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A quantitative sugar crash...Oct 12 2012 Weekend Market Wrap-Up []

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A quantitative sugar crash...Oct 12 2012 Weekend Market Wrap-Up []

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Welcome to's Weekly Market Wrap-up. We'll start things off in the equities sector, which initially traded up on Thursday morning as a sort of mini dead-cat bounce, but ultimately the efforts proved to be futile, as only the S&P 500 posted gains, if you can call a two-hundredths of a percent move up a gain. Various mainstream analysts have noted that this so-called rally has been a disappointment, and a re-test of prior lows for the major indexes could be looming on the horizon. Perhaps the biggest shocker that wasn't quite that much of a shock was Standard and Poor's reduction of Spain's credit rating to one notch above junk grade.

While the actual announcement may have caught some traders off-guard, and although some rumblings did occur in the FOREX markets, much of the volatility balanced out by Thursday morning, with the US dollar closing at 79,78 and the Euro recovering the 129 level. Currencies will be a major talking point moving forward, especially with those who have an eye towards the commodities sector. If we look at the technical charts for the US dollar index, we can see that the paper bulls did gain some momentum this week, as the last three sessions' price action occurred mostly to the north of the 20 day moving average. It does have to be noted that the dollar bears do have control of the market, although continued uncertainties in the Eurozone could give strength to the greenback, as it is seen as "the least worst currency."

Now how will all of this affect gold in the coming weeks? As you know, it's been a month since QE3 was announced and the price of gold has basically gone nowhere. It attempted a shot at 1,800 and it tested 1,750 and the damn price keeps nestling in at 1,770, giving neither the bulls nor the bears any meaningful chance of profitable trading opportunities. My biggest concern here is the incredibly lethargic price action, given that nearly all major economic powers have introduced some form of monetary easing programs. Since the beginning of this week, the overall trend has been decidedly downwards, with the last two sessions' trading range occurring mostly underneath the 20 day moving average.

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Dr. Adrian Manz has been a professional equities trader for nearly 12 years. In this video he discusses the potential the business has to offer to entrepreneurs looking for a new career and describes the important considerations in selecting trader education.

This is the first in a series of videos for new day traders, swing traders, position traders or those looking to get started in financial futures trading. Find out more about Adrian at

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Sieve testing is a process that uses, for the most part, Woven Wire Mesh Test Sieves. There are more than 50 standard mesh or opening sizes available for test sieves. A sieve test is performed by loading a sample into a stack of test sieves. The stack will a a number of sieves. Starting from the top each of the next sieves will have smaller openings than the previous sieve. The material in this stack is shaken to provide a distribution of particles left on each sieve.

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FYI: "Stotastics" = Stochastics. Sorry for any confusion. But I figured you guys would have figured that out on your own.

Video Brought to you by

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Welcome to In this video, I provide a visual demonstration of the amount of sugar in several popular drinks and test the pH balance of several bottled waters. Hop on over to my blog listed above to see the power of the best alkalizing product on the market, Alkalete!

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02:02:35February 19, 2011, 10:10 pm
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Bill Holter from is on the line to help us analyse the trade war fears and the importance of a gold standard.
We also discuss the new FED Chairman and the ‘flushing’ of the markets we can potentially witness.

01:45 Trade war fears
04:40 The Deficit highlights the need for a Gold standard
08:40 The new FED Chairman Powell – what can we expect?
12:50 A ‘complete flushing’ of the markets
14:30 Where to find out more information

Rex Tillerson Out As Trump’s Secretary of State! - Phillip Kennedy Explains

Channel: Crush The Street & Total View: 684

Add Date: March 14, 2018, 6:00 am & Duration: 00:31:30

Likes: 27 | Dislike: 4

Tags:, crush the street, stock market crash, dow jones, gold, silver, federal reserve, Phillip Kennedy, rex, tillerson, kennedy, financial, trump, secretary of state, market

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We cover the breaking news of Trump firing the Secretary of State and the impact its had on the markets.
Other important topics covered include Gold and the outlook for the precious metal going forward and also the lifeline created by the creation of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

02:00 Rex Tillerson out as Secretary of State - how have markets reacted?
08:10 Trump’s long-term strategy?
15:30 Gold market suppression and the cryptocurrency lifeline
21:20 Bitcoin market cycles and its overall market sentiment
28:00 How to approach the markets and where to learn more

Globalization and Tyranny - Dr. Stan Monteith & Sheriff Richard Mack Speech from Santa Cruz, CA

Channel: THElNFOWARRlOR & Total View: 16365

Add Date: December 19, 2010, 3:23 pm & Duration: 00:22:31

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New, World, Order, Dr., Stan, Monteith, Sheriff, Richard, Mack, Alex, Jones, Global, Awakening, Santa, Cruz, California

After an introduction by legendary conspiracy researcher Dr. Stan Monteith in which he divulges the plan to lower living standards in the United States as part of the one world agenda.
Several other guests take the stage to address the audience, including Sheriff Richard Mack.
We invite our subscribers to watch this 3-hour plus video feature and stress that new subscribers can now enjoy a near 50 per cent discount on the month to month price by signing up today for the Christmas Special by

Bridging The Blockchain And Cannabis Industry With Dan Reitzik

Channel: Crush The Street & Total View: 1547

Add Date: February 16, 2018, 10:00 am & Duration: 00:30:10

Likes: 63 | Dislike: 9

Tags:, crush the street, stock market crash, dow jones, gold, silver, federal reserve, Dan Reitzik, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, altcoins, Blockchain, DMG, technology, solutions, cannabis, forensics, industry

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Successful entrepreneur Dan Reitzik walks us through the innovative roadmap of DMG Blockchain Solutions, and how it is bridging the cannabis and Blockchain industries together.
We also gain insights on potential use cases, the volatile trends in the cryptocurrency markets and much more!

02:10 Entrepreneurism in a highly volatile industry
06:50 Asian market crackdowns on digital markets
10:10 Rejecting Blockchain
11:30 What is DMG Blockchain Solutions?
15:20 Alternative solutions being provided by DMG
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23:00 Innovating forensics through Blockchain technology
26:50 The DMG team and background expertise

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