General Hydroponics FloraGro 6 Gallon

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General Hydroponics FloraGro 6 Gallon

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0:10 Flora Series Line
0:30 Mixing guide
1:05 Synthetic Nutrients for hydroponic
1:35 Personal Recommendations

Hey folks! Gary here at Joes Hydro with General Hydroponics FloraGro 6 Gallon. FloraGro is part of the Flora Series nutrient line from General Hydroponics that also includes FloraBloom and FloraMicro. These nutrients are designed to be used together as part of a full spectrum nutrient line providing everything a plant needs for thriving growth.Flora gro provides nutrients for structural and foliar growth. Combine with Floramicro using the provided nutrient mixing guide which comes printed on each bottle to provide a specialized nutrient for rapidly growing plants during the vegetative growth. This building block system enables you to create tailor-made nutrient mixes for many different types of plants and each phase of growth. This chart is intended to be used without supplements so if you decide to add something to this line please refer to for complete feed programs.

General hydroponics combination of primary and secondary nutrients keep nutrients fully water soluble and available to plants. For hydroponically grown plants this is very important because the plant receives the nutrients immediately as they are absorbed through the roots. With organic based nutrients, they tend to take along time to break down where as synthetic nutrients like flora gro are derived from minerals and are soluble meaning they dissolve as soon as they are mixed with water. This is critical when correcting a deficiency.

For best results I recommend using a conductivity or ppm meter to monitor water quality and control nutrient strength. Drain, discard, and replace nutrients every week or two to prevent nutrient imbalance. Maintain nutrient pH between 5.5 and 6.5. Adjustments may be necessary since water quality and pH vary regionally and seasonally. Remember to always measure accurately and if plants show signs of stress, or if your growing in a very bright, hot or dry environment to reduce nutrient strength. Shake well before mixing and always add Floramicro to fresh water first, stir it up, then add Floragro and or Florabloom. Never mix these nutrients in undiluted form as this may cause nutrient lockout making some minerals unavailable. Floragro is ideal for use in all hydroponic applications. Whether you’re using deep water culture methods or flood and drain, this is a widely used and great product to have in your garden. Thanks for watching and remember to stop by Joeshydro.Com for all your gardening needs.

Click here to find General Hydroponics FloraGro 6 Gallon -

Click here to find a PPM meter (a.k.a. TDS Meter) to check water quality -

Click here to find the Flora Series Performance Pack -

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Hi all. I've gotten so many requests to do a video on how I mix hydroponic nutrients for my plants. In this video, I will show you the mix I personally use. Thanks for stopping by!

My Indoor Setup:

Hydroponic Nutrients:
Masterblend (All Purpose):
1 Gallon of water, pH is between 5.9 - 6.5
3 Grams of Masterblend 4-18-38
3 Grams Calcium Nitrate
2 Gram of Epsom Salt

Masterblend (for Peppers):
1 Gallon of water, pH is between 5.9 - 6.5
3 Grams of Masterblend 4-18-38
3 Grams Calcium Nitrate
2 Gram of Epsom Salt

General Hydroponic Nutrients(Flora Series 3 Parts):
All Purpose Mix
1 Gallon of water, pH is between 5.9 - 6.5
5 ml Flora Micro
5 ml Flora Gro
5 ml Flora Bloom
2.5 ml Cal/Mag


General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, and Micro Fertilizer set. (1 Quart)

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General Hydroponics Flora Grow, Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set, 1 Quart (Pack of 3) -
General Hydroponics Flora Series Performance Pack -

GH Flora Series is the original Building Block Nutrient System imitated but never duplicated; Contains complete Primary, Secondary and Micro Nutrients for enhanced yields and better crop quality

Users can adjust mixtures to suit specific plant needs; Enhances flavor, nutrition, aroma and essential oils in both hydroponic and soil cultivated plants

Contains highly purified concentrates for maximum solubility
PH balanced for ease of use;
NASA and Antarctic research scientists choose Flora Series -- because of its superior formulation and reliability

General Hydroponics Flora GroGeneral Hydroponics Flora Gro
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General Hydroponics Flora Gro

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Stimulates structural and vegetative growth. Builds strong roots. Provides Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium and secondary minerals.

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FloraSeries, General Hydroponics, nutrient, three part, tres colores

Flora Series, the original 3-Part Building-Block Nutrient System, contains all Primary, Secondary and Micronutrients required for balanced plant nutrition.

00:02:38January 20, 2014, 12:03 pm

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General Hydroponics, FloraNova, nutrients, grow, bloom, patented

FloraNova® represents a breakthrough in fertilizer technology. FloraNova gives users both the strength of a dry concentrate and the ease of a liquid.

The only patented hydroponic nutrient in the world.

GH Flora Series Performance PackGH Flora Series Performance Pack
00:01:18September 24, 2012, 4:13 pm
GH Flora Series Performance Pack

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The Hydro Nerds go over the GH Flora Series Performance Pack.

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One of the leading, most popular brand names in the hydroponic world is General Hydroponics. Lawrence Brooke founded General Hydrponics over 35 years ago with inspiration from thriving plants beside a mountain stream. By the 1970s, Lawrence then teamed with botanists and chemists to develop Gh’s legendary PH stability nutrients. GH is renown for their robust simple to expert feeding schedule with consistent stable nutrient formulas. In hydroponics, the plant roots are constantly provided with all the water, oxygen and nutrients they need. Nutrient success is about the balance of N-P-K and micronutrients, and not excess of one or the other. The challenge for the grower is to keep up with the plants needs, and to avoid damaging it with either excesses or deficiencies of minerals. By using different combinations of FloraGro, FloraBloom and FloraMicro,...

First Kratky Celery Cuttings Grow with General Hydroponics solution

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General Hydroponics FloraSeries, General Hydroponics, Hyroponic Celery, Hydroponics, Netcups, Mason Jar Hydroponics, Kratky Method, Non-Circulating Hydroponics

In my last video I PH tested my tap water, created a hydroponic solution and tested the PH again to ensure it was good to grow with.

In this video I'm tossing some left over Celery cuttings I had into a 3 inch net pot which is then placed in a mason jar filled with the Hydroponic solution.

This will tell be the test for further kratky grows I'd like to do.

Please feel free to leave likes, subscribes and comments. They really do help.


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I've used this system for years now I grow 40 to 60 heads a month of salad greens I this mix solution has given me my the best results. I use General Hydroponics Flora Series, Cal-Mag 2-0-0 - Botanicare and Epsom Salts 2017


Cleaning Net Pots and Media - Hydroponics:


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Water Preparation - pH stable and chlorine removal before use in my hydroponic system

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Purchase now for only $179.95 (Free Shipping included) by visiting our secure website at:

Or email us your questions anytime at [email protected]

Your item will ship within 24 to 48 hours with tracking number provided!


This is our new recirculating DWC (Deep Water Culture) Hydroponic System, designed to grow large plants in a convenient and simple way! The nutrients solution is being aerated and circulated through the powerful steel alloy air compressor, that puts out much more oxygen to the plants roots than any regular aquarium air pump. It is also much more durable. All plastics reservoirs tanks and components are heavy duty quality, with parts used from Hydrofarm, General Hydroponics, and National Garden Wholesale, etc.

The 7PACK Super System is a professional system...

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Click here to check out all the grow supplies that we offer at

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0:10 Whats it made of
0:40 Grow Stone benefits
0:57 Coco Coir Benefits
1:30 What its designed for

Hey Gary here with Joes hydro and I’m here with Growstone GS-3 Coco Mix. Have you been looking for a soilless mix that stands out from all the rest? Growstone GS 3 aeration coco mix is made with the finest coco fiber and then blended with their One-hundred percent recycled and American made Growstones! They didn’t stop there…They then added Xtreme Garden Mykos to enrich the root zone and create even healthier roots! This mix was designed for more frequent feedings and a super aerated root-zone. This prevents compaction and excess water problems. Are you tired of seeing lazy root growth due to over watering or dense root conditions? Then...

Let's Talk: General Hydroponics Rapid Start And Floralicious Plus

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YouTube Capture

via YouTube Capture

Grodan Grow Cubes CaseGrodan Grow Cubes Case
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Grodan Grow Cubes Case

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Click here to check out all the grow supplies that we offer at

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0:12 How many 1 Gallon pots could this fill?
0:38 Close up of the cube
0:48 Why you should try grow cubes
1:22 The Eco-Label
1:45 Tips on handling product

Gary here at Joes hydro with the Grodan Grow Cubes. There are just over 5 cubic feet of premium stone-wool in this case which is the largest quantity available. If you're looking for a growing medium that is lightweight, clean, and manageable then Grodan grow-cubes are what you're looking for! Fine grade media like rock wool create favorable conditions in which the balance between air and nutrients are optimal, allowing a plants roots to thrive. These grow cubes are small quarter inch cubes that work great by themselves or mixed with other growing media. They fit in any container...

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This video is showing how to use our liquid pH test Kit.

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How To Mix a 3-Part Hydroponics Nutrient Solution

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In under three minutes we show you how to mix a three-part hydroponic nutrient solution using the General Hydroponics Flora Series Advanced Nutrient System. To comment on this video and for tons of grow tips and advice, visit

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This is a great system to use in the classroom. The ratios and amounts on the box are way too high. I stick with a 1-1-1 ratio of 1.22ml/gal of each solution and increase slowly as the plant gets bigger.

More information can be found at

I would also order from because they will help you work out your custom feeding schedule and troubleshoot with you!

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Click here to check out all the grow supplies that we offer at

Video Highlights-
0:07 General overview
0:26 Features and Benefits
0:41 Integrated Photocell

Hey Gary here at Joes Hydro with the Blueprint Controllers Day and Night Temperature Controller BTC-1. This is great option for the gardener looking to regulate heating or cooling devices within the range of 45 to 95 degrees. Are you tired of having to turn garden appliances on and off to keep temperatures correct in your garden? Manually controlling these devices often takes more time out of your day and can add up to a costly inconvenience. Utilizing a unit like the BTC-1 can help automate the process of heating or cooling your garden with select-able heating and cooling options and precise analog temperature controls. This unit also features an integrated...

How To Mix 2-Part Nutrient PowderHow To Mix 2-Part Nutrient Powder
00:03:52March 27, 2013, 11:10 am
How To Mix 2-Part Nutrient Powder

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When purchasing nutrient for your hydroponic system, using dry powder is much more cost effective than liquid. Visit our shop to find the nutrient powder for your hydroponics system:

First, pour all of Bag A into a container, and all of Bag B into a separate container. Dissolve the powder into water. Wait for the solutions to clear (about 30 minutes). Leave the solutions separate until you are creating your working solution.

The Truth About General Hydroponics and General Organics Nutrient Line

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Hydroponics (Competitive Space), Nutrient (Consumer Product), Garden, advanced nutrients, general hydroponics

Check out how you can minimize your usage of additives with General Hydroponics General Organics Nutrient Line. This also works with other nutrient lines such as Advanced Nutrients, Heavy 16, Canna, House and Garden, etc...

Learn more about Golden Tree @

The BasicsThe Basics
00:08:14May 1, 2010, 11:01 pm
The Basics

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Growing basics, Cannabis in Canada, Jason Wilcox, Grow Show, Grow Channel, Learning to Grow, PPM, TDS, Cannabis, Weed, This is how, How to, What to do, Most Popular, Popular, Common, Basics, Hot News, CinC, CRC, Cannabis Rights Coalition, News, News Feed, Helpful, Tips, Watering, Lighting, Methods, Shatter, Oil, Joint, Blunt, Dabbing, Bong

In this video Jason has heard the requests to go back to basics for some viewers thus has produced a few short films pending the new room where more experiments can be done, as well as showing the various methods that can be implemented given any one situation.

Jason also addresses comments made on the channel for clarity and common sence!

The Cannabis in Canada Society

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Hi Everyone,
I have been experimenting with Hydroponic for over a year now, and everything I've learned is from watching other people's channels. As mentioned in the video, some of the people I have been following are listed below. These guys are amazing and are always helpful with every questions I sent their ways. You'll be glad to visit their channels, there are so much information there.

My Indoor Setup:

Brock Hughes:

John (Indoor Hydroponix):

Skip forward:
1:20 Start Seedlings
7:13 Mixing Nutrients
18:46 Building A Hydroponic System
Ready to Transplant:

Mixing Instructions:

General Hydroponics...

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