New Member Orientation Class 4th Sunday

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New Member Orientation Class 4th Sunday

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New Member Orientation class is set for every 4th Sunday at Higher Living Christian Church. If you just recently join the HLCC family this course is for you also it is mandatory prior to joining a ministry. Please be in attendance. 10am every 4th Sunday at the Mt. Carmel campus.

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Introducing Ellie!Introducing Ellie!
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Introducing Ellie- Your new Sunday on SevenSuperGirls! Ellie is 14 years old and comes from the uk, in this video you’ll be able to find out more, and get to know Ellie!

I’m so excited to start making videos for you guys and I’d love to get to know YOU! So comment below telling me about yourself, and you might get a shoutout in my video next week!

Thanks so much for watching!
~Ellie xo

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