)

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0:20 Homemade deodorant
1:30 Enlarging your lips
2:14 Natural...

Simple Hacks Everyone Should Know to Reduce Food Waste | Shrink Your Waste | TakePart

Channel: TakePart & Total View: 7616

Add Date: January 21, 2016, 3:06 pm & Duration: 00:01:21

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takepart, participant media, take part, waste, no waste, food, eat, eats, cooking, hack, did you know, yt:quality=high, work lunch, pivot, lunchbox, save

Americans send about 40% of all food straight to the landfill. Here's how to break the cycle.

“Shrink Your Waste” shows you easy ways to be a more conscious consumer and improve the world: http://bit.ly/ShrinkYourWasteYT

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About TakePart:
Featuring independent journalism on today’s most important and socially relevant topics,TakePart is the digital division of Participant Media, the company behind such acclaimed documentaries as CITIZENFOUR, An Inconvenient Truth and Food, Inc. and films including Lincoln and Spotlight.

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6 smart kitchen storage hacks to reduce your food waste

Channel: Sustainability Victoria & Total View: 496

Add Date: June 15, 2017, 11:06 pm & Duration: 00:00:46

Likes: 6 | Dislike: 0


environment, sustainability, food waste

Love Food Hate Waste is a Victorian Government campaign that helps households to reduce their food waste. Find out what you can do by visiting: http://www.lovefoodhatewaste.vic.gov.au

Food waste update (Marketplace)Food waste update (Marketplace)
00:12:34October 27, 2017, 3:30 pm
Food waste update (Marketplace)

Channel: CBC News & Total View: 54470

Add Date: October 27, 2017, 3:30 pm & Duration: 00:12:34

Likes: 877 | Dislike: 39


food waste, update, investigation, walmart, Canada, lag, countries, policing, food, waste, David Common, Marketplace, CBC

A year after our investigation, Walmart says it has reduced its food waste by 20 per cent, though Canada continues to lag behind other countries when it comes to policing food waste.

To read more: http://cbc.ca/1.4371547

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For more than 75 years, CBC News has been...

One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure: Food Waste in Denmark

Channel: Monique Steele & Total View: 2085

Add Date: March 21, 2014, 3:15 am & Duration: 00:03:55

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food waste, Denmark, Rema 1000, Europe, Stop Wasting Food, Food (Industry), Waste (Legal Subject), Documentary (TV Genre)

Up to half of all the food produced worldwide is wasted. This is a problem plaguing Denmark, which is one of the highest food wasting countries in Europe. However, some Danish locals and food chains are trying to change that. Produced by DMJX students Kristian Akergren, Elesha Edmonds and Monique Steele. Reported by Monique Steele.

Banana Fibre ExtractionBanana Fibre Extraction
00:04:50July 18, 2012, 11:31 am
Banana Fibre Extraction

Channel: Seetha Gopalakrishnan & Total View: 172023

Add Date: July 18, 2012, 11:31 am & Duration: 00:04:50

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Banana, Fibre, Extraction

From the fruits (both ripe and unripe) to the flowers and the leaves, every part of the Banana plant can be put to some use or the other. In addition to the food component, the plant also provides us with valuable fibre. Fibre can be extracted from the pseudo-stem of the Banana plant and can be used to make a variety of items ranging from decorative articles to fabric and paper.

Mr. Prasad and Mr. Mohan, with the technical help and support of the MYRADA Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Gobichettipalayam in Erode district of Tamil Nadu, have ventured into extracting banana fibre and creating a wide range of value added products from it.

The Extraordinary Life and Times of StrawberryThe Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry
00:01:54April 20, 2016, 6:01 am
The Extraordinary Life and Times of Strawberry

Channel: NRDCflix & Total View: 26976

Add Date: April 20, 2016, 6:01 am & Duration: 00:01:54

Likes: 251 | Dislike: 7


food waste, food in america, food waste in america, how much food is wasted in america, how much food is wasted, how to save the food, savethefood.com, save the food, food journey, strawberry psa, strawberry ad

Learn more about food waste by visiting http://www.savethefood.com.
Follow the journey of a strawberry from the farm to the refrigerator to understand all that it takes to bring your food to you. Did you know that 40% of our food ends up wasted? Wasted food is the single largest contributor to landfills in the US—not to mention that it wastes water, labor, fuel, money, & love!

Can't Pay We'll Take It Away : S5 E33 : Episode 33Can't Pay We'll Take It Away : S5 E33 : Episode 33
00:40:45November 16, 2017, 9:19 am
Can't Pay We'll Take It Away : S5 E33 : Episode 33

Channel: Feenix & Total View: 455218

Add Date: November 16, 2017, 9:19 am & Duration: 00:40:45

Likes: 2074 | Dislike: 261

Agents Max and Steve in East London try to recover over £7,000 owed by a restaurant owner for an unpaid gas bill, while officers Gareth and Mitch in Gloucestershire seek just under £3,000 from the owner of a car wash. Elsewhere, Stewart and Vic are in Manchester trying to recover nearly £5,000 owed by a blinds and shutters supplier to a dissatisfied customer.

Televangelists: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (TV Program), HBO (TV Network), John Oliver (TV Writer), televangelists

U.S. tax law allows television preachers to get away with almost anything. We know this from personal experience.

Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption will not be able to accept donations from Church supporters from the states of Mississippi, Nevada, Pennsylvania, or South Carolina. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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